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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Silver Fang DVD's

I had a plan to write about the Swedish  dvd release when it come to Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
Or as the series are know as : Silver Fang ,here in Sweden  : )
Sweden were one of the Nordic country's that released the series on vhs cassette back in the 80's.Then the second release came out in the 90's
Of course there were the Swedish dub, with four voices actors.
Then the series were cut , both for the blood and violence.
But also so the series could fit as series movies on four vhs cassette.
I will go a bit deeper and blog on the VHS later one.

For now I will go the dvd's

For I got some questions about them and as I'm own most (if not all) of the Swedish  dvd release.
And the nerd as I'm, I couldn't help myself to write about them
And I have done control check with the stores, that have or had the dvd's & the boxes.

So I thought that could be nice to write about the dvd's 

And I have promise other fans, collectors to write about this dvd subject.
Since the start when I just blog for the first time I use to do sometime big projects.


Let see :

- The first time Silver Fang came on dvd were in the years ; 2002-2003
There were volumes 1-4, four parts of the dvd series
As the vhs release before the were four parts.
At the time many review the Silver Fang  as movies, not  as anime series (with 21 episodes). 
Just on the cover and back cover you can read :
" En tecknad seriesuccé om jägarhunden i Alaska "
In English it will be : 
"A cartoon series success of a hunting dog in Alaska"
Yes , for a long time the vhs and dvd's refer the adventure were in Alaska wildness 
Not In Japan.
It weren't until when the uncut version dvd box were release in the year of 2003. 
We will come back to that later. 
The cover came from the second release of the VHS taps , as same as the quality.
Meaning, well not so great quality as you could thought.
The language are on Swedish dub. And this is the cut version of the series.
Those dvd are no longer in stores.
Best change to get them is on Swedish auction site or second hand stores .


- It were in the year of 2003 the Swedish and Finnish fans got the uncut, original series on dvds.
To be exact in December of the year 2003 the dvd box were release.
 You can say it were a big insane Christmas present for fans
 ! Note  !
The first release were with Finnish cover on the dvd box, and a small note paper in Swedish.
A time later the Swedish cover and with Swedish text came on the dvd box.
You can see the titles on the dvd boxes :

"Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Hopeanuoli  Silver Fan Special Edition"
- Finnish

"Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Silver Fang  Special Edition "
- Swedish

This one were uncut version
And we had the enjoyment to see the hole series with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
This large box have Swedish, Finnish sub.
 The dvd box do have Keep-Case, meaning cardboard box that hold the and protect the dvds.
And the box have five disc and have images from the anime.
The company that have release the boxes is:
- The Finnish company ; Futurefilm ; Futurefilm_Hopeanuoli box
-The Swedish company : Zon media AB ; Ozonmedia 
Please Note :
The Zon media AB company change their name in the year of 1992 to Audvid
Here is the link to Audvid : Audvid Site

The design cover on the dvd boxes' are made by :
Finnish company ,who work with Graphic design.

I have been lucky to get both of the release dvd box.
For me the only thing that difference between them is the cover and the text. And the company mark/stamp  
 Perhaps the Swedish one have more color in the cover on the box?
It's the same image on the dvd disc and same images on the rest of the dvd covers

The boxes are still in stores, both in Sweden and Finland
But I have seen now it's a few in the storage at shop's, stores .

In the end of 2014 and the star of 2015 a new version came of the box
So what version dependent on what you looking for, it can be harder now to find the more older versions.
All the Three versions


- A other box that came out were the so called " Tin edition box" or "Metal Box "
 This were in the year of 2005
This were a Finnish and Swedish release , as you see on the text
Hopeanuoli (Finnish) ,Silver Fang (Swedish) ,
The box had following dubs:Finnish, Swedish & Hungarian.
But also Japanese, well not dub, but as the original language 

The release were by the Finnish company  FutureFilm 
In the dvd case you can see the text :
They  were the one who made the design cover

When I look at the back cover I can read that this is a region free dvd. This is different if you compare to the other dvd release, for those have region 2 .
There is two disc and as you see the image theme mix are when Gin fights Benizakura.
I guess one of the famous fight scene, moment in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series.  
A bit different with a jumping Gin, but still alright to me. When it come to the inside image. 
I like the box, even that some can think the look are different.
Just the idea to try something new and with a steel book case , it to me look really nice

This dvd box or steel-book are not so easy to come by,at  lest in Sweden.
Some can say rare or extremely hard to get now days. 
It were sold a limed time (as what it seems)
And some fans weren't so happy when it came to the cover design, when the dvd came.
That I recall very well.
Like many other dvd you can have change to find the dvd on a second hand store or at a auction site.

- At the same time in the year of 2005 , in the month's of April to June the were the release of new uncut dvd's.
The so call  : Silver Fang : Special Edition 
The language are in Japanese (as the original) and this were the uncut version.
With Swedish and Finnish subtitles.
The the cover , text were in Swedish As the dvd box before.
There were five dvd volumes that were released
Vol 1; Episodes:1-4
Vol 2 ; Episodes: 5-8
Vol 3; Episodes: 9-12
Vol 4; Episodes: 13-16
Vol 5 ; Episodes: 17- 21

The interesting with this release is
In the dvd case there are massage from Christer Hagström , the man who is the cause that Silver Fang, Hopeanuoli, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin came to the Nordic counties I guess.
It's more of one page there Christer talk about Anime, Manga classic .
And how he and the  company's that gave out the classic anime  on vhs and later dvd's.
The voice actors, how the dub were made and other memory Christer have about this subjects.
But also here are a short tale of the Anime history , in Sweden.
Thoughts ,text by Anders Häger Jönson
It stared in Sweden with Christer and his company Ozon Media  (that change the name to AudVid later one).
How a wave with anime, not so very know at the time in 80's in Sweden and how it influence generation after generation of viewer  of anime from Japan.
It's really sweet and great way to got some history knowledges
And so awesome that both Christer and Anders share their experience and thoughts.
Note there are just one page in side the dvd case with the text.  Noting more.

! Note !
This dvd release can have different disc images
The more older one's have images as the dvd covers
But the more new release have a different one.
As you can see yourself ^^

There are still dvd's in store, shop that still have this dvd for sale.
But , yes there is a but
There are few in storage and seems to be sold out in shop, store's here in Sweden.
It's seem like that the dvd's will disappear more and more.
The easy way to get the dvd's is to check second hand stores or Swedish auction site. 


- In the year of 2007, the Swedish release dvd came with a new look, new design
If you read in my blog anout the Weed dvd release ; Weed dvds_part-1
You can see the artist  Alice Engström , miss-collie , from Nosebleed studio
Who made the first Weed box design.

At the same time Alice made the cover of four Silver Fang dvds  as well. 
This were the cut version and had the Swedish and Finnish dub.
There were four dvd volume's .
I think this release are hard to come by now
Four not all the volume's are in Swedish store and they seem the disappear in storage.
You can likely get them at secondhand store or auction site in Sweden.
It a bit shame for those dvd cover really stand out and look great.

When I got those dvd,  I got a Gin /Silver pin,badge with in volume 1
What I heard that some dvd's had the pin, but not all.
So you ca say that were a limited edition.
The Gin draw on pin, its the art of Alice. 


In the year of 2008 there were a collection edition, Silver Fang box that came out .
This one had the cut and Swedish dub version.
The box had Swedish ,Finnish and Hungarian dubs
The dvd had with four disc and dvd disc the images came from Alice Engström , miss-collie.
 This dvd came with a brochure about six pages.
Just info about Silver Fang other release, images, fact on characters and adds.
There are incorrect info face about characters, as that Ben and Moss are half brothers for example.

Some says that you could gt a pin,badge of Gin with the dvd box.
I have got on hold of three boxes since this release came and haven't seen it.
But it could be a limed edition, with other words hard to get by.  

The dvd box are not longer sold in Swedish stores.
There can be few if not some stores that can special order the dvd box.
But the are just what I heard.
Like others Silver Fang dvd's you can best way get this one on auction site or second hand store.
- So the newest release came in the month of June in the year 2011.
This dvd box are the cut version of the series and are dub aswell 
The box had Swedish ,Finnish, and Hungarian dubs. And the cover text are in Swedish

The dvd have Keep-Case, meaning cardboard box that hold the and protect the dvd.
It's not any different cover , just the same as the dvd.
 There are two disc and under the dvd case that hold the disc there are add for the uncut Silver Fang (GNG) and Weed series dvd.
The new Weed dvd box were release this year ,2012.
But one year ago there were adds what coming .


Even this one are the newest one , it seem that the shop, stores have few in storage.
I guess the dvd are popular and are sold out in some shop's .
Most of the Swedish store's have this dvd now.

So in the end if 2014 and the start of 2015 there came a new version of the
"Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Silver Fang  Special Edition "

  This have other images as you see, even more clear colors then the others.
But if you count out the images the dvd are the same.
With the uncut and Swedish, Finnish sub.

Availability:Since this is the new version, there aren't so much problem to find this dvd box in stores ( in Scandinavia, Nordics country's) 

All the Three versions


In August , 2015 there were a New  release of the Swedish dub and cut version of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
Image from the store
Here is the full covers

It's a mix with the release of  2008 and the release of 2011.
Aswell as the uncut GNG dvd release of 2015

The new release of 2015, with a bit darker purple colors

 It's very much the same , no extras with this dvd.
Just the different covers  on the dvd.

With Swedish ,Finnish, and Hungarian dubs and as you see the cover text are in Swedish

Availability:This one are entire new  and will be in most of the stores.
I guessing that both the release edition of 2008 and 2011 will no longer be sold in shops or stores. Even that edition of 2008 are hard to get by now . if you don find in auctions or second hand-store

Extra !
Manga Mania anime & trailer DVD 

In the year of 2007 there were a dvd release with the Swedish manga/anime magazine called Manga Mania.
It were a add , teaser with anime episodes and even trailer .   
There were four anime episodes:
Fruits Basket (episode 1), Silver Fang (episode 3), Berserk (episode 22) and Ragnarök (episode 3). 

And yes this were the Swedish dub, cut versions.
But also trailer on following anime's:  Appleseed, Weed and Eldflugurnas grav (
Grave of the Fireflies)
I think there were bad trailer , if you could call it for trailers.  
This dvd wasn't for rent or for sale.

Well even that the dvd weren't for sale that do not stop seller to sell the the dvd at
Swedish auctions site or secondhand stores.
The small, think dvd show up time to time at Swedish auction, more and more now days
What I have seen.


So this is a short history as well, I guess .
The sources I have been using , (if you count out mine own notes) is following
The company; Audvid Site 
The stores, shop that have been really helpful is 
Science Fiction Bokhandeln

I will do a update if I forget anything  

20/8- 2015
I made some update with the new dvd release and added some images 


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