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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Favorite of GNG magnet's

So I decide to do some list of :  My Favorite Ginga Nagareboshi Gin magnet's
I have about 54 magnets, that I collected for some years now.

And here is the top of my favorite's
I just adore the Gin magnet's , that are so colorful . 
As same for the Kai brothers  ; ) 

Close up on some  Gin magnets 
Request by Attu 

 This just make me smile, the crazy background colors with Gin


  1. Ah you got so many of these ♥ ^^

    There was that blue-yellow sitting Gin magnet in Huuto. I was so badly wanting to get it since I thought it's the most beautiful of them but it's price is now 23 euros which is really huge for a small magnet I think ._.

    Also there was some Gin-pup magnets I tried to get but someone always overbid me so that price got 19 euros and I didn't bid anymore.

    Kinda sad but I think there's no reason for paying so much of them. Maybe I get some later.
    So now I bid for yellow-backgrounded Daisuke ^-^ and won it since nobody else wanted it.

    I love Gin magnets also ♥

  2. Ah! Is there a way you could get a closer picture of that orange backgrounded jumping Gin magnet? Over the Gin get's hit o..o I've never seen it before I think and it looks great.

  3. Sometime the GNG merchandise show ups and sometime the popularity are low so you get a great price
    That I got for my

    Oh that high for a magnet
    Even that one with Gin are so adorable

    Hm I have some magnet for sale or trade
    If you interested , I have a photo on my collection site
    But there isn't any with Gin

    Ah I updater a photo on those you wanted to see closer
    At lest I think so

    1. Gin-magnets are great ^-^ I'm also intrested of them mostly. I have four from your last picture (all those which have pink background + Gin gets hit)

      I think paying more than 10-15 euros of small magnet isn't just worth it.

      Thank you for your picture update, they look amaizing n___n It was that first from the left in the up that I didn't see completely. It looks great! ♥

      Yes, I saw you had some in your site but I wasn't that intrested of them ^^

      Oh! Do you know anything about small paper that would've come with these? When I bought that Daisuke-magnet it's seller said there's small paper on the envelope and there reads something in Japanese. They're arrived with magnets but I've never heard of them before o.o

    2. ^^
      I still wondering how many magnets there are , really
      Hm I have to look at mine folders/envelopes
      And I found one paper
      I have no idea what this is
      Greetings of somekind .. what that look like ?
      I have no idea tight now

    3. Well your collection of magnets is one of the biggest I've seen :'D I'm not sure if I've seen complete collections o_O

      It might be that, I can take picture of mine when it arrives in next week.

  4. Oh , that cool
    Still I hope not there are over 100+ maganet's
    Even that could be interesting to see

    Ah I love to see yours ^^