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But also Yoshihiro Takahashi and his work as ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Yamato, Fang , Giant, Densetsu Weed, Orion, and others.
So the blog is more a way for me to write about my passion, perhaps addiction in my life : )
There are talk, theory, ideas .So I don't clam to be an expert , I'm just Ginga insane and like to talk, write. Perhaps we together on the blog can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. And bring more lights on things"
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The Blog site can give out spoilers (I will warn aswell) And I can also write about topic that can have violence, bloody contain.
Many of
Yoshihiro Takahashi can hold such theme & contain. But I probably will warn at the start on the blog, is that is necessary.
Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random GNG figures thoughts & facts

After talking to Attu about the figures in general and those more crazy looking figures
More the manufacturing defects figures
I think that sound interesting, to at lest see more of those  
I have two in a way;  Kurotora  (a large silver)  and Gin , a large silver that have problem to stand.
At lest on four legs
And it's driving me crazy sometime that Akakabuto can't stand on his back legs
I know that isn't a defects. But I can still have other thoughts about that

Things that I learned so far when it's come to the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Figures
The main cause why Akakabuto (figures on the back legs) can't stand and fall over and over, mainly lose balance is;. 
He is drunk 
You know that Gin don't stop buying, making Akakabuto drinks 
Have you not heard the expression : "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"?
I think that Gin take that to a sneaky level ; )  
Like you have your enemy laying down a front of your paws
Come one you have won... 
In a way I guess

The new Kurotora figures I got wobble on three legs and have party markings with red spot here and there on the body. 
But Gin are a bit wobble and have a hard time to stand on all four, so most of the times he standing on three legs . 
The extra Sniper I got have a red nose and red spots on the back  
I know that I had to make a party photo of them

 So what about the figures then ?
I have thought about it and I have a collection with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Gashapon Figures
So I thinking to do some blog's about the figures . At lest from set 1

If you shall go after the tags, that comes with the small figures
The figures character is numbers as : 
1 Gin
2 Ben
3 Riki
4 Musashi
5  John
6 Moss
7 Kurotora
8 Cross
9 Oliver
10 Sniper
11 Akakabuto A
12  Akakabuto B 

So lets see there are two different Akakabuto
Called : Akakabuto A ,Akakabuto B
So what is the different ?
Well  , Akakabuto A are the bear on four legs
And then we have the drunk version,  sorry that I have say it
I don't like this figure , for he can't stand.
Akakabuto B stand on his back legs and seem to have so much problem to stand, with out falling to easy.

The set one  are 12 figures as you see
The set one came out in the year 1986
I will not say so much when it's come to set two .
I have one of set two and not so familiar with that set yet.
But I can do a small list as well .

When I look at the tag set two , I see numbers of the figures character
1 Gin  - This Gin is laying down. 
2  Madara  -The bear with the many scars (looks like strips)
3 Kurojaki 
4 Minazuki
5  Kisaragi
6  Hazuki
8 Akatora
9 Chutora 
10 Smith 
11 Benizakura
12 Bemu

Set two came out in the year 1987, and were the size small
As well as the set one, they were also small size's

Then you have Large set
Yes there seem to be a special edition of figures
But so far I have seen and heard the figures are from set 1
The only abnormal figures character is Gin
He came in three sizes. Small , Medium and Large
The smallest figure is : Oliver and the large figure is Ben
So I hear the Akakabuto B comes only in small size

So how do you see the difference's with small and large then ?
That easy, just look at  size. But also by the stamp on the back side of the figures
The small have the stamp ; © T/S T.T B
And the Large (even medium) have the stamp © T/S T.T

If you look at the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Board Game  figures
There are four Gin figures  and all have the same stamp : © T/S T.T B
The Game board came out in the year of 1987.
The company Bandai made most of the figures .

I I could have a wish list and if there could be a set three
I really wold like to see following figures character
-  Great ; the third platoon leader .
We see more of him then let say Bemu. So i think that could be nice to have him as a figure too. 
- Fuji : yes I'm a fan of Fuji . I like her designing and her calm way. 
- Jaguar. I love him in the anime and the manga , and that could be nice to have father and son theme like with Gin & Riki. 
Akame - I'm a bit chock that he isn't in the one or two figures set . He is an imported character and a close one to Ben & Gin  . Even Kurojaki became a figure  ,and Oliver & Bemu.. well well 
- Wilson : I adore him and he could be one good looking as a figure 
Bill , Hakuro  with others  character
When it come to the bears I like to see Mosa, Kesagake or the Harpooned bear 
But also " The bear mother " who gave Gin his more or less famous scars
Hm that could be interested idea with the wolves figures too .But I'm not so familiar with the wolves

So back to set 1then

The weirds looking for me is  :
I have said perhaps some time now
But for me it's Akakabuto B

He has more human hands instead of paw's .
It's look like small baby fingers. I don't know
The little tail is gone , at lest more or less.
But then also is the Akakabuto A don't have any small tail either.
But Aka A seems so small for the giant bear  ...
And that fact that he can't stand. yes I know if you look at the figures you can guess that he will have
the problem to stand. With the body mass and small feet, I mean paws.

A other one who looking a bit weird is
I's just the big eye and the expression as  this : O_o  
Or something
For me the eyes look so weird and scary at same time.
The pose and the look the figures have other ways are okay, great .

Then we have : John
It's something with the face that remind me of a bird or something els then John.
the markings are there the pose are alright , but that is something with the figure face that I don't like.
A other thing is the tail of small and big John are different

Then I have to take up the Kai brothers
I talk to a other collectors that said Kurotora are weird looking or funny looking
IF you compare set 2
I didn't thought about that, not before anyone said that
I like, no love if Kurotora  have more look alike design as Akatora  & Chutora .
So well they look like brothers and Kai ken more.
For to me and other Kurotora figures are slime and have a bit weird pose .
He don't look so powerful, or more the charisma that he had in the manga, anime.

Hm even Musashi & Moss are a bit funny looking
Well well as a GNGfan & figures collector you can talk for hours and hours I guess
So those were some I think are more wired looking for me.

So who are the nice looking then
Well for me it's Ben and Cross that come to mind
But also I love Riki for the way of detail, markings the pose

Gin are also a favorite.
But there are a weirdness over him or at lest the design.
I love the cute, still a bit crazy look 

The colors of the figures make me confused. I have seen , heard talk about this on Ginga community.
As other collectors said as well 
Special case on the colors and size

The small set have usually the colors: White, Silver, Bronze  and brown
Those came with capsules  (from vending machine) and have tags.
There were two tag one for set 1 and a for set 2

The large size have usually : Silver, Bronze, Brown, Dark Brown & Blue
 It's seems they came from boxes (Some kind of chocolate candy boxes)
By Morinaga
Like they are special editions, special bonus figures ?

And had the same colors as all the set 1
The more special edition (if you can say so) were more focus on set 1 .
I haven't heard of any large size of set 2.
So perhaps  they were made after  the year 1987 or before.
I hope we can get a date when the large figures came out.

I guess the logical is the the small set 1 & 2 were a figures pack
I mean both came from  vending machines and are more or less vending machines figures
With the same small stamp on their back as  the other small figures have. 

Sorry for the marking on the images, I just hate to be "rip of "when it's come from my own collections images, photos.

 The theory I have and thoughts came from the figures and the tags.
The tags, info paper came from vending machines figures.
In the tag, info paper there is small info about the set's and date, well a year date
Like in set 1 you can read " Bandai 1986 Made in Japan"
At set 2 tag you can read "Bandai 1987 Made in japan"

According to the tag were   Akakabuto B from set 1 and Bemu from set 2 surprise figures.
As you see on the tag cover , their images isn't there . The draw are inside the tags, with info
Perhaps they were limed edition as well , I have note clue
But that sound like a idea and locical to me why they were not in so many colors ?
Or for  Akakabuto B in a large size 
Just an theory

Thats is were I get my year date for the vending machines figures.
I like to play a detective and discuss
So this is fun
The make me more curious is those boxes that the more large figures came with

The point with the figures were to collect and paint
Just paint.  It's easy to see the marking and go after that when you colors the figures I guess   

Even that I finds some flaws with the figures  or I thinks some are different looking
I like, love  the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin  collection figures. In a way nostalgia thing to have figures for my favorite show and manga.
The are really detail,  have nice designing  and nice sizes.

The bad thing is they are some time hard to find new days
There are not so many sources about the collections figures.    
Even worse when the prices seem to gone up , sometimes to high to believe.
It's like a Ginga Fever of some items 

I think I will add photos later one  ^^
Sometime I talk , write to much. so I guess a break will be nice for me

Look, GDW Gajou no Kettou-Hen Jou-Kan

There have been talking about the Special Publication or edition of Ginga Densetsu Weed
The three manga  are called : Ginga Densetsu Weed Special: Gajou no Kettou-Hen Jou-Kan
Also know Ginga Densetsu Weed stronghold , right ? 
I have seen on Ebay seller have prices like 50 dollars each manga or like 150 dollars (for all three)
Sure some have free shippings. But I still that are hight price for manga's
Even shop, store's have a hight prices .
Hm why is that so ?
Most of the times I hear : It's rare 
That manga's are so hard to find now days 
Well , not really
If you going to compare with  Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai ( I want to live with the dogs)
Or the edition of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
Like ; The Edition of  2006 -2008  or The Edition of  2000-2001 (Telephone edition)
Oh my, I just going to be more tried of the word : Rare.
I think some overuse to say or write rare. Just to sell thing more and for a higher price

Just take a look at this  : Auctions Auction
1500 Yen, More or less 19 dollars
And this it's  the first time the manga show up on Yahoo Japan for the price
If I remember right I have seen the seller sold some of those manga  before.
But I have also seen lower prices.
Even with a Middlemen that take a fee ,shipping cost the price are not so high like those on ebay ( hight crazy prices to me)
On Japaneses second hand manga/book stores the price is from 200 - up till 1500 yen each manga
Or even as a packet deal

I think that people can be aware that they don't need to pay the more high prices. If they want to , that is a other thing I guess
Just a  thought for those who say that the manga are Rare
You can find those manga's  for  a good price
If you look and know were to look and be more aware

You can take a look at my old list with links :  Helpful-links

Take care : )

Monday, May 21, 2012

Packet 2

 A part of update from this topic/blog : Packet
So back to the topic: 
I have problem to sleep
And this time it  the allergy (allergic rhinitis) that give me a hard time to sometime breath and sleep.
Don't worry I will get new medicine this week, or at lest next week
Anyway when I got to sleep I were awake by the door bell
I think what the hell now ?
I really want to hunt down those people who try to sell vacuum cleaner or talk about their religion
You know crazy people that awake people in the morning. Well most of the time they are out at  Sunday mornings. 
But still that is what I hate , to be wake like that when you are way tired.
BUT this were great news
It's were the post/mailman with a packet
I were so happy for this, even I look like a zombie I guess
At lest post/mailman she had fun at lest ; )
Anyway this were that I got 

  • Two Cel's , one with Daisuke and one of Gin
    Just  Look on the both cel's on the image , they look way funny.
    Gin seem so afraid of Daisuke . This made me laugh now
  • The manga : "Bear dog Gin Birth complication" (Kumainu Gin Tanjou hen)
    Edition of 2001,Vol 1
    I got them all now .... I can't believe it  , just wow
    Oh yes  , guess that I'm way happy now
    I have been looking after this one for years now. I really mean years of hunting
    The manga cost about  300 yen , on Japanese Amazon.
    The seller had three manga's of this, at lest at the time when i found mine
  • And The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Figures
    There is Large Set
It's the characters :
Gin (Silver) , Akakabuto (Brown) , Kurotora (Silver), Ben (Brown), John (Blue), Oliver (Dark Brown) , Musashi (Bronze), Moss (Dark Brown) and Sniper (Dark brown)

I have now extra of : Musashi, Moss, Sniper & Gin
Kurotora I have someone interesting, but I wonder if I will keep him or not

I'm happy to have Akakabuto, Ben, Oliver that colors I didn't have
A specially the large brown Akakabuto, that seem to be hard to find .
If you look after Akakabuto figures
But ,Yes I got a Blue John
I was't sure if that were true or not when I won the auction
I thought I were dreaming , but that were real
So now I have five blue figures , I'm so happy for that  *Dance Around *

Look like the Kurotora have painting, red colors spots on his back tail and back
I hope I can take it of, without hurting the figure

Hm ....
I still missing a some things
But I guess they will come in the next packet ?  O_o 

All the extras figures will soon begin the journey tho their new home

Digital Manga

Perhaps small news, but still
Now you  can buy Ginga Densetsu Riki as a digital manga
Check out :  Digiman.e-shelf
For 250 yen

If you press and look for more of Yoshi work you can find :
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series , Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Shin Gaiden
Digiman.e-shelf _book-search list

The price are 200 - 300 yen for each manga
And yes in Japaneses

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weed World , Vol 1

So I have thought and planning to write about the : Weed World Magazines
As well I got some request as well
I know that  some have talk about this magazine, but I have few info about them or topics.
So I hope I can help other out there with some info, my thought and photos
Specialty when the price can be low and crazy high on those magazines
You will be your one judge about the price and if this magazine are interesting or not

Here is what I know all the magazines of Weed World , vol 1-5
I think that is the vol 5 that can be a bit hard to find then the other four .
But we will come back to that later one.

 So Now I take a look at Volume 1

Some info :
Name:  Weed World 
Language: Japanese 
Author: Yoshihiro Takahashi
Publisher NC Nichibun Comics
Creative ,Sano ?
Published: 2002   ( 2002 年 3 月31日  )

Number of Pages: 336
8 pages images, adds with colors 
In the end of the  magazine ther is 8 pages with postcard ads (black & white) that you could send on and be in some competition for prizes
The size on the Manga :  In height: 16 cm ,width : 18,5cm & thickness : 2,3 cm 
Like may have said before this were special magazine that come about in 2002. There were five magazine and with them competition, fanarts, fans letters and info about the Weed series.
All five have or shall have papercrafts . There are characters as Weed, GB, Mel, Jerome and Sasuke.
Vol  1 and 2  have Ginga Densetsu Weed Stickers 

So what is in this magazine you probably wonder
 I will make small list ;
The start of Ginga Densetsu Riki series
 - Ginga Densetsu Riki , 34 pages.
The start of Riki's story , noting extra about it .
  - There is the main story of Ginga Densetsu Weed. 
Start of the Ginga Densetsu Weed series
The start of the series , When Weed meets GB and to the fight with Blue.
Weed meets GB, Sasuke, Smith, Lenny, Mel/Mer, Blue, Hook and many more  
And between the chapters, pages there are info, fan art and fan letters in the magazine.
Also info about the series, event , characters and other things.
In the end of the magazine there are a test that you can do to see which character you are. 
Let's see what more 
- There is four pages about Yoshihiro Takahashi & the Labrador Retriever he and the family had or have.
-  It's seem info pages about dogs, puppies and dog in general , write by m.wada ?
I can't translate , sorry.
But it's about four pages with images (black& white) on The Labrador Retriever, adult and puppy's.
- There is sixteen pages about the comic series : Wan Man show
Wan Man Show images

It's  about a man and his dog , a Shiba inu  (female dog)
Not draw or written by Takahashi or related to Ginga Weed.
At lest what I seen or heard so far  ^^  
I think it's a sweet ,funny series
Mostly a daily life of a dog owner and the dog's life.
This chapter tell how the man got the little shiba .
And also the trip to the veterinary  

- In the end of the magazine we have some adds about Weed World vol 2 , postcard ads for competition.

When it come to the papercrafts that I myself love so much.
There more like three thick pages with different characters.
Vol 1 have Weed as you see
 Weed papercraft
The papercraft are made by Kei Craft Studio
Link to the their home pages :
Take a look at their : Gallery_With Weed

I really love to see more papercraft from Ginga Densetsu Weed characters
Aswell as the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin characters and other from Yoshihiro Takahashi works. 

So what about the sticker then ?
Well there are random images from the Ginga Densetsu Weed series, aswell as the extra manga's and books.
It's about 32 stickers  (if I haven't missed anyone)  as you see.
It's funny and interesting  to read on two stickers :
Legend of Silver Fang

As you see there is different size aswell on the stickers

Some Images then  ^^ 

 I have no idea what the TP File is , but there are some image and chapter called TP File
 I like the way Weed and the pack standing and looking out and how the sunset or sunrise

Here is some of the many fanart there is in the magazine

I talk about the competition for prizes, so I most write some of those too

One are some painting boards that you could win ?
I think so
 The other one were  Densetsu Weed Original Goods
- A key chain with Weed
- Densetsu Weed file case's
- Ginga Densetsu Weed Tosho Card        

You could buy the magazine and answer some questions to get to a lottery .
And if you were luck win .

I think it's interesting, but then again it's more text in the magazine then anything new about the series Densetsu Weed.
To tell the true I hope for more in the magazine, more extras of images or something more.
But you can't get all that you hope or dream one I guess.
I hear that the prize of the magazine at the start were  about 580 yen.
If that were true that were a low price for today. I mean if you have been looking around the prices for the magazine just jumped up way hight.
At lest I think so .
True that they are sometime hard to find, depending were you look .
Like the auctions on Japaneses yahoo you never know what will show up.
As I said at my blog post : Oh vol :2 of Weed World
There have been lower prices about this magazine.
Also I collect mine when they weren't so popular . I think this magazine are now, today overpriced.
But that is mine opinion  ^^

Then again it's you who decide how much this worthy and how much you are willing to pay.

I think I will add or write more later one
I way to tried right now

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh ,vol 2 of Weed World

I got some question about this one.
Some have ask if I really payed 36.10 $
Seems like some don't believe me 
I guess sometime people can't believes if that sound to good to be true 

BUT : Yes it's true  

It's weird, it's a bit crazy that the magazine have when up so much in prizes.
Well in some places I guess or if that is that popularity of the magazine comes and goes
Like waves  .. in a way  ?
True I'm a lucky one
None other were biding but me  
But at same time there were vol 3 and vol 4  for the same price .
At that time  ...
So about 36.10 $ did Weed World  vol 2 cost me ^^ 

Remember that sometime you can find Ginga manga, magazine for a low price
Sometime you just need to be awake and look around 
Welll i have not so much els to say , right now
I planning to write about Weed world , Weed the artbook , DVDs and other things
So who know what the next blog will be about . But those that I list will come sooner or later 
Thats all for now

Over and out  ; ) 
And take care

My Favorite of GNG magnet's

So I decide to do some list of :  My Favorite Ginga Nagareboshi Gin magnet's
I have about 54 magnets, that I collected for some years now.

And here is the top of my favorite's
I just adore the Gin magnet's , that are so colorful . 
As same for the Kai brothers  ; ) 

Close up on some  Gin magnets 
Request by Attu 

 This just make me smile, the crazy background colors with Gin

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yoshihiro Takahashi 40 th anniversary

Remember about when I blog about : Takahashi on manga art museum  and Takahashi at Manga art Museum II

You really need to check and that Weedpedia , Weedpedia on twitter  that keep a update on the exhibition of Yoshihiro Takahashi (the 40 th anniversary )
Still Yokote Masuda Manga Museum have the exhibition until 27 May

You can se realy nice looking images of Orion series : Eri, Marutsubashi link& Photo
Eri, Marutsubashi Photos Yamato & Orion
Also GNG  Image :  Eri,Marutsubashi photo

 But also there is photos from ;  コカチン ‏, koka_tin Photo
Yamato draw   ^^

Remember that photos belong to their rightful owners
Show respect and  give them credits

Still I just love the image that Manga-Museum have on their home page

Image (C) to

Event Report at manga-museum

Edit 17/5-2012

Takahashi Yoshiro No Inuto Kurashitai

Since I have already write about Boku no Inu,Boku no Weed, 
So I thought that could be nice to write about a other manga.

Boku no Inu,Boku no Weed and this manga have many similarity
You can read more from my early post about : Boku no Inu Boku no Weed 

That one I talking about is :

Takahashi Yoshiro No Inuto Kurashitai

" I want to live with the dogs " by Yoshihiro Takahashi

The front cover and back cover
This one make me wonder . 
The title of the book, manga says:
高橋よしひろ のイヌと暮らしたい  (入門以前シリーズ 2 )
 " I want to live with the dogs of Yoshihiro Takahashi "
But on the last ting : I get from the translate is this :  
(Introduction to two previous series ) or (Series 2 previous Getting Started)
I guess that should be Introduction to the previous series , but the number 2 thing make me wonder 

Some info :
Yoshihiro Takahashi
Name: Takahashi Yoshiro No Inuto Kurashitai
Language: Japanese 
Author: Yoshihiro Takahashi
Publisher: Bunkasha
Published:  In the year of 1994  ( 1994年6月25日  )

Number of Pages:  144 pages
There are 2 pages with colors , color images
The size on the Manga :  In height: 21 cm  & width : 15 cm

What the manga about then ?
It's more a training and discipline information book about dog .  
More a text book , with Japanese text

Even there are some images and reference from the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series.
Yoshihiro Takahashi himself show some personal & family photos and tells about his own experience when it come to dog. As the title says " I want to live with dogs"  this is a dog book.

Takahashi have also draw some series when he meet the wolfdog Hanako and how she became a family member .
 I like the drawing comic series when it come to Hanako and Takahashi family.
I have said it before and say that one more time "
"Yoshihiro Takahashi is really great to draw expression, feelings. 
You get the feeling to understand what happening, what going one.
Even you perhaps don't read/speak Japanese"

There is a focus on Hanako and Yoshihiro and their relationship
The wolfdog Hanako were born in 1984 in America , but move to Japan in the year of 1985.
Over 16 years Hanako were a dear family member and a great inspiration for Yoshihiro.
In this manga book you see the challenge Yoshihiro Takahashi had and how devoted ,enthusiastic he became when it come to dogs and the life's that come to be a dog owner
With emotional he tell us how Hanako teach him about the dog life, more or less anyway.

Yoshihiro Takahashi cooperate with dog training club name ; Campanion Dog Training Club and other dog coach, trainer, as well as some photographer .
The first two pages are with colors.
There are a Photo of Hanako in color and small photos on 16 different dog breeds.
Some of the dog breed show up more then others in Yamato and Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series.
 What can I say more, it's seem to be six parts or chapters in this book.
The main focus about dog, dog training.
Still there are small comic, manga page about Hanako & Yoshihiro . Even images from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series.

I think there were in the year 2001 when Takahashi  got a new dog, the black Labrador Retriever named Mercedes. You can see more info and images , photos on  : Boku no Inu Boku no Weed 
But there most have been around the year 2000, at new year that Hanako passed away. After being  ill , sick. In both book Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai & Boku no Inu Boku no Weed I think that Yoshihiro Takahashi have his way to tell about the feeling , the emotional when it's come to a friend, family member as dogs became or are and the way how they pass away.
The Death thing is new for Takahashi, you see it often in different ways in his art, series .
Even there is a calm, spirit way it's more a talent that Takahashi can show and pass to the reader.
And for that I admire Yoshihiro Takahashi for.
I had a problem with this book, even that are a sweet book
I thought there were more manga, more info about Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series, if you look on the cover you can think that et lest.
But still this is the series that Yoshihiro Takahashi for became more famous for.
So that could be a way to have Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series characters on the front cover
And fans have said this is a rare manga to get on hold on.
Well that can be very well be true, in a way .
BUT, yes there is a but
You can fin this book at secondhand store, book stores (used book), on some auction's as the Japanese Amazon.
I have seen the book cost all from 800 yen to 3000 yen .
On other shops or stores outside Japan the prize can be much higher.
Some say that this manga is rare , more rare then the others of Yoshihiro Takahashi. But in a way I think this one are more harder to find then so rare that other says.
You just need to know were to look.
In the end of April there were two sellers on Japaneses Amazon and the had 3-4 books.
The prise were as the lowers 800 yen and the highest 3000 yen .
They were popular and took about a week or two before they were sold.
even on  (Japanse auction site, more focus on books, manga's) the Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai book have show up.Even on Auction on Japaneses Yahoo the book have show up.
Last time I saw it were about 3000 yen
I got mine extra copy of the book for auction at Bidders and paid 1500 yen.
That most be about 18 dollars and there were shipping cost as well.
But still i think that were a low price there other auctions as Ebay or stores sell this book for.
I have said it before aswell, beware about prices and items.
For there will be sellers that try to sell the items higher , and sometime we fans or collectors need to be awake for that.
Some just try to rip out so much money they can of us. So we need to be awake and questing ourself: is this worth it ?
Sometime I think we don't doubt, question some prices that show up on auctions or at shop, stores.
That way a part of mine blog is to help other fans to get a fair price, deal instead be rip off on money or being foiled by some person or persons

Well that were some thought that show up in mine mind now 
So back to the book

I myself like this book.
I like how Yoshihiro Takahashi opened up and tells his own experience about dog, dog training and how it can be as a dog owner.The images , photos are interesting to say at lest
I find the book interesting and lovely to have

But I need to say that this is more a Japanese book, text book
then a manga.
I really most say that so other aren't confused.
There isn't anything wrong with a text book, but there have been  people who have wonder about this one.
As you see on the image Yoshihiro Takahashi got inspiration from Hanako  : )
She seem to be a bit handful and wild.
In the end of the book there are info and photos ( black, white , yellow colors) how to train dogs and other things.
I have show you some of the pages from the book. But as I said this is more a text book

Some of the sources I have used then  ^^
Mine one copy's of this book  : ) 
But also
- Yes Amazon Japan are a great place to find books, manga's and other things
Here you can also get some info at same time about the book, manga

I have use their translate pages,site
Yes sure it's more focus about Weed series, but there are also info about Yoshihiro Takahashi career
and his, family dog's. 

Not forgetting
Even that you will beware that the translate can be a bit weird and not so trustful sometimes 

Hm Moss

Two days ago  I read about Moss on Weedpedia_ twitter
And at : Weedpedia's Image Moss
Like the Image , by the way : )

It's seems that Moss are a mixbreed
Dogu de Bordeaux and Mastiff

I find that interesting
Moss in the anime and the manga

So far I have seen in Meteor Gin (Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin), the Japanese and Finnish at lest what I can see or read it's say Mastiff

Just some random thoughts
Then again , remember Hiro  (from Ginga Densetsu Weed)  ?
That is also a character who seem to be a mix breed
On the Ginga Densetsu Weed Artbook  (Original illustrations collection) it's says
Saint Bernard .
But with other source says Great Pyrenees

As many fanbase , fan-community
And not let us not go and talk about Weed, the main Ginga Densetsu Weed.
Many Japanese source say that Weed is an Akita Inu
Not a mix as some others fan-community, other source says Weed is half Akita and half Kishu
Meaning that Sakura is a Kishu Inu and Gin an a Akita inu

I don't know about Weed thing and the discussion. 
But to me there is more logical  when you thinking about other series that Yoshihiro Takahashi work, 
that Weed is a Akita Inu
And not mix.
So far the manga's and Japanese source says that too.
That could be weird that many introduce Weed as a Akita Inu, if that was't the case

Well this were some thoughts, so back to Moss

Moss is one of my (many ) favorite, from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series

So what ever dog breed he is or what some say he is ...
I don't really care , for : 
I still love personalty , that characteristic strong power he have. When you look at him, hear Moss talk and act.
Still Moss wise person with a gentle heart
At same time a wild dangerous opponent and a strength like no other : )

Friday, May 11, 2012

If I could say

with word's how much I love the charm or keychains I got today
Love to do order more commissions for you Anttu

The sweet Hopeanuoli Poster, a Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Menko Card (With Gin getting hit by a bear.)

But also a Finnish  magazine called ; Japan Pop.
As you see the are Gin &Daisuke on the cover .
There are two page with a article with Hopeanuoli ,Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

You see the draw by Anttu the sweet draw with;
 Sniper and Gin ...     * All you need is love , love *
I love love the charm or keychains 
Oh see there is Orion, a great surprise 
Sweet, adorable draws, images 

Thank you so much for the trade , help and the sweet commission
I haven't got any chance to up-lode the sweet  Gin & Weed figures and the Finnish magazine
Still Gin & Weed are the guard dog's for my computer.
Well at lest the guard the keyboard ; )

I can recommended you to take a look at :  Anttu's Art   on the gallery on Deviantart
And her blogs :  Gingamadness  ,  Hopeatiikeri

At lest I have them in my hands, Sniper power !!! Mohahahhaa....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To find Ginga dvd's part 1

I thought to write  about were you can find Ginga dvd's

So this will be : To find Ginga dvd's  part 1
I will do more later on

There have been release of the series :  Ginga Nagareboshi Gin & Ginga Densetsu Weed

I'm from Sweden so I will do some listing  form the place's I know
So don't be upset if that most are store's or shop in Scandinavia
The mean Sweden, Finland , Denmark, Norway

First take a look at this list : Helpful links
There you can find sore, shops, auctions link that you can check out
And get some info aswell

Note one think that non of the series as Ginga Nagareboshi Gin & Ginga Densetsu Weed have been realest in English .
Not Legally 
There are fans sub,made by fans  
But also even bootlegs of the fanssubs as some point out  fore sale on ebay

One store I have been shoped from recently is :

You can chose to English, Finnish , Swedish, Norwegian
A more or less world wild store
As well look at different currency

Hopeanuoli (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin), Ginga, or Hopeanuolen poika Weed (GNG, Gin's son Weed)-
meaning Ginga Densetsu Weed series  or just Ginga Densetsu Weed

True that many of the dvd are in fact with Finnish, Swedish  sub and covers
But now days some of the dvd's are even harder to find in stores and shops

I order on the Finnish part : Hopeanuoli dvd : vol 1-4 
And got them today 
It' took about nearly 11 days for them to arrive .
They have good mail contact and the dvd arrive in plastic over the dvd's 

I had also a time back order the Ginga Densetsu Weedcollection box
The Finnish edition
I hope to get a keychane , as in the picture
But I think that one special edition  are exhausted, out of orders in stores now days

I can recommend this store, shop
As you see the have many other thing to offer, not only dvd's

They takes credit cards  and you need a account to shop there

A other store I have shop from is a danish one

If you looking after those keyword:
Hundevalpen Silver , Silver Fang, Weed Silver Fangs Son, Ginga Densetsu

You will find dvd's and boxes
I think on the boxer there language
is ; Danish and Japanese 
The subs are on Danish and Norwegian 

I bought the Hundvalpen Silver box and the Weed box for a Christmas present, last year
The shipping took a time, but that were at same time close to Christmas so I didn't mind.

They takes credit cards  and you need a account to shop there

And yes the site is on Danish

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some thought & Weed Meishōbu Retsuden

Just some random thoughts , before we going to the mangabook

Is there anyone then me who have thought about Daisuke's family ?
A specially his parents 
I have ask before on forum, boards
But I guess some are more interested in the dog characters, then the humans
I haven't go a real answer more then ; Who cares about the humans characters 
The attitude are just ... Well disappointment
I hope that one day meet fans that are interested about many characters as dog , humans, bears, ape/monkey's and other creatures that is in  Yoshihiro Takahashi many works and series

So anyway  I look into a manga that I have 
The extra manga book of Ginga Densetsu Weed called :

Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden 

銀牙伝説ウィード   名勝負列伝

The cover and the back on the manga. And yes a bit mixed by me
This one are more or less a info book or a databook about info about the series
Much like :  Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin
 銀牙聖犬伝説 Meteor Gin
The were published at the year 2000

The Meishōbu Retsuden were published at the year 2003
To be exact 2003-0509.
And this (that I have ) were the first print, I guess there can be reprint aswell

There is on the page 166 info about Daisuke's  parents  
I wonder if anyone know it the family name is : Ryoshin

On page 160-161 there a info about Daisuke

This make me wonder and I have been thinking about Daisuke's family for yeas now.
Well, well

Anyway some info about this databook then

Some info :
Name: Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden
Language: Japanese 
Author: Yoshihiro Takahashi
Publisher NC Nichibun Comics
Published: At first in the year of 2003
I heard that have been reprints
 Number of Pages:  244 pages
But there are  4 pages with colors , color images
The size on the Manga :   In height:18 cm  & width :13 cm
The book summarize, sum up Ginga Densetsu Weed manga series vol 1-7.
A specially it summarize the start of the series and also fight against Kaibutsu (Also know as P4 and the Deadly Weapon)
As you see on the cover it self  .

The manga or the book (like I want to call it) is more about text then series, drawings from the series
There are info about different characters from Ginga Densetsu Weed. But also some special events.
But aswell attacks, that the dog use.

There are also what I can understand questions and answers at the end of the book.
As well a test that people can use to find out which characters in the series you are.  

Some more of the colored images

The are more thigh then the other pages in the book
And as you see colorful 

Is it's just me that think that Gajou  look way hight ?
On the second pictures with ; Kagetora, Weed and Ken I mean.
Just wow.
I have problem to see Akakabuto standing there, or as I  fantasize that he dances  ; )   

Kaibutsu are one of my favorite characters in Ginga Densetsu Weed.  And I can't help myself to feel sorry for the poor creature.
Hard, brutal life he had , no wonder that he became more insane. 
Kaibutsu have many names ; like
P4 when he were a experiment and flee from the humans, I guess you could call it scientific name he had. And What i heard that scientific institute called P4. In some of Scandinavia Kaibutsu were called : Deadly Weapon.

The dvd's were released in: 2006-08-09 , and had 8 vol's
I know I jump a bit away from the topic, but I can't help it.
I hear that some said that the name Deadly Weapon was only use in Danish.
Well it's not true. I have no idea wy some had say so.
In Sweden they translated Kaibutsu to Deadly Weapon.
* In Finland the called Kaibutsu for Monster, even "Deadly Weapon"at the dvd covers. But often it's seems like the name Kaibutsu

If I don't remember wrong, the name were use in the English translate manga too. 
Yes as you see On the dvd cover (Swedis edition)  it's says :
Weed - Silver Fangs son
Meaning : Weed - son of Silver Fang
( Weed son of Gin)

So back to topic

There are five parts and extra tings in the Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden
I think this is a manga that can be a bit hard to understand.
A special when you aren't use to Japanese text , as me. but that just my thought.

I like that face that you can see the text on the characters profiles

Just random images of characters profiles
 It's not only the dog , there are humans too .
I mean Daisuke, Hidetoshi, Daisuke's parents and others.
Not forgetting some small flashback on Gohei Takeda 
I keep forgetting that in the beginning of the series that were many time human characters, characters town that Weed and there other were at. or that face that humans come to them sometimes.

Just some random images from the book
Questions and Answers?
 As I were saying before there are few colored images or large drawings.
The book summarize or sum up Ginga Densetsu Weed manga series vol 1-7.
I really hoped there could be more like this one.
Like fight against Hougen and summarize that arc .
For the the Ginga Densetsu Weed series is very long series .
60 volumes (on the first edition of the manga's)  and so far I hear and seen most popular of Yoshihiro Takahashi work.

So like i said before : in the end of the book there is a test (or what you can call it)
That people can use to find out which characters in the series you are.  
Like Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin have

I think this one were one of my third Ginga Densetsu Weed manga I got. When Is tart to collect
I think I got "Boku no Inu, Boku no Weed " first then this one.
The first Ginga  were Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin and then the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
The Edition of 1993-1994 (Silver edition, Second edition , vol 1-10)

Hm that were a long time ago
Well, well

The Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden are interesting bookmanga
And if you want to get deeper int the weed series, this one are a good choice to pick .
If you don't mind Japanese text

*  - Meaning  that I have update some info
Thank you for the info  : )