"This is a blog about Ginga series (a fan blog, more or less)
But also Yoshihiro Takahashi and his work as ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Yamato, Fang , Giant, Densetsu Weed, Orion, and others.
So the blog is more a way for me to write about my passion, perhaps addiction in my life : )
There are talk, theory, ideas .So I don't clam to be an expert , I'm just Ginga insane and like to talk, write. Perhaps we together on the blog can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. And bring more lights on things"
! Beware !
The Blog site can give out spoilers (I will warn aswell) And I can also write about topic that can have violence, bloody contain.
Many of
Yoshihiro Takahashi can hold such theme & contain. But I probably will warn at the start on the blog, is that is necessary.
Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ginga mono 3

Sorry I couldn't help myself to advertising for Yukimizake blog
I just saw that Ginga mono 3 will come out and I'm so happy

It's great to know and have a catalogue of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin,Yoshihiro Takahashi. There we can see some merchandise, items. It's hard to know what kind of merchandise exist, how many items there are like the stickers, magnets of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

So here is mine small collection ;  )

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

❤ Ginga plushies

 Well I adore more the custom-made ginga plushies then the official ones.
In fact I had a time back ; GB,Jerome ,Ken & Kagetora in my collection.
But sadly I had to sell then to order to pay rent of the apartment, bills and other tings.
But at same time that were the time the the
Ginga Densetsu Weed plushies weren't so popular and I wasn't so found of the phushies.Well one there is a other matter, the a bit crazy hunt for theDensetsu Weed is a bit surprise for me . But you can't see what the futures could hold or the change of the popularity when it come to merchandises.

So in September I got a Chutora plush on ebay.
Of course it fan-made,custom-made but it would be lovely if there were official plush with Chutora or even the rest of the Kai brothers. You can dream, can't you ? ; )
I guess that Chutora have been a favorite for a long time.
I have really hunt for the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin collection figure, from set two. That took a time and were expensive too. But that could be worse I guess.
I hope to collect the rest of the figures, one day. That's a goal at lest

So over to the plush, is 7 inches tall and for me really nice fan-made plush.
"The plush is hand-sewn with painted markings and glued eyes."
The plush came from United States, so the shipping took a time. But when I got him; I were so happy. Love this one ^^
I hope myself to create custom plush one day aswell. So the pack an grow. 
So now Chutora is at the bookcase with he rest of the ginga collection now.
Parhaps guarding, watching the collection.

But this isn't the first fan-made,custom-made plush I got.
A time back I got a small cute and so adorable Mel / Mer , made by Anttu

The dream goal is to maybe create or buy a custom made Sniper, Cross , Fuji, Akakabuto, Pink Dragon, Yamato or Daisuke.
Who know when the plush pack will grow   ;  )
Well there will be a time I can call it a pack, now it's just two. ^^

Saturday, November 15, 2014

So how do you take care of your collection ?

I'm really curious about that .
I love to see others photos or ideas how you best take care of you collections ^^


Myself have most of the manga, books in bookcase, bookshelves.
Just now I haven't the room for all, so its a bit chaotic with manga books and magazines in the bookshelves.
I know, but I have a very large collection , especially when it come to the manga's & the magazine's .Those take up space indeed.
Here is a photo on the many manga's, magazine, dvd, vhs I have.

I think I perhaps need a other bookcase just for the fact that the collection is still growing. but also for I want the Vhs tapes, dvd, dvd boxes need their one space.

The other item I have in a closet,cabinet, most put in plastic and boxes. Just to keep it safe.
In a black large box I have the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin collector figures.
Some say I need to clean up and put the merchandise there you can see the item more. But I guess I'm a bit to careful. And I have to cats that like to explore. Better safe then sorry, as they say.
Mine favorite card, with Sniper I have in a platstick card sticker. I know that were made for Hockey, but it goes aswell with ginga cards.
When it come to card collection there are so many idea what you can do for the collection you have.
I still have some plastic boxes that I use to mine collection.

I can make a suggestion when it come to the merchandise: as cards

I have got this ones.
It's hold and protect the cards.
Not so expensive get and a safe way if you want, really want to take care of the cards.
The others like GNG sticker,magnets, other cards I have in folder, files. .

I have plans to frame the poster, card and other tings that I got in the collection. But that are a other project, I guess.

Character or Gender

So I will talk about  something that have bother me for a long time.
I have hear the discussion, debate,argumentation for years now.
I guess the start of this were in the year 2005 or 2006 when it come to: Yoshihiro Takahashi being sexist.
The gender,argumentation criticism about  (like some call it ) weak females.

Beware of some spoilers and a different view

First I think that are way easy to start to whine, grumble, complain and sometime I feel like some people follow the complain squad: this I mean with out to even think by themselves.
Just follow the pack, more or less. 
Don't get me wrong, of course everyone can have a opinion .We have different taste and view on thing.That is true
But that is a different to have a view,opinion or just follow along to just complain just because for the other doing that.
Why is that that everything need to have a woman in the story , perhaps force to have a female role in the story or the movie just to be political correct.
It seem like non care or forget there is different field, direction or audience with mangas
Some focus on younger people like teenager, there are some mangas that have a more older fans.
There is manga for female (Shōjo manga) ,manga for male (Shōnen manga) and so on. 
There is a large market and different audience.

Most of the so called Ginga manga's have the category ; Shōnen
And Shōnen is manga aimed at a male audience. 
I think people forget or don't know that .
But this don't forbid others like females to read, be fans or like the manga just because its Shōnen. But IF other think about this, perhaps the grumble and the complain will be a bit lower.

My thought go to two author, writer that are well known: S.C.Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien .
When it come to this  Ginga argumentation

If there is discussion, argumentation about Takahashi why not look on those two authors.
I like and love to read their books, like Bilbo; the Hobbit  and Lord of the ring by  J.R.R. Tolkien.
But that main thing is the focus on the male, the men in the story.
Perhaps “boys-only club” as a blogger write a time back. Sure way not.
Today we have series on tv with feminine point of view, magazine, movies books and so one.
So why is that we cant allow a author to write a story with a man's, males point a view?
Before someone take out the torch and scream ; Sexist!

Can we same that same if a woman write a story about just females ?
Is she sexist too in this case ?

I see myself as a nerd and I most of that time love the books before the movies.
If you have read the book; The Hobbit , by J.R.R Tolkien and seen the movies as : "An Unexpected Journey","The Desolation of Smaug" and I just wait for the last of the trilogy "The Battle of the Five Armies".
You probably know that there are many changes from the original story, the book to the movie

! Bewere of some spoilers!

The big problem I had with were character Tauriel ,from the movie "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"

"Tauriel is a fictional character from Peter Jackson's feature film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit.
The character does not appear in the original book
, but was created by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh as an expansion of material adapted from the book, and first appears in the second film in that trilogy.
She is a Woodland Elf whose name means "Daughter of Mirkwood", and is the head of the Mirkwood Elven guard.
~Quote from Wikipedia

 For me it's strangest to feel the need to create a character that wasn't in the original story. I know that filmmakers do that, changes to create a movie. But If this character were create just to please women point view, that  something I dislike ,really dislike.
Sure that made that story different , like that face Legolas  wasn't in the book.But he show up int the movies .....
For me the Tauriel girl were just boring , if someone have the need to create a character why not a interesting one. Then boring one.

When you look on the trilogy Lord of the Ring, even the elf Arwen got a bigger roll in the moviesthen she have in the book. If I remember right Arwen show up in the first book "Lord of the Rings" and are not so much in focus until the end of the trilogy The Return of the King,
But like Tauriel , Arwen got a bigger roll in the movies .

Why ?
Do we human have a need to throw in female in story's just to feel better ?
Why can we just enjoy the stay with the characters and forget this crazy gender focus .

Perhaps the trigger is that fact Tolkien’s stories lack a feminine point of view
But to me those book are more focus on men,males.

So is this Wrong ? Can you call the author a sexist ? 
Just because the author, artist write or create a story from his mind , his fantasy ?
Shall we censor,censorship just because there is society correction

Do we not make the female character weaker by demand more females genders?
By force we take in gender just for we think; this is needed.
But then will those characters fill the purpose, will they be a part of the main story or do we need to change a manga story/book story just so some people feel good.
Do we really need to change so much that when we go to see parhaps the movie (that are built of the book/books)many thinking are different in a bad way ?
Do we really need to change story so we shall feel better in a dream world there evertyning seem to be fair. Besides from the author, artist that create the story and their world  in the manga, book or movie, tv serie.

When it come to S.C.Lewis there is a character name Aslan in the Narnia books .There is a thing that I find strange in the book and older movie of; The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
When the war against the evil witch tha human girls aren't allow to go to war.
Aslan says to Lucy and Susan that they are more needed to take care of those that are wounded then to fight like their brothers in the war .Sure this is perhaps a strange view, but that is a view the author have on his story.
Right ?
Sure the different ideas or view can annoy us.
But who are we to bark and complain than actually read the book or books.
If I don't like it, then I don't like it.
Can you hate a other person just for this one have a different idea or view.
Still I said I find it strange, but I don't think it can help to complain loud about that.
How it should be or shall be

I guess I have a different opinion, view on this

That I don't agree to by force place female character in a story, manga or a book just for the need to.
An author or in this case a manga artist being called a sexist just irritation of others.
This person write from his mind, ideas and dreams.
Why should a person be punish and name called just for the face that some other don't like his idea or story's ?
Really ?

This whine, grumble, complain getting to old people.
I wish that the large amount just could stope , just a bit.
At same name call, it just childish and disrespect for the manga artist, the author .

I just want a interesting Character , I don't really care about the gender.
The more important thing isn't the gender for me.
It's okey if you like a character if that on is a male or if that is a female.
But really I wonder how a story manga can be interesting just for the gender then the adventure, challenge, friendship/enemy the main character meet.

That fact that Yoshihiro Takahashi being smash in the face for being called sexist is something that annoy me and have for a time now. 

Rules of Blogging ? Part 1

Just a thought that came up when I writing: Do you have any rules for blogging ?
Sure I turn to other who have blog.
But also what do you , readers think about rules.

So what alright and what aren't ?

If we for expel  look at the rules on ; Blogger Content Policy
Here is the main rule (if you can say that) and guidelines about what you can't write about  and can.

When it come to the Copyright: This is my way of seeing on it.

Fan -blog/unofficial fan blog  or just blog that are made made fans, admirer that don't make any money on their site to make a profit.
And don't clam that the own the writer, author, artist  work or the company ownership on the series, manga, book and so one.

But then again this one are a tricky one , since some company's and dependent on which county's see on the Copyright laws.

When it come to :  Harassment, ,Personal and confidential information and aswell bulling
I'm stepping away from this activity.
For this isn't my purpose when I write or bloging.
I will either not advertising, publicity for people or site, shops that I myself can't recommend.
I know that some people find this one odd, to say at lest.
Since I got some mail about this.
But I don't want or plan to hang out persons or site in public. That are just my thought
Most of the time if people fight, argue or have a dispute that can be bad communication between people. Then that drag in others to choose side .
There is a large drama with harassment and hurtful words and actions.

I can connect to mine own experience, at here on the blog.
Sure there can be a thin line and how the challenge balance things.
But the true this is mine own blog and more personal experience.
It's the story how a collector came to be and the the long way on the journey.
There true is that I have been there myself , been bullied/ frozen out.
It's Hurtful is when people more want believe rumor and create wrong/mean reputation to a other person.
Especially when "there are always two side of the coin ".
And I guess it more easy to disbelieving a other person if you don't know everything or anything of the other person.
The reputation it's self can crush others and the way too. 
But with drama and bulling it's hard to sort out what happened and see if it can be sorted out.
It's way to easy to hurt other people feeling, when you are not : face to face with the others.
Then again there are those people; "who don't care or seems not to see others feeling".
Aswell the future communication.
But aswell that thing to just believe,  swallow what a other or others say.
Without thinking by yourself. Don't listen to others all the time, think for yourself , sometime. It cant hurt ^^

But then again there can be some dishonest people out there, I'm not  naive .
So far I think my territory isn't to  encourage such bad behaver.
The blog and my writing isn't about that.
The main meaning for me is to write to how it is to be a collector, ginga collector.
Tell about the merchandise , mine passion.
Help other to maybe find their own way to be collector or get tip where to find mangas,
Or if there are other that are just interesting of reading about a ginga insane collector  ; ) 

When  I thinking on the "Personal and confidential information"
I don't either write out personal information about others. I mean why shall I do that ?
I guess perhaps I can recommend and help to get in contact with mail, if there are troubel ?
Something like that
But I don't want to just put out things on the blog that are personal .

On the blog there can be  mine own personal , but I will try to balance.
So It way strange when I got mail or comment that are vary persona or the reader thing it something about him/her.
That way I need to inspect and then publish the comment .
Just a safe way for me  to not be attack or get spam on the blog.


I think I split the topic in parts, so there isn't too long to read
And for me to keep a track more easy

So the end of part 1 ; Rules of Blogging ?

Gloomy Bears & Yamato

I know that I haven't post so often I wanted on the blog.
But in May (date 15/05- 2014) I got a packet from Japan.
Thank you dear : Yukimizake

 The collection is slowly growing.
As weall the pack of Bears

Sure I have a weakness for Gloomy Bears.
Read more about the cute bears at; Gloomy Bears on Wikipedia

But aswell there were aswell some Yoshihiro Takahashi mangas.

The new reprint of Yamato ^^
Here is some of the mangas

I have been a fan of Yamato and I think I have the most manga's, so far.
Well not the new reprint that came out this year.

The more hard part it to get the magazine ; Monthly Shōnen Jump

As Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin , Yamato did first come out in the
Shōnen Jump magazine.
The magazine is large size.
But there are so many magazine with Yamato, so I focus to collect Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, that came out in the weekly Shōnen Jump. But it still take up space with the so many magazines

As the second place is my favourite ; Shiroi Senshi Yamato
Just look at the wonderful drawing, like study history (in a way)
But in my heart is still ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

I hope to send you mine packet to you Yukimizake, so son I can

Take care

Are you still Still alive ?

And YES !
I know that were a long time ago I were more active here.
But sometime the life take over the hobbies.

Today I'm a cat guardian, or cat owner and they have change my live.
It's a great thing ^^
The names of the cat's is ; "Mizzy" ( know as Dio, as a kitten)  & "Ozzy" (Black Sabbath)
Two Cornish rex cats and they will be five years old in February 2015.

The family had to look for new home for the cats because the allergi in the family.
So I or we were luck to found each other.

Ozzy & Mizzy have lives with me since July (test period) and in August official become mine cats.

So the life have change a bit. So far when it come to Ginga collection I have taken a break.
Well a small break at lest.

I have follow the auctions on ebay and at Yahoo Japan.
But I just feel that the price have gone ups hight and I guess I worried.
As you probably  know I have been a collector for a long time and I have seen the change when it come to the popularity and the price.
As a collector or a fan you need to ask yourself; is this right ?
I know that  in a great faire world, other fans didn't need to be worry about not to afford Merchandise, dvd, Plushies and so on.
I myself have work hard to get the collection that I have today.
But still it worry me

Especially when it come to  unserious seller or stores, shops.
Illegal shop on the net are really a danger.
Not only can that take your money form your card, hack payapal,that can take personal information about you. And use.
Here in Sweden the police and other company's that work against fraud,swindle have a big changes.
Not only fan merchandise, it can be als well; animal, computers, bike, cars, import mangas and so one.   

That way it's so important to known if the company,shop are for real
That that are  first of all legal and as wall trustful to use.
That the shop or company don't spread the customer information to others, that the are professional.
And have as goal to see that the customer is the number one .

With that I mean that don't ignore, forget to ship the order, packet.
Or just treat the buyer, costomer rigth.

For the problem with the illegal shops or company's other is that face that you have few or non of all right if things get wrong.
You know, you pay for the item and it's never arrive.

So you need to be careful and be a bit critical (then to much trusting) .

I just need to say that.
That cant really not hurt to be more careful now days

Other things that I have in mind is that fact I have no idea how to handle mail.
Mail there pepel asking me to give away some collections tings, merchandise.
I simply don't answer . Parhaps this is a good answer

But I find it rude to get mail that people asking me or beg to give away things that have taken me time to collect. Or that fact that some are dear to me.
This don't make me a egoistic, selfish in no way.
I have sold thing for a fair, low price, sure given away things to friends.
But that have been things i chosen.
So if there are  people who think I driving a charity or just like to give things away; that wrong.
A bit of insulting.

Like I said, in a great faire world, other fans didn't need to be worry about not to afford merchandise, dvd, Plushies and so on.
But it's just wrong to send mail to hope to get items to a collector or more demanding to get items.
I don't know why I get those mail, but I have for a time now.
So that I need to take this subject up on the blog

IF I gong to sell or give some items away I think I will first of all have them on auction with a fair price or perhaps donate to a contest of some kind. That I know that the price go to good homes in the end.
Trades I'm up for, but still dependent which item, merchandise.
This isn't just that collection of Ginga, I have other collection as well

As a collector you buy, sell, trade more or less.

Other things that is in my head ; well I NEED to do a big update in mine collection.
Ginga or Yoshihiro Takahashi collection that I have
There are new items , I mean I haven't blog since May, so there are things to update.
Ideas that I have and plans, project I need to take time and work on.

But I still alive and just had a long break from the bloging and be a ginga collector.
So I will work on to update and will blog more.

So take care until then ^^

Friday, May 9, 2014

Update & Weed manga talk

So time goes by one more .
The days goes by to fast now.
The big new I finally got  a bookcase, for all my books.
As the bookworm that I'm this mean that I got some more room for my mangas.
The many manga by dear Yoshihiro Takahashi.
But I still need some room for my other comics collections .... but that will be next project I guess.
So I thought so share some photos.
Here can we see the Ginga Densetsu Weed  manga collections.
Weed edition
- Weed edition of : 2000- 2009 , volume; 1-60.
* ! Note !
Before someone try to correct me, in mine manga's its says the year of 2000, not 1999.
So I follow the manga book.
Remember that GDW series were first publish in Weekly Manga Goraku magazine , in the year of 1999- 2009. At the time Publisher Nihon Bungeisha released the mangas during the years of 2000-2009.

- Weed edition of 2006- 2007, Volume ; 1-21

Just to get the first edition of the Weed manga took the sweet time. I can tell you that.

I like the background on the cover at this edition.
Most or all of the cover design are made by Tazuko Ohno (Creative Sano Japan) .I don't know but this is a way to see the beautiful nature and the landscape.
I don't mind  the characters pose or looks.
Over the ears I heard that: Weird eyes, jumping out the landscape, opened mouth and everything els seem to be wrong ...
I really don't get the many view or complaint.
It's Densetsu Weed mangas and that means some appear, feature of the characters pose or looks will be legendary or famous.
Well at lest I thinks so.

When the come to the other favorit Weed mangas
This edition of 2006-2007 aren't so colorful like the first one.
Some the covers are fine with the story/storys in the Densetsu Weed series.
But still this are a nice and cute edition. And the smaller size on the manga make it really nice too.
Sadly the story ends with the big battle Weed vs Hougen . And ends there
It's a bit sad, i really wanted the story continue. For there are great images with the characters.
And make the manga interesting to read or study.

A other photo on the bookcase and the many Weed mangas.

As you see I a bit behind the Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion.
Or as I call the series; Ginga Densetsu  Orion
I got volume; 1-11

But I can say that I'm way behind the Finnish edition with Weed.I got vol 1-3 ...  O_o
Well, I got a goal to collect them and have them on the list.

But I still sorting the mangas and the bookcase & the bookshelves

Friday, March 7, 2014

Rumors,Harassment and Bullying

 !  Warning should be advise !
This is a topic about sensitive subject and can contain thought, experience and ideas, that others can find offend .
Perhaps even images can look provoking or violent ?
If you are sensitive for this you should walk away form this blog topic about;  bullying, harassment, rumors and so one 

This is mine thought , ideas , experience.
As the always in in this blog.
But just in case I had to put a waring.

Thank you for the attention


This is a hard subject to take up, really.
But I think necessary to speak about.

Yes it's about indeed the : Rumors, harassment and bullying

I know that similar and ideas, subject haven been take up on other blog
Like : Elitismi Ginga-piireissä : Elitism Ginga circles  by Urumi
And : Gingafandomin  By Satanica

How can there be differences fans and so called elit fans ?
Why do fans act up on each other ?
The silence about the subject ?

But also Anttu have take up though and the approach.
Ovatko suomalaisfanit kiittämättömiä?/ Are the Finnish fans ungrateful?Myself mention about the subject time ago.
Hey  & Here comes updates and some plans

The thought I have been wondering (for a time), if WE fans can sound or act ungrateful ?
Especially where you see sometime on the board, forum how some people can throw out their frustrate or idea's how a artist, author shall write or for that mater paint.

Don't get me wrong here, sure others can have
opinion, view and be critical.
There are their right of view.
But yet, is there really a point to smash a
artist / author on forum.And list the bad things with the story's, manga's , art he have has done over the many years? 

"Nothing good comes from hiding in the Shadows. But you will be surprised what can happen if someone dare speak or ask question.
That few seems to dare ask. But either where few dare to take a stand.  
Weed seem to be topic to like or to dislike.
For some more hate subject.
Often Weed Anime vs Weed  manga topic ?
To talk about certain topics may make it more opened, more  maybe even friendlier environment for the fan community.

I guess one of the many things make the fandom
community, bad environment.
Not just the smashing of
Yoshihiro Takahashi and his many work.
But the nagging , dragging out allt the bad with the series and the character/characters.

How it should be, shall be, or even how realistic some things is or aren't .
And if other/others have an idea or want to discuss something.
Sometime that can turn out to a argue.
And then something can badly lead to other things, like this subject here on the blog.
The rumors,harassment and bullying.


When the subject on bullying and harassment the community of fandom ,(as ginga) , mine
opinion and the experience that kind of thing are ; silencing down.
Like the quiet will eat up the bad tings happing.

Or just this subject that happens around the forum, board weren't serious

Sure there are many thing all over the Internet and the community of different fandoms that have problem with just harassment, bulling and for sure rumors.
I think the atmosphere are harder since seven.,eight years back. Just to take a example.

Well aswell the atmosphere and what other allow at community.

With community I think on Forum,Board, Message board, if you wonder 

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Doujinshi  Michin.
Beautiful fan manga
There are really great, talent fans out there. There is different way to express as art, writing or just be social with other fans. There are a good,great side of the fan community.
To bad ther are oftan or time to time shadow by the bad side. 

When that come to some forums, boards there have been talking about the elite, the veteran.
Who is the true fan and so one. Like there are a competition.

A long time ago ( I feeling to old)  there were some fans that thought they were better then others.
Just for they discover Ginga elderly then then others.
It's same with a music group I like, I were late to discover the group (according to some others at the board) and there for not a pure fan .....
What ?
Come one, that sound so childish
Or that I hadn't all the Cd that the music group released, not been around on the
concern , or had the items that you could buy or could. 

O_o  The words are  lost when you heard , seen this in text at the current forum,board
And the admin didn't do noting or little at all.
This meant that the bad fandom for the board got a bad rumors.

Bullying, even harassment , the admins, mods favored some people/users
With this you get is bad for any board, forum.
And people left ... the only left for a time were the so called elite.

That were a long time ago and one of mine bad experience.
What can happed if the  Rumors,Harassment and Bullying rules.

I really hope that non any fan board, forum or fan community see it like that.
There wrong to put fans and others fans in different

Friendly, and opened minded are great condition for a community. As well as tho have a more respectful or friendly  way when it come to discuss.
Don't take your bad mood on others.
And the rumor thing , I'm so sure there are other things to talk about , gossip aren't to any good thing really.  

Why there are drama or fight needed on some places I don't really understand .  

It's Hurtful is when people more want believe rumor  and create wrong/mean reputation to a other person.
Especially when "there are always two side of the coin ".
And I guess it more easy to disbelieving a other person if you don't know everything or anything of the other person.
The reputation it's self can crush others and the way too. 
But with drama and bulling it's hard to sort out what happened and see if it can be sorted out.
It's way to easy to hurt other people feeling, when you are not : face to face with the others.
Then again there are those people; "who don't care or seems not to see others feeling".
Aswell the future communication.

But some perhaps just believe,  swallow what a other or others say.
Without thinking by yourself. 
So ; Don't listen to others all the time, think for yourself , sometime.
It can't hurt, so bad. Can it? 

“Strength lies in differences, not only in similarities”
There are also talk or rumors that if you are a ginga fan you mot have items,merchandise.
Or if that are believes ? 
It's sad when I hear people who can't afford merchandise or have bought to much items that they are broke.
Sure it's great to have some merchandise .
But to what price ?
The first thing you need to know that things can't buy happens.
Sure you are the one to talk,you have large collection.
So many times I heard this before , over and over.
To tell the true, I have work for this.
Even it' seems that some can't believe it.

But at the bad side, negative side so to speak to be a collector can have it's one addiction. And the can be a evil spiral. For some can fallen in to identify themselves with the items, the collection. Like a obsession that can take over.
I know this for sure, for I have been there myself.
The obsession to find
merchandise, compare with others or just seem to compete.
Sure you can do that, compare but in a healthy way.
Ask yourself do I really need this ? Will this make me feel alright?

Sometime I have meet people who thinks that to be a fan you most have ginga

merchandise. That is't ture.
If you are a fan to

Yoshihiro Takahashi or any of his series with ginga. You are a fan, admire .
It's simply as that. 

I'm not just a Ginga fan or fan to Yoshihiro Takahashi.
Just so you know : I'm insane collector too    ;  )  
I don't belong to any
category or some veteran group.
The only thin is that I perhaps belong to a generation that were lucky to grow up with 
Silver Fang / Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin when it came out on vhs tape (rent vhs tape) , Outside Japan.
That is the only thing I can think of if you most put me in a box ? or in a category.
And yes perhaps I'm older then others.

Not I don't think fandom of Ginga have any line how old you shall be or how long you have been a fan.
That just silly, really.

But aswell there can be a differences with discuss and perhaps argue.
It's so easy to criticize, judge and misunderstand others.
Therefore this is so important to take up , talk about. 

And perhaps find a ground to make a different, together. 

Sure in some or many community the atmosphere can be good, but also bad.
And in some cases really bad.

That is why I left many forums, board . 
Especially some owners, admin, mod don't want to know about things that connect to bullying, harassment
Even worse if you are ignore, or bullied.
That hard to handle or know to handle.  

Sometime the passion and the argue can over the line and when you have the emotions, the temper rinsing even that best (I guess) can do mistakes.
But then what ?
Can this be sorter out or shall the be so often more others that follow and keep on going to
offensive and give insult . The respect for others can flow away

Image From; Injured workers

Where shall we draw line about harassment and bullying ?
Can we draw a line or even stop rumor spread ?

Do we even want somekind of  protection, security against bulling?

Many times I wonder why or how can some tings be so allowed, permissible at the different community. 

Can it be that people today shall tolerate more ?
And don't take things so serious .

But what happen when a small argument, dispute , there there are people who misunderstanding each other . And we all know that situation like this can grow larger.
So in worse case there are bulling, harassment and rumors flowing around .

Hurtful world, being frozen out, and people making sure that you hear, know that you are not welcome here.  There are other people that ganging up to others  .

All like you were back ( like in my-case) in school.

The hardest part. isn't the bulling, the harassment itself.
Not so much like that fact that other know what going on and don't want to be bother about it.

Like teacher.
On site :US : University of Sussex there a great information text about :
FAQ about Harassment and bullying

What is the difference between harassment and bullying?I think this is really interesting to read about and reflect.For on the Internet there are sometime like the wild west.There you can do what ever you want and say what you want. 
Without consequences.

The problem, issue I have been having here on the blog is ; comment , mean , attacking comment . I guess some have some issue and take what I can write/writing personal. 
Or they have a boring day
I have non idea 

But before the comment can be post I need to authorize, approve. Just to avoid that , with seem to be personal insults. And not forgetting spam. 
Sad but the true.

Anyway, back to topic. 
In the Internet world most of the board, forum have Admin , so called; administrator or administration.
 Quote from; Wiktionary: on Admin
Admin (admins) 
A person who has specific controls to a forum/website/etc. that allows them to control the forum/board website/etc.
The admin changed the forum settings to make more users happier.
Most of the community of forum, boards have them and also mod/mods, moderate that shall help to a working nice environment for us users . 
So there can be discussion,conversations with others users.

The problem, issue is that this can be hard to oversee if you are a Admin or Mod.
Especially to not take sides .
There can be times that even the mod or admin jumping in and follow the flow with bulling or harassment. And ho to prove it to the support forum/board is hard.
And I guess some haven't even hard to look at the harassment and bullying like going on at a board, forum.

I just want to say ;
" Just don't

Don't treat people like numbers or things. There are people too
Fans are equal .
Don't put them in a category and don't say some are more valuable then others .
Just don't .......  please"

And Don't follow the others , think for yourself. 
Somethings there is people who need drama, some that need to take out negative from themselves and blame of someone els.

As the writer, author George R.R. Martin says in the book ; A Game of Thrones

“Some old wounds never truly heal.
And bleed again at the slightest word.”

For to order to change and stop this bulling, harassment we must admit there is a problem, issues here.
Take a stand against those kind of things . 

Other nice and thoughtful quote by  Mother Teresa
 “I alone cannot change the world,
but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Precious

So I got question about my favourite or beloved ginga merchandise.
Hm it's hard to say when it come to the collection .
If I shall not look at the mangas , books and just the merchandise. 
I shall take just some. otherwise thee will be a long list
Well ; 
Mine autograph of ; Yoshihiro Takahashi
 On mine early blog ; Yoshihiro Takahashi in Finland  , You can read more ^^

So others merchandise then .
Hm, let me just focus on my favourite series by Yoshihiro Takahashi
That will be more easy to take one favourite , then the rest of collection.
One ting at the time then

Mine precious is; the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin shoes;

I think I have mention them before on the blog before and show them at my Collection site
I got the shoes around the year 2003, 2004- 2005 ?  if I remember right , at a Swedish auction site called;
The price were 600 kronor, that are in 67 €/ EUR , 92 $ / USD .
At the time that were a large amount, especially when you were a student.
But still a great deal, for I haven't seen any item like those shoes before.
Sure two or three times I have seen Ginga Nagareboshi Gin sandals over the many years as a collector.
But I think both are rare items.
I think I have also wrote about them in a early blog ; Question Time

Other precious item then ?

The  Silver Fang vhs tapes.

By the way Silver Fang were the Swedish and other country's translate of  Ginga Nagareboshi Gin anime.
I got the first edition for the vhs tape. At that tame there were in video stores you could rent them.
Not until much later you could buy them.
I got vol two and four from the video store I first discover Silver Fang.
The vol three I got on auction site ,
And that took a time before I got hold on vol one. Also on the same auction site
I remember that were a bid fight, but in the end I won .

So I got the complete collection of the first release vhs tape of dear Silver Fang.
And there my friend the addiction started with mine ginga collection.

The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin LP & Ep 
In other words the soundtrack, the music to Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

You can read more about the music, Lp,Ep at my early blog ; Takayuki Miyauchi

And to added the music collection the ; (Fromthe Japanese magazine Animedia)
You can read more from; The Songbook of 86

The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin figures (by Bandai)
I got a large pack with figures , but the favourite is the Blue figures
Catch 'Em All
It's hard to not sing on the theme song of Pokemon
Well at lest try , I guess , to get them all.

 But I guess this will be added too, the poster, paper advertising. For the first set (small size) of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin figures

Well, I'm Back

What keeps you busy?   
This is a question I got on mail recently.
And to tell you the real, I have non idea.
Time have a funny way to keep you busy, really.

First of all hi , to you all!
I know that I haven't post since September of 2013. And now more or less six month I wonder where I lost track of time when it comes t my blog?

Well first of all I were hunting for a apartment in the summer/autumn. Just that took a time and energy I guess. And at same time working and working.
But when I got the apartment , my new sweet home the new challenge were to be patience.
Moving can be hard and take time with all the tinges, books, manga's, furniture and so.
So you can say in the end of November, start of December .
Then there were of course  Christmas and with that a lot of travelling for me.
Visit the family, fiends, boyfriend and so one.  It's sad that to often the December is stressful.
But I guess that

I hope aswell that the upgrade with the computer will be fine a loooong time now.
So I don't have any problem there, like in the autumn.
Let hope for the best,shall we  :  )

So what the plan now.
I have taken a break, as I have done time to time when it comes to ginga, Yoshihiro Takahashi  items, merchandise. I had not the time or money for a time.
So now I have been thing to take a deeper look at mine collection , sort in the bookshelves.
By the way I need new bookcases. As you maybe know I'm a bookworm and have also many books as well manga's. So this is a small project  or mission; More bookcases  .

Just the Yoshihiro Takahashi mangas that I have take up alot of room, well right now boxes (moving boxes). 
But I have been thing ( I do that alot) to take up in the blog ;
"How do you take care of your collections ?"
My curious and hope of more ideas just to how show, take care of the collection

I have many ideas and project
But one step of the time   ^^

So my excuse that I have been away for a time now.
But I'm back ^^

Thank for the support and the patience  dear  ^^