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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GNG magazines of 2006 -2007

So yesterday the hunt for some volumes of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga's were over for me.
In a way I guess
You see I have been hunting for some manga's for many years .  
And now I see how the patience pays off .
Thank to a dear friend that help me to get the volume I didn't have , vol 2
For crying out loud I have been on a long hunt for that one. So I way grateful for the help

So now that I have complete edition of 
2006 -2007 
Or as some say the 7th edition
I thought to why not write just some things about them ^^
Especially when this manga magazines are hard to get by , now days. 

The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin story are focus on the Akakabuto war.
So the wolves are not in those magazines.
Oh yes why I say magazines is for the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin are in the magazine Tokumori.
In the magazine you can see in the end the address :
But that address don't work any more so you will come to :
So the Publisher Home- Sha  
And like I can often see:  Creative ,Sano  Japan , are there too
The Magazine name are : Tokumori 
And the magazine with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin came out one a month.
Please : Read more in the date, release

I guess more a special release for the Home - Sha Publisher.

Here are also competition for prizes,  you could win Tosho cards
If you don't know what those tosho card is take a look at my early blog topic:  Phone & Tosho cards 
Some of mine GNG tosho card's

On the card's and back you can see stamp/text: QUO, QUO 500

Yes the Tosho cards are payment cards, that book/manga stores have in Japan
All the issues 12-7 had the Tosho cards, that you could win.
In some issues you can see competition with question and you could answer and send in.
Also there are fact things about different dog breeds, bears , fan-art and many other things.
As well as Ginga Nagareboshi Gin info and so one.

The issues 12-4  have 230 pages (if you count the ads), or 225 pages
Those one have poster , colored images inside .
The Issue  5-7 are larger and have 456 pages (if you count the ads) , or 438 pages
And those have more or less one colored page and one colored/white summary what have happens in the story of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
The three last remind me about those some call : the Phone book editions (
The Edition of  2000-2001).

 The date release :
Issue 12 - 1 were published in the year of 2006 ;
 2006 年 11 月17 日
 Issue 1 were also published i the same year
2006 年 12 月18 日
The the others were published in the year of 2007 ;
 Issue 2
 2007 年 1 月18 日
Issue 3
 2007 年 2 月18日
 Issue 4
 2007 年 3 月18 日
Issue 5
 2007 年 4 月18日
 Issue 6
 2002 年 5 月18日
 Issue 7
 2007 年 6 月18 日

The size on the Manga : 
Issues 12- 4
In height: 25,8 cm ,width : 17,2 & thickness : 1,6 cm 
Issue 5-7
In height: 25,8 cm ,width : 18cm & thickness : 3,6 cm  

So why not add some photos   :  )
I thought to show the issue 12 . Here you see the the cover  and  the last page in the magazine . There is some info about the Publishers, some other tings.
And not last the Tosho card you could win and the answer paper (that you could send in)

Here is the poster and on the back side it's info about Yoshihiro Takahashi  (his two dogs as well)
Info about Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series.
And what it seem to be
The autograph of Yoshi (draw of Gin and Akame).
I wonder if you had the chance to win in a competition or something. 

And also some fact about what it seem to be Akita Inu  and the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Perhaps I will update later with some more photos.
Seems that I just have trouble with photobucket right now.


  1. Great you got the missing puzzle piece at last ^-^

    1. Yay , and I'm way so happy
      Thank you for all the help : )