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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ginga Shin Gaiden Remix

Beware of some small spoilers   !!!

Well some at lest
I just thought that could be nice to put up some warnings at lest

The Ginga Shin Gaiden remix
The manga came out at 20/7-2012 ,  So this one are really new manga

I got mine on Yesasia ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Shin Gaiden
Justy when the manga show up I pre-order the manga and pay some extra so tha could arrive faster
And wow it came really fast
The manga came out on the 20/7 and  I got mine at at 24.7 . Just some days after the release
To bad that i were traveling and visited my family at the time.
But I come home the day after. And got this  great
The cover
The back of the manga
The manga have 372 pages (if you count all the ads)
Size on the manga; 18 x 12.8 x 3 cm
The Publisher: Shueisha
The manga are looking good if you just look at the manga cover.
There are No extras, like color page or anything like that.
It's more or less a remix of Ginga Shin Gaiden one and two.

But the manga have some story from The Ginga Shin Gaiden 1 and 2
The source I have use, just to get the name right of the chapters/story is from 

The chapters have following story's:

Chōmon no Tabi , Journey of condolence
The story have 3 chapters
This is after the bear war, Akakabuto war.
I'm not so sure about the Wolf war, but Hakurō have all four legs. In the Wolf war he lose one of the front leg
So I guessing that this is before the Wolf War
It's about our friends Gin, Smith, John, Chutora, Akame and other Ou warriors that travels around the territory  and give the condolences, for family, friends of the fallen warriors.
The many pack members that died in the war.  
Here we also see other strange pack that are in the area.
And new challenges for Gin and his friends . There are trouble in paradise, and new challenges
- Kai no san kyōdai , Three Kai brothers
The story have 2 chapters
Here we get the story's about : "The three brothers from Kai"
Akatora,Chutora and Kurotora's background
The story start when Akatora are about to die and how he remember his life
When Akatora ,Chutora and Kurotora life started
After being abandoned by humans, the three Kai ken brothers have to learn to survive on their own.
The are challenge of the young puppies life and a path of their life.
Ben show up as well in the manga. true a small part but still.   : )
And we see how the three brother together fight to survive ...
The power of Three , wild fearless tiger dog 
The legacy of The Tiger brothers

Karadaki no Tomon
The story have 3 chapters
This is a other story that belong to Ginga.
But here isn't any main character that we have seen in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series
It's about some soldier/warrior that once where in the big battle against the bear Akakabuto.
One are called Tomon and seems to be the main character in this story.
The story tells how Tomon have given a promise to a fallen comrade, that were in the battle. This promise  were to take care of the family, the young son of th  comrade
It's seem that time gone by, but still there are some that still remember the battle.
There are a pack with wild dog that live in the area, but also others strangers dogs.
But there aren't any peace in the area their the wild dog live, there some trouble on the way.
There are also threat when a human hunter start to hunt other then the usually pray.

- Shin Gaiden Benizakura Hen , Story about Benizakura's past
The story have 5 chapters.
One great hero or just well remember character in the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series
Remind me of the blog I made about him: Remember Benizakura?
Anyway as you can guess this is the story about Benizakura.
Like Akatora in Kai no san kyōdai (Three Kai brothers) ; Benizakura see his past, before he die
It's just when Gin have jumped in the water and going to try to save Benizakura.
But like a wave  Benizakura remember his past. First as a young puppy , fighting one of his bother to get his mother's milk.
Then the story goes on , when the humans see possibility for the young puppy to become a great fighting dog.and the long way with training, patience and fire spirit to be one of the famous fight dog of all time. 
As we know Benizakura become legendary .
Both as a fighting dog and one of the great Ou Warrior   :This is the story of Benizakura

Then we have the surprise, a story that perhaps many have been waiting on 

Ganin  , Ginga Gaiden: Ganin  *
The story have only 1 chapter , more or less

Ganin have been a story that have been a bit unknowing about.
The story is about 30 pages and take us back in time.
In a different old era, and we came in a place of old Japan
and here is a war going on
We meet Iga and Kouga/Koga . 
Well at lest it look like that at lest . 

There seems to be two clans that fight each other.

 If you like blood, fight, action, with history like old era of Japan
and a bit crazy looking dog, samurai ...
Well then I think you will like this one.
There seems like the dog are trained in the human clan, to be strong fearful opponent.
In a way this story remind me of Kacchû no senshi Gamu .
Just the story take place in a different time. And human/dog are both fighting in the different war.
The dog have armor, will in Ganin the have just mask (some kind of mask) and have Katana  (Japanese sword, "samurai sword") as weapon.

The only thing for me is: I wish that Ganin could be a bit longer.
I like that one were interesting story and have some beautiful drawing of the country ,house's/building, and not forget the nature.
And the dogs , fearful and quick as shadows

Don't you just love the "mask things " the dog have ?
It's just look way crazy and so amazing at same time  ; )

* Here are some info in Finnish ;

In the every end of the manga there are ads , but also this

To me it's something about the Wolf saga  part 1 and part 2 (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series)
Hm seem like  some dive up the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series
Like Akakabuto war/arc and then the Wolf Saga

Anyway seem to be a interview with part 1 or 2 of the Wolf saga
Maybe prize of some competition ?

* You see on the photo Yoshihiro Takahashi  and a other manga artist named Akira Miyashita 

Well well this were a small update on  Ginga Shin Gaiden Remix

Edit :

* Updated Info thanks to Nawulf


  1. Ganin is "Ginga Gaiden: Ganin". It's the year 1581, Sengoku era.

    The dogs can be seen here:

    The man with Takahashi is

    Karadaki no Tomon tells how Tomon the boss dog tries to keep his promise to his fallen comrade to take care of his pup. This pup is quite a jerk but Tomom gets to him eventually.

    1. Oh thank you so much for the info
      Hope you don't mind me updated the info