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Monday, June 4, 2012

Packet 3

I got a new packet today

It's a poster or paper advertising for the set 1 of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin figures
The size:  In height: 25,5 cm ,width : 21,7cm
Other ;  You can read a text that says
BANDAI  1986  Made In Japan

As you see it Akakabuto on the top , both A & B figures , then Gin and this one is painted
And there you have the rest of the dog pack from set 1 , all pained
So you can get an idea how they can look when you add colors on the figures.

There are a lot of text, ads that I just have for a short time look at.
But I haven't done any research on.

This one did cost a specially when it come to the shipping cost.
Still it's a bit weird to see the big packet and see later it's were a small poster/paper ad inside
Well, at lest this one were pack really well and protected indeed.

There were a fight to win the auction, this time. And cost more then I have thought
Hm I think I have only seen this on two time , one in year 2006 , 2007 or something at Yahoo auctions. And second time this year.

So I'm happy to got this one, even that this one were a expensive to get.

I wondering if there were a poster/paper ad for set 2 as well. I guess that can be a bit hard to get , even now the years gone by.
At lest the are a confirmation when set 1 of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin figures
As the tag that come with the  vending machines figures and this add 
The year they came were in 1986 
For set 1 at lest 

From the vending machines figures set 2 , the tag says the year 1987. One year after set 1 

I think I have talk much about that here:   Random GNG figures thoughts

Still I missing two manga books from Shoppingmalljapan, the Middlemen that I use .
So we see when the packet four will come ...
Soon I hope at lest  


  1. I also noticed they're sending small items in huge packets. No wonder they took so much of shipping.

    That add looks amaizing ♥

    Where was this one from ^^?

    1. The ad I did won on yahoo auction
      Most been in the end of Mars , start of April this one show up

      True, I can't really understand way .
      I don't want to complain, grumble to much but, it's still a bit ridiculous with a large packet and one small thing inside.
      I mean in a way they protect the items. But it's feel to much with large packet and this small add inside.

      I did read on da about your Gin figure and the very large packet. That were ridiculous