"This is a blog about Ginga series (a fan blog, more or less)
But also Yoshihiro Takahashi and his work as ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Yamato, Fang , Giant, Densetsu Weed, Orion, and others.
So the blog is more a way for me to write about my passion, perhaps addiction in my life : )
There are talk, theory, ideas .So I don't clam to be an expert , I'm just Ginga insane and like to talk, write. Perhaps we together on the blog can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. And bring more lights on things"
! Beware !
The Blog site can give out spoilers (I will warn aswell) And I can also write about topic that can have violence, bloody contain.
Many of
Yoshihiro Takahashi can hold such theme & contain. But I probably will warn at the start on the blog, is that is necessary.
Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hm ; GNG Poster

Just a small note
If you haven't heard or seen it you seen the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin dvd poster when you shop at Rakuten , at their music section
The a look here:

I don't know if that is still up to date
But if you shop for/over 7000 yen  you can add the GNG poster for one yen

I will suggest that you talk to the Middlemen you perhaps use or contact  ,before you order.
Just in case there is some misunderstanding or just to doubled check.

And there are some small info about the poster as well on the site

Saturday, July 21, 2012


It's seem to be a new manga with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
From I heard  other have said this should be a new edition., Hm ?

But to tell the true I'm wondering if that is a reprint (or say some say re-remake) of edition of 2004.

Some source to check out

I just got vol 3 of that this so called new manga
I will take a deeper look to that manga and the editions of the year 2004, to compare  later one.
Even know I can say there are a bit more in the newer manga. Not only the manga cover
I got this one from a seller on Ebay  for 14 dollars last week and the manga came to me really fast.
But I were away in Finland when the manga arrived in my postbox.
You can guess that I were very happy to get this one.
I Love the Kouga/Koga vs Iga war

The manga are much the same as edition of the year 2004.
There are some more manga series ads, as well for Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

 Here do you see some of the advertising. In the last image there is ad for vol 4  as you see
 If you count out the cover, back cover  there aren't so much different. Not forgot the info page what in the the manga and pages number. The cover image take up some of random images frpm the chapter of the Kouga /Koga war

Sorry if I say Koga, but I'm use to it. What I heard the correct name if Kouga
Well well

 ONE THING  that is new it the studio sheets. Well copy of some of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin sheets anyway.
On this issue there is some images of : Ben, Cross, Smith , Akame, Moss, and the Kai brothers

 I just love this when I saw it
A specially the Kai brothers .
There are ads for the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin dvd box aswell

The manga have 400 pages and have 7 chapters
The manga start when Hyena are running with the meat in his mouth and the Kouga/Koga show up.
More or less the start with the Iga, Kouga chapter .
The vol 3 end with that Kurotora and Chutora are hostages and two Doberman Pinscher's show ups.

So in the end of the manga You can read (what I understand) that this edition have been reprinted three times as Shueisha remix .
The First one were in the year of 2004.

So for me it's a reprint/ re-remake with extra for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Shueisha remix.
Say it says at their site

Just a small update

I have been inactive for a time here , I know that 
I will be better

A thing is I got some spam on the blog .
And it's seems spam filter took it way from the blog right now.
But seem to some people have reply then take it away.
Ah one thing the blog post: hey
Iwere about bulling in general, seem that someone got it to think otherwise.
I have better things to do then bash people, spread rumors or what ever people do.
And do that on a blog it's seem out. 
Or if drama thing some what to create , whatever
But then that the thing about bulling, cyber bulling in General
If that are on blogs, twitter, facebook, forum /boards, site as a in real life.
It's if something to take more serious and people need to show that the don't accept it.
Since I working with a theme about this and some other projects, I took it up here to.

But I did now do some change so I need to approve the comment, reply.  
Sorry if that can affect the reader or those who want to comment/reply on the blog.
It's can just take a bit of longer time to the comment/reply to show up.
I just want to be more alert.
So there isn't any more spam or someone  trying to bash , create drama thing .

So back to the topic
If someone have not see the text on the blog . You know the text under the banner of the blog.

Perhaps I need to explain it
This is simply a blog  focus on Ginga, Yoshihiro Takahashi series  
If you read my first blog : start and some talk

The idea is to blog, talk, write about my passion, ( some call it  addiction) in my life.
My thought to write , talk, share ideas, theory's about Yoshihiro Takahashi and his works
A specially the series like ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed, Yamato  with many others series, work by Yoshihiro Takahashi 

The blog thing aren't for to show of  my collection,  or that I clam to be the expert. 
I just a nerd that have passion with the manga's, anime's , merchandise's, item's and work by Yoshihiro Takahashi. 
I hope that we perhaps together  can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. 
It's way great and awesome if fans, collector help each other out more.
And just play with thoughts and so on

It's way free to chose the read the blog and I don't forcing anyone to agree with me.
It's a free choice, you know

This is also a way for me to practice, train to write , a specially in English.
I'm from Sweden and English isn't anything I write or speak great.
A other thing is that I'm struggling with dyslexia.
With that means that I have a harder time to write words, names and so one.
Even to speak, pronounce words, names can't be tricky for me.
But I don't see it like a learning disability, perhaps more like challenges. 
Even that I try to focus with those challenges I' NOT happy when people pick or give nasty, mean comment, reply.
Just to make fun of someones spelling or just bully around.
So commit like that will be report, deleted on this blog.
There is a different to help , replay to make me look of spelling that are wrong.
That are noting wrong with that, so long it friendly way. If you got what I mean

I have stared to write a bit on the things I will take up on the blog.
Like Weed world magazines , the vhs and dvd on GNG, aslo GDW dvd's , is some thing that are in my mind. Other work of Yoshihiro Takahashi, as well
But also to talk more about the merchandise, item's from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
Well that my main focus with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

But also I will STILL give tips and ideas were to get Ginga manga's , dvd's, merchandise, item's.
Auctions, store tips and so one 

Well ,that were some updates
And I planing to change the blog look and the banner
But I will do that when I got more ideas and inspiration

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


And just a small note

Be nice to each other
For out on the net, board ,forum, chat thee can be hard and scary
Like out in space with stars that talks
but you never who who is the friend or the foe,
There are so many people and can also be  predators out the too
So try to trust yourself and be careful out on the Internet 

But try to get patience with some people  and most of all give respect for others idea or opinion.
Don't be a fool and start to spread rumors  or jumping to bully someone
Come one, that is so low and can destroy, make people hurt big time

You shouldn't play with other life , be different  and break the  chain.
Say No to bullying
Say not to spread rumors

Stand up and say: hey I don't want be a apart if this Game
Bully hurt and bully destroy  if you feed it.

Image from

Image from;

Image from;

Image from

Keep in mind
" When people don't like themselves very much, they have to make up for it.
The classic bully was actually a victim first."
~ Tom Hiddleston 

Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden thougt

First of So sorry that I haven't post for a time
I will get better, be more active

Anyway one think that now bug me more and more is when people talking about dogbreed's in Yoshihiro Takahashi work.
Some go to the according to this source, the manga book :
The Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden

But you shall or shouldn't take the mangabook as that is up to date
I mean come one
 Read waht I had said at the blog
Some thoughts & Weed Meishobu Retsuden

You see the Ginga Densetsu Weed started off in the year 1999, right ?
And the series ended in in the year 2009.
Ginga Densetsu Weed got 60 volumes .
And so the new era stated with Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

But the thing is , that  Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden are not up to date.
This one were were published at the year 2003 ( 2003-0509 ) and just gave some face, information And the biggest part : The book summarize, sum up Ginga Densetsu Weed manga series vol 1-7.
A specially it summarize the start of the series and also fight against Kaibutsu (Also know as P4 and the Deadly Weapon)

So for me this one are not up to date ,  so there for the informations can be wrong.
If you look at Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga , the Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin, were published at the year 2000.
That mean three edition have been release in the marked, shops , stores in Japan.
And the latest were The Edition of 1997 - 1998, know as the Pocket edition.
Even the anime series of GNG have been made and released .
So for me the Ginga Seiken  manga book were up to date. So to speak ;  )                                                                 

What I heard two of the hared manga , extra manga to understand read are those manga books.
And I (at lest ) think that the Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden were release in a hurry.

So far it's seems that Densetsu Weed become more popular and there for there came more extra manga's form that series . Sure that Ginga Nagareboshi Gin became legendary, but Densetsu Weed  became more popular. And seem still be
Just look at the manga  manga book, the merchandise that have and still come out with the series.

Even that (Oh my so many names) :
Ginga Densetsu Weed Artbook or Original illustrations collection
Some say
Gengashuu , but this book are know as the Densetsu Weed the art book
Even this book seem to be a be weird when it come to dogbreed and character origin  and so one.

Well well , sometime you need to be a bit more critically to facts or what you hear.
And look at the source one more time , before you decide for you opinion, view  :  )