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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yamato Magazines + extra

Remember the early blog about: Yamato the Great 
I got hold one some of the magazines with the Yamato ^^
I really like this series and have most of the manga edition.
But it a harder challenge to find those magazines the series were first published in .
And those magazines are way large with page then the Weekly Jump magazines. 
So Shiroi Senshi Yamato were one of the long series about a dog as a main character,
by Yoshihiro Takahashi.
The series started in the year 1976 and ended in 1989 .

I got hold on following magazines ;
 Monthly Shōnen Jump
- 1979, issue 2
There are 462 pages total 
One color page (chapter page) and 38 pages with Yamato
I got this one from YahooJapan auction  for 800 yen (without shipping)

- A other one from 1979, issue 20
The magazine are called ?: Super Jump.  
I'm a bit unsure about this one .
* The seller I got this one from ( Four month ago) had mark this one as Yamato story.
I haven't thought more about this, until now ^^ 
And I got this one on YahooJapan for 600 yen (without shipping)
Seem that I got a great price
There are a colored cover , 5 color pages.
16 red/grey/white/black colors pages, 13 blue/white pages
If we summary up , there are 34 pages, in total the magazine have 602 pages. 

Monthly Shōnen Jump 
-  1984, issue 5
This is a special anniversary edition called : Thanks 100th anniversary
In total the magazine have 528 pages 
There are in total 53 pages with the series of Yamato.  And the first page/chapter start with a color page of Yamato series, then 4 colored pages .
But the special with this edition isn't the facts that that Yamato is on the cover.
It's the big double side poster inside the magazine.
The poster are 74, 5 cm long and 6,5 cm wide.
And at one side you can see Yamato his master and friend & his brother running.
At the other side there are different attack technique and date (year/date) for the Yamato's life.
You can also see friends,opponent that Yamato have to meet during the manga series.  

The first page/chapter start with a color page of Yamato series.
Then 4 colored pages .
But there are also a add for Yamato items and a page with questionings about the series.
I guess you could win the items if you answer right and send the answer for the competition.
This seems to be from a Anniversary (according to Monthly Jump)
Please don't use the image without approve from me
I hope to have the opportunity to get on hold on more magazines with Yamato series.
For those magazine are intresting to study .
Just the early drawing by Yoshihiro Takahashi are way beautiful to see.
But you also see some roots and inspiration  from Yamato for the most well know manga & anime series  :
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin 

This magazine I got from a privet seller 
I guess this one are one that I pay a high price on, but I can't remember how hight right now


* A bit of update 
Thank for the note about this one  ^^

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