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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some thought & Weed Meishōbu Retsuden

Just some random thoughts , before we going to the mangabook

Is there anyone then me who have thought about Daisuke's family ?
A specially his parents 
I have ask before on forum, boards
But I guess some are more interested in the dog characters, then the humans
I haven't go a real answer more then ; Who cares about the humans characters 
The attitude are just ... Well disappointment
I hope that one day meet fans that are interested about many characters as dog , humans, bears, ape/monkey's and other creatures that is in  Yoshihiro Takahashi many works and series

So anyway  I look into a manga that I have 
The extra manga book of Ginga Densetsu Weed called :

Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden 

銀牙伝説ウィード   名勝負列伝

The cover and the back on the manga. And yes a bit mixed by me
This one are more or less a info book or a databook about info about the series
Much like :  Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin
 銀牙聖犬伝説 Meteor Gin
The were published at the year 2000

The Meishōbu Retsuden were published at the year 2003
To be exact 2003-0509.
And this (that I have ) were the first print, I guess there can be reprint aswell

There is on the page 166 info about Daisuke's  parents  
I wonder if anyone know it the family name is : Ryoshin

On page 160-161 there a info about Daisuke

This make me wonder and I have been thinking about Daisuke's family for yeas now.
Well, well

Anyway some info about this databook then

Some info :
Name: Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden
Language: Japanese 
Author: Yoshihiro Takahashi
Publisher NC Nichibun Comics
Published: At first in the year of 2003
I heard that have been reprints
 Number of Pages:  244 pages
But there are  4 pages with colors , color images
The size on the Manga :   In height:18 cm  & width :13 cm
The book summarize, sum up Ginga Densetsu Weed manga series vol 1-7.
A specially it summarize the start of the series and also fight against Kaibutsu (Also know as P4 and the Deadly Weapon)
As you see on the cover it self  .

The manga or the book (like I want to call it) is more about text then series, drawings from the series
There are info about different characters from Ginga Densetsu Weed. But also some special events.
But aswell attacks, that the dog use.

There are also what I can understand questions and answers at the end of the book.
As well a test that people can use to find out which characters in the series you are.  

Some more of the colored images

The are more thigh then the other pages in the book
And as you see colorful 

Is it's just me that think that Gajou  look way hight ?
On the second pictures with ; Kagetora, Weed and Ken I mean.
Just wow.
I have problem to see Akakabuto standing there, or as I  fantasize that he dances  ; )   

Kaibutsu are one of my favorite characters in Ginga Densetsu Weed.  And I can't help myself to feel sorry for the poor creature.
Hard, brutal life he had , no wonder that he became more insane. 
Kaibutsu have many names ; like
P4 when he were a experiment and flee from the humans, I guess you could call it scientific name he had. And What i heard that scientific institute called P4. In some of Scandinavia Kaibutsu were called : Deadly Weapon.

The dvd's were released in: 2006-08-09 , and had 8 vol's
I know I jump a bit away from the topic, but I can't help it.
I hear that some said that the name Deadly Weapon was only use in Danish.
Well it's not true. I have no idea wy some had say so.
In Sweden they translated Kaibutsu to Deadly Weapon.
* In Finland the called Kaibutsu for Monster, even "Deadly Weapon"at the dvd covers. But often it's seems like the name Kaibutsu

If I don't remember wrong, the name were use in the English translate manga too. 
Yes as you see On the dvd cover (Swedis edition)  it's says :
Weed - Silver Fangs son
Meaning : Weed - son of Silver Fang
( Weed son of Gin)

So back to topic

There are five parts and extra tings in the Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden
I think this is a manga that can be a bit hard to understand.
A special when you aren't use to Japanese text , as me. but that just my thought.

I like that face that you can see the text on the characters profiles

Just random images of characters profiles
 It's not only the dog , there are humans too .
I mean Daisuke, Hidetoshi, Daisuke's parents and others.
Not forgetting some small flashback on Gohei Takeda 
I keep forgetting that in the beginning of the series that were many time human characters, characters town that Weed and there other were at. or that face that humans come to them sometimes.

Just some random images from the book
Questions and Answers?
 As I were saying before there are few colored images or large drawings.
The book summarize or sum up Ginga Densetsu Weed manga series vol 1-7.
I really hoped there could be more like this one.
Like fight against Hougen and summarize that arc .
For the the Ginga Densetsu Weed series is very long series .
60 volumes (on the first edition of the manga's)  and so far I hear and seen most popular of Yoshihiro Takahashi work.

So like i said before : in the end of the book there is a test (or what you can call it)
That people can use to find out which characters in the series you are.  
Like Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin have

I think this one were one of my third Ginga Densetsu Weed manga I got. When Is tart to collect
I think I got "Boku no Inu, Boku no Weed " first then this one.
The first Ginga  were Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin and then the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
The Edition of 1993-1994 (Silver edition, Second edition , vol 1-10)

Hm that were a long time ago
Well, well

The Ginga Densetsu Weed Meishōbu Retsuden are interesting bookmanga
And if you want to get deeper int the weed series, this one are a good choice to pick .
If you don't mind Japanese text

*  - Meaning  that I have update some info
Thank you for the info  : )


  1. Ah, I didn't read this too much since I'm waiting my own to arrive from Urumi ^-^ I want to check it out first.

    But I got intrested to look how Deadly Weapon is named in Finnish mangas and in Finnish WEED it's called most of the time just "monster" in Finnish subtitles on anime it's Kaibutsu.

  2. Ah I see
    I thought that could be nice to write about some manga or extra manga's. So other can make up their mined
    A specially as you say it's nice to check it at first

    Ah I see , that good to know
    Do you mind me adding that to the text on the blog ?
    I need to take a look at the Finnish Weed manga, but I think I have 1-3 so far

    I don't remember if the Swedish sub say just Deadly Weapon or Kaibutsu. But so far on the dvd covers it's just the same name

    If I remember right Kaibutsu means monster

    1. It's always great to read these since you got pretty much information on here (:

      Not at all, you can add that to your blog ^^
      I'm having them what are published by now, Volume 7 is newest.

      Kaibutsu means monster, you're right on that.
      Oh, I watched also what reads on the back of Finnish covers, there reads "Deadly Weapon" but I checked Kaibutsu from the little booklet that came with my DVD's.

  3. Thank you *hugs*

    Ah that volumes go wast now.
    I'm behind orion and Weed .. Well well

    Ah I see, nice to know new thinks

    1. I got this few days ago also! I'm so happy with it.
      I write little something on my blog:

      And also the thing we're talking earlier, I got answer to Weed's breed we're thinking so hard. It's said on the blog also but I copy that part to here:

      I think we were thinking about Weed's breed with My and since Takahashi is coming in Finland and people were thinking about what to ask from him, I was asking how about Weed's breed and got answer from one user from Kaksoissola:

      "It's mixed breed because Gin is akita and in Meishoubu Retsuden Sakura was said to been "mixed kishu"."

    2. Still I have heard that the book, manga don't seem to be right some some things.
      Even for someone who speak, read Japanese have problem with the translating.
      But then again we seen in Weed the Artbook that Hiro are a St. Bernard and Ken are a Grand Danois.

      But that could be nice to hear from Yoshi himself about this
      Then I can under if we (fans) can be to picky about some even, characters in his work, manga's

      Ah I see
      if you take a look at the last page's in the manga, there you can see the text about author, company, date there is text that say that this manga summarize, sum up vol 1-7 of the Ginga Densetsu Weed series.