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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Are you still Still alive ?

And YES !
I know that were a long time ago I were more active here.
But sometime the life take over the hobbies.

Today I'm a cat guardian, or cat owner and they have change my live.
It's a great thing ^^
The names of the cat's is ; "Mizzy" ( know as Dio, as a kitten)  & "Ozzy" (Black Sabbath)
Two Cornish rex cats and they will be five years old in February 2015.

The family had to look for new home for the cats because the allergi in the family.
So I or we were luck to found each other.

Ozzy & Mizzy have lives with me since July (test period) and in August official become mine cats.

So the life have change a bit. So far when it come to Ginga collection I have taken a break.
Well a small break at lest.

I have follow the auctions on ebay and at Yahoo Japan.
But I just feel that the price have gone ups hight and I guess I worried.
As you probably  know I have been a collector for a long time and I have seen the change when it come to the popularity and the price.
As a collector or a fan you need to ask yourself; is this right ?
I know that  in a great faire world, other fans didn't need to be worry about not to afford Merchandise, dvd, Plushies and so on.
I myself have work hard to get the collection that I have today.
But still it worry me

Especially when it come to  unserious seller or stores, shops.
Illegal shop on the net are really a danger.
Not only can that take your money form your card, hack payapal,that can take personal information about you. And use.
Here in Sweden the police and other company's that work against fraud,swindle have a big changes.
Not only fan merchandise, it can be als well; animal, computers, bike, cars, import mangas and so one.   

That way it's so important to known if the company,shop are for real
That that are  first of all legal and as wall trustful to use.
That the shop or company don't spread the customer information to others, that the are professional.
And have as goal to see that the customer is the number one .

With that I mean that don't ignore, forget to ship the order, packet.
Or just treat the buyer, costomer rigth.

For the problem with the illegal shops or company's other is that face that you have few or non of all right if things get wrong.
You know, you pay for the item and it's never arrive.

So you need to be careful and be a bit critical (then to much trusting) .

I just need to say that.
That cant really not hurt to be more careful now days

Other things that I have in mind is that fact I have no idea how to handle mail.
Mail there pepel asking me to give away some collections tings, merchandise.
I simply don't answer . Parhaps this is a good answer

But I find it rude to get mail that people asking me or beg to give away things that have taken me time to collect. Or that fact that some are dear to me.
This don't make me a egoistic, selfish in no way.
I have sold thing for a fair, low price, sure given away things to friends.
But that have been things i chosen.
So if there are  people who think I driving a charity or just like to give things away; that wrong.
A bit of insulting.

Like I said, in a great faire world, other fans didn't need to be worry about not to afford merchandise, dvd, Plushies and so on.
But it's just wrong to send mail to hope to get items to a collector or more demanding to get items.
I don't know why I get those mail, but I have for a time now.
So that I need to take this subject up on the blog

IF I gong to sell or give some items away I think I will first of all have them on auction with a fair price or perhaps donate to a contest of some kind. That I know that the price go to good homes in the end.
Trades I'm up for, but still dependent which item, merchandise.
This isn't just that collection of Ginga, I have other collection as well

As a collector you buy, sell, trade more or less.

Other things that is in my head ; well I NEED to do a big update in mine collection.
Ginga or Yoshihiro Takahashi collection that I have
There are new items , I mean I haven't blog since May, so there are things to update.
Ideas that I have and plans, project I need to take time and work on.

But I still alive and just had a long break from the bloging and be a ginga collector.
So I will work on to update and will blog more.

So take care until then ^^

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