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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GNG Manga of 2012

Do you remember when I got this manga New GNG ?
So I got the complete set , read more here about that Oh packet ?!
And I said that I will write a bit about the manga's, so here I go

The date release :
Volume 1
2012 年 3 月28 日
Volume 2
2012年 4 月11 日
Volume 3
2012年 4 月25 日
Volume 4
2012年 5 月16 日
Volume 5
2012年 5 月30 日
Volume 6
2012年 6 月13 日
Volume 7
2012年 6 月27 日
Volume 8
2012年 7 月11 日

Extra ; )
The Ginga Shin Gaiden Remix  were release at
2012年 7 月25 日
The manga look more or less much the same as the GNG manga format, size and so.
And in the GNG manga there are also add for the Ginga Shin Gaiden Remix.

As you see the manga's are really new
Now you probably wonder , what the special with this manga then ?
 More there are small fact's about the manga, characters,Yoshihiro Takahashi  works or small studio sheets from the anime Ginga Nagareboshi Gin ? Well let take a fast look at the manga's then ^^ 
  • Let us start with the volume 1
 There are 484 pages and the adventures start like many other manga books when Gohei go out on the hunt.And Daisuke are around when Gin and his brothers are born
The volume end with Gin & Daisuke meeting the wild dog in the mountain. Gin look up and see a shadow of the wild dogs leader.

But there are some extra things in the manga. 
Perhaps small ones but still I like it
Like the generations images with ; Shiro, Riki, Gin, Weed and Orion.
And also a small map over Japan where their many adventures goes.
And more info about the time line, other adventures. 
Hm five generation of dogs, that something ^^
I just wish we could know more about the mysterious Shiro.
I haven't myself taken a deeper look at Orion yet. I will 
I love to see a bigger, perhaps more colorful map with the five generation as a poster. That could be a great thing

Sure there are adds , like for the Shin Gaiden, vol 1 and 2, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga and so one.
But in the end there are also , small studio sheets from the anime Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
First off is Gin, as you see. Then Daisuke, Daisuke parents ans small other things.
I really wold love if there were more

  • The volume 2  ; 
The manga start of when Gin hear the howling from the wild dog leader and he seem to forget about Daisuke and just runs after the wild dogs.
The volume ends when Hyena get meat and runs from the shadows. But Hyena falls and screams so Ben, Gin and the other wild dogs hear that. (Gin meet the Kouga/Koga

As you get the volume have many pages, 372 pages .
Here are there adds for Shin Gaiden, vol 1 and 2,Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed, Orion manga series.
But this volume have also small studio sheets from the anime Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
Riki, John Gohei Takeda and Hidetoshi.
  • The volume 3
For those who have follow my blog or those who have check up early blogs you know that I have wrote about this volume : New GNG
Here are also some ads and the manga volume have about 404 pages
There are in the volumes summarize, Sum up what happed in the previous volumes.
The adventure goes from Hyena running and some strange dogs show up. They move  in the tree's like shadows. Gin and the pack are going to meet Kouga/Koga & the Iga  clans.
The manga end with Kurotora & Chutora  both captive by a other wild dog pack in Shikoku. There we see familiar face, Sniper .  
Also some manga images in the characters, as well a large image from what happening in this volumes. A mixed, remixed image

 But here we also have the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin studio sheets, sketches.
Here you see ; Ben, Cross, Smith , Akame, Moss, and the Kai brothers
And the adds for the GNG  dvd box
I just love the image on Cross and Kai brothers 
  •  The volume 4
 So we are at volume four now . Let see the is 388 page here.
The story continue from previous volume ; Kurotora & Chutora both captive by a other wild dog
And Akatora's saver, Musashi decide to help Gin and the others.
The Manga ends with ; A dog named Terri show himself for Ben, Moss and the others who are captive in Mutsu.
 Here like in the other volumes there are also Ginga Nagareboshi Gin studio sheets, sketches.
The character are : Benizakura, Musashi  and Wilson. There are also Kisaragi Mutsu; Uzuki, Hazuki, Minazuki and Terri

But here are a surprise in the manga, as a bonus    ;  )

There are images, photos from the Tracon VI , In Finland last year (2011)
 As you can see there are interviews. And also photos   
You can see "Mooni " with her Fuji cosplay suit  . And you can see some people from Hopeanuoli musikaali  (GNG Musical ).
  • The volume 5 
The volume have 240 pages and I really like this cover mix. It look really nice with the colors
We continue  the adventure with Gin and the other traveling from Shikoku and are headed to Mutsu.
There Moss, Ben and the others are captive. The volume ends with the start of the bear battle. Gin is trying rescue the wounded Smith from the bear attack. At same the the platoons are fight the other bear's.
In the end of the middle of the manga you can see GNG studio sheets, sketches ; Akakabuto.
The big bloodthirsty , insane villain of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin story ^^ 
Mr Akakabuto still scares me, but at the same time I can't help to at list admire, respect him.
I men Akakabuto are insanse, bloodthirsty, but also clever, smart to build up a fortress and turn other bears. Even rival he turn to his soldiers.
That are way cool.
Anyway back to the topic  

In the end we see add for the next volumes and so one.
 The volume 6
 With 420 pages we follow "the battle and war " against Akakabuto and his followers.
Here we meet Gin attacking the bears after rescue Smith for a sure death. The battle goes on in the mountains. In the end of the volume we see the end of the battle . But also we will see familiar faces ; Daisuke,Gohei,Hidetoshi, with some more. 

And here we have some  Ginga Nagareboshi Gin studio sheets, sketches ; The Bears
Mosa, Madara, "Harpoon Bear". "Mother bear "
In the volume there are like the other manga's adds , but also this add
Yoshihiro Takahashi & Akira Miyashita

So now we head to the last two of the manga's .So please forgive me when I not going to the detail with the wolves war arc. I'm not so focus on the  chapters when the wolves show up in the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series.  
But that I can say is : the most extra in the two volumes is the articles with Yoshihiro Takahashi and Akira Miyashita
  • The volume 7

The images in the start of the manga. Info what happened and who is who in the series.
There are 452 pages.
Here we have Yoshihiro Takahashi and Akira Miyashita , 5 pages.
There are also add for GNG , GDW , Orion and Ginga Shin Gaiden
manga's as well like the other volumes.
  •   The volume 8 

The end of the volume 8 there are 484 pages
Also there are add of GNG; GDW; Orion,and Ginga Shin Gaiden like the others. 
But in the end there are fact, interview with Yoshihiro Takahashi and Akira Miyashita 

Think the best is to see the small studio sheets,  sketch from the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
That are number one for me. But the covers aren't bad and the face on the back side you can see which volume are which. They are number
But it's were nice to see the photos from the Tracon VI , (convent in Finland  last year)
I love Mooni in her  Fuji cosplay suit , and I have admire this suit for years
And the Hopeanuoli musikaali  (GNG Musical ) got some nice add ; ) 

So sorry that this blog took so long. Computer problem and other thing have been in the way for me to finish this I stared last week.
But it done now , at last   ^^  


  1. Hello!
    The collection of GINGA look was carried out.
    It is the substantial collection.
    I think that having arranged so far was serious.
    I am also a fan of GINGA(^^)


    1. Hi
      It's nice to me a other ginga fan too ^^
      A specially fun to see you,
      when I have following your blog for some years now

  2. Hey, thank you so much for these scanlations!
    I'm part of the Gin! The Musical crew and we were most honored to discover ourselves on the bonus pages you scanned. Though I was wondering if it would be possible for you to upload a version of the page in which we'd be able to read Smith's speech bubble next to the mention of our show. In the big scanlation, the print is too small to make out, and in the cut-out detail, some of the bubble gets cut off. Could you do that?
    We'd be really grateful! Thank you for scanning and notifying us!

    1. Oh hi ^^
      That so great the blog can spreed news as this
      I were were surprised to the the bonus in the manga volume

      Sorry, for I will not uplode up or scan large image on the blog. I have stop doing that
      For the reason that there are to many that steal the images, photos and use it with not asking me
      Or use it as their own.
      So that way I mark the images and lower the size so much.

      yes there is a but
      If you send me a mail to my mail , I can send my the photos that I still have. My scanner don't work
      But I think I can have some better photos then here on the blog ^^
      The mail is
      mybravestarr @ hot mail (d ot) c o m
      With out space and text dot

      I think you guys are on facebook ?
      Hopeanuolimusikaali ?
      If I'm right
      I can add, send you photo to your there to if you want

  3. Hello.I was looking through your post and I was really impressed with picture 11 with the Mitsu generals.the page is a good topic too.can you upload a scan of the page with the Mitsu generals on?