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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Boku no Inu,Boku no Weed

I got some questions about those two manga's that I have in my collection 
So i thought to write some about them

So I'm happy to write a little about one of mine favorite Weed extra manga ;

Boku no Inu, Boku no Weed
My Dog, My Weed 

The manga came out first the year of 2001 (Date: 2001-1109)
But there were a reprint in : 2003 ( Date: 2003-0403) 

You see the one from 2001 with obi's/add/advertising  and the other one from 2003
Sorry for the text & copyright marks
Sadly there is people who take that they find on the net , so I try to show the image's
But at same time at lest try to make it harder for those who steals. In away I guess

The aren't any differs in the manga's , just smaller things like :
The covers can feel different. 

The old one are more book material, more paper feeling . 
Sorry I can be bad to explain some times
But that feel different on the covers
The one from 2003 feel more clean  more like plastic book cover

But also there are small things,
the one from 2001;  you can see more red/white shadows on the the Weed text
And on the one from 2003 you see more orange/white instead

When you look at the both the one from 2003 are more cleaner , more shaper
and are more black and white sharper colored then that one from 2001
Other then that there isn't any big differers 

Both have the same story's and facts

Some info :
Name: Boku no Inu, Boku no Weed
Language: Japanese 
Author: Yoshihiro Takahashi
Publisher NC Nichibun Comics
Published: At first in the year of 2001
And there have been reprints . I have one from year 2003
Number of Pages:  232 pages
But there are 23 pages with colors , color images
The size on the Manga :  In height:18 cm  & width :13 cm

This one can be easy to be find in shop's, auctions in Japan.

What the manga about then ?

This one remind me of Yoshi older special manga/book
I'm thinking on : Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai , from the year 1994.
Yes that one were focus on GNG and other thing
But both take up  same issue, more or less. They are in a bit same way
Boku no Inu, Boku no Weed are more focus about the Ginga Densetsu Weed series

But also Yoshihiro Takahashi inform about relationship between human and dog's
There are info about dog training , ideas about ownership of dogs and the responsibility, with other things . Takahashi pend up and show and tell about his and his family's dog owner experience

The Labrador Retriever

As well the many relationship in the Weed series between character's .

Yoshihiro and Hanako

Mercedes ("Mel-chan")
We get to know Yoshihiro pet's, family dog's  (like the wolfdog Hanako) 

In the book there is also the story of  Yuuta and Shiro
A bittersweet story about a boy and his best friend and dog Shiro

When it's come Weed series
Well the relationship of the main character his mother and he's "bigbrother " GB

And how they meet Lenny, who is seeking to see her son Mer (some call him Mel) one more time
Lenny & Mer
There are some page from the Weed series, like :
When Weed try to help Sasuke , who is nearly killed by the guard dog Banken (?)
And GB find the courage to fight and help his friends.
13 page with this event
There are also 15 page when Weed finds Lenny. Even that GB things it's a was't of time,Weed with gentle heart  can't stand what GB is saying. And fight GB.
Later one Weed stole some food from the human to give to Lenny.
He hear her story and plan to find her puppy Mer (Mel).
There are also 26 page from the Ginga Densetsu Weed start.
When GB meets a young puppy
Who he later became like a big brother to the main character.
More or less

The manga have some image's, photo's, but there are more text.
I want to call the manga to be a book, more then my idea about a manga.
Sure there are image, photos, even drawing story of Yoshihiro life (with dog's)
But this is more a text book then a manga or weed extra series manga.

Takahashi Family looking on a dog in the local Pet Store

Yoshihiro Takahashi is really great to draw expression, feelings. 
You get the feeling to understand what happening, what going one.
Even you perhaps don't read/speak Japanese

In the end of the manga we can see the first start of the Weed manga, how GB promise Sakura to take Weed to his father. In the manga is many flash back to the Weed series, but also how it all starts with the series. Like a new legend take the first steeps
But still is the main focus on Weed's relationship in his new path

In the end of the manga there is seven images with colors.
It's says on the first image ;Weed Gallery

I got the one from 2003  when I order form a shop called : Sunai  
This is a Swedish & Japanese shop.
I didn't recalled to have hear the title name before ,they use a other name at the manga at the time
So I were surprise when i got the one
But it took some time before I realize that I had two with different prints

Updated with some photos and images from the mangabook

If you want to get more info or see more photos you can go to :


  1. Ah, you added the pictures! Thank you, so nice to see them ^-^
    I fell in love with Lenny&Mer-picture - had to save it to my computer (private use only, I hate also when people use pictures without permission).

    My friend had this book so I had it in my hand a few minutes and watched it. She traded it with someone because she didn't like that it was mostly text and not so much comics or pictures.

    But so long these pictures look amaizing. I love photos of real dogs n_n Hanako was Takahashi's dog, that I rememberd. So Mercedes was too?

    1. Ah don't worry about the pictures
      it's the photos from the collection I'm a bit mad of, when some using those with out asking.
      If you want I can send you the large image of Lenny and Mer
      I just love the drawing between them
      Many talk about Gin and Sakura, but there is so many flashback or talk about Mer and Lenny.
      That sad

      Yes the Boku no Inu,Boku no Weed is much a like Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai (Inuto Kurashitai)
      Both have much text and some image, photos
      But I think that Boku no Inu,Boku no Weed have more image drawing then the other one

      I look at Nihonbungeisha page and talk to a contact and so far I got that the black lab was a female named Mercedes.
      What I had translate is that Yoshi were unsure to buy a dog at a pet store, and were there with his family (as in the picture). There they feel for a female black lab
      But they didn't buy the puppy.
      But there were a twist, at work Yoshi got a call from his wife and daughter.
      The had gone back to the pet store and bought the puppy.
      I think it sweet the way Takahashi draw expression and feelings.
      So Mercedes can be one of the inspiration to Mer/Mercedes in GDW. At lest the name : )

    2. I would love if you could ^^ I would like to get that picture to my wallpaper on computer.
      Oh, I see. I don't know what idea is to steal someone's collection pictures :'D

      Ah, now I get it, so it's that black dog in the comic also? That sure looks like black Mel. Gah, maybe I have think of searching that book also in my hands since Mel (I just don't like calling him Mer...) is one of my favourite characters. But for now I'm really happy with only these pictures, so thank you ^-^

  2. I actually had this manga a while ago but I sold it because I didn't like it anymore. I think there was too much kanjis which I don't understand :< But really nice to see that you like this one :)

    1. Ah I see ^^
      It's true this one are hard to understand, but I think Weed Meishōbu Retsuden are much harder
      Even difficult to follow.
      But this one are more clean and I like the photos (I like the photos, images the most)
      Ah I see

      That way I were hoping to write a bit about the manga's, book so there can be more easy for others to get to know more
      I think that this one and the "Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai" are more text book then manga's
      I'm myself got confused when i thought this were a manga with story, drawling. I have no idea there were so much Japanese text