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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Question to fans

I have a question to the Finnish fans
According to Future Film , the Hopeanuoli dvd box (uncut, with Finnish, Swedish sub) were release in the year of 2002.

In Sweden the stores that sold/sell the box say they got the box in the year of 2003
In December of 2003 to be exact

And when the box came to the stores the dvd cover, text were on Finnish
And later the Swedish text, cover came.
So I wondering when did the Hopeanuoli Special Edition DVD-Box  come out in Finnish stores ?
Was it in 2003 , that many site, store says ?
were it in the year 2002 ?
As you can guess I working on to write about the dvd relese when it come to Silver Fang ( GNG) dvd release.

So if any could conform this or give ideas about this that will be most appreciate.

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