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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random GNG figures thoughts & facts

After talking to Attu about the figures in general and those more crazy looking figures
More the manufacturing defects figures
I think that sound interesting, to at lest see more of those  
I have two in a way;  Kurotora  (a large silver)  and Gin , a large silver that have problem to stand.
At lest on four legs
And it's driving me crazy sometime that Akakabuto can't stand on his back legs
I know that isn't a defects. But I can still have other thoughts about that

Things that I learned so far when it's come to the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Figures
The main cause why Akakabuto (figures on the back legs) can't stand and fall over and over, mainly lose balance is;. 
He is drunk 
You know that Gin don't stop buying, making Akakabuto drinks 
Have you not heard the expression : "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"?
I think that Gin take that to a sneaky level ; )  
Like you have your enemy laying down a front of your paws
Come one you have won... 
In a way I guess

The new Kurotora figures I got wobble on three legs and have party markings with red spot here and there on the body. 
But Gin are a bit wobble and have a hard time to stand on all four, so most of the times he standing on three legs . 
The extra Sniper I got have a red nose and red spots on the back  
I know that I had to make a party photo of them

 So what about the figures then ?
I have thought about it and I have a collection with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Gashapon Figures
So I thinking to do some blog's about the figures . At lest from set 1

If you shall go after the tags, that comes with the small figures
The figures character is numbers as : 
1 Gin
2 Ben
3 Riki
4 Musashi
5  John
6 Moss
7 Kurotora
8 Cross
9 Oliver
10 Sniper
11 Akakabuto A
12  Akakabuto B 

So lets see there are two different Akakabuto
Called : Akakabuto A ,Akakabuto B
So what is the different ?
Well  , Akakabuto A are the bear on four legs
And then we have the drunk version,  sorry that I have say it
I don't like this figure , for he can't stand.
Akakabuto B stand on his back legs and seem to have so much problem to stand, with out falling to easy.

The set one  are 12 figures as you see
The set one came out in the year 1986
I will not say so much when it's come to set two .
I have one of set two and not so familiar with that set yet.
But I can do a small list as well .

When I look at the tag set two , I see numbers of the figures character
1 Gin  - This Gin is laying down. 
2  Madara  -The bear with the many scars (looks like strips)
3 Kurojaki 
4 Minazuki
5  Kisaragi
6  Hazuki
8 Akatora
9 Chutora 
10 Smith 
11 Benizakura
12 Bemu

Set two came out in the year 1987, and were the size small
As well as the set one, they were also small size's

Then you have Large set
Yes there seem to be a special edition of figures
But so far I have seen and heard the figures are from set 1
The only abnormal figures character is Gin
He came in three sizes. Small , Medium and Large
The smallest figure is : Oliver and the large figure is Ben
So I hear the Akakabuto B comes only in small size

So how do you see the difference's with small and large then ?
That easy, just look at  size. But also by the stamp on the back side of the figures
The small have the stamp ; © T/S T.T B
And the Large (even medium) have the stamp © T/S T.T

If you look at the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Board Game  figures
There are four Gin figures  and all have the same stamp : © T/S T.T B
The Game board came out in the year of 1987.
The company Bandai made most of the figures .

I I could have a wish list and if there could be a set three
I really wold like to see following figures character
-  Great ; the third platoon leader .
We see more of him then let say Bemu. So i think that could be nice to have him as a figure too. 
- Fuji : yes I'm a fan of Fuji . I like her designing and her calm way. 
- Jaguar. I love him in the anime and the manga , and that could be nice to have father and son theme like with Gin & Riki. 
Akame - I'm a bit chock that he isn't in the one or two figures set . He is an imported character and a close one to Ben & Gin  . Even Kurojaki became a figure  ,and Oliver & Bemu.. well well 
- Wilson : I adore him and he could be one good looking as a figure 
Bill , Hakuro  with others  character
When it come to the bears I like to see Mosa, Kesagake or the Harpooned bear 
But also " The bear mother " who gave Gin his more or less famous scars
Hm that could be interested idea with the wolves figures too .But I'm not so familiar with the wolves

So back to set 1then

The weirds looking for me is  :
I have said perhaps some time now
But for me it's Akakabuto B

He has more human hands instead of paw's .
It's look like small baby fingers. I don't know
The little tail is gone , at lest more or less.
But then also is the Akakabuto A don't have any small tail either.
But Aka A seems so small for the giant bear  ...
And that fact that he can't stand. yes I know if you look at the figures you can guess that he will have
the problem to stand. With the body mass and small feet, I mean paws.

A other one who looking a bit weird is
I's just the big eye and the expression as  this : O_o  
Or something
For me the eyes look so weird and scary at same time.
The pose and the look the figures have other ways are okay, great .

Then we have : John
It's something with the face that remind me of a bird or something els then John.
the markings are there the pose are alright , but that is something with the figure face that I don't like.
A other thing is the tail of small and big John are different

Then I have to take up the Kai brothers
I talk to a other collectors that said Kurotora are weird looking or funny looking
IF you compare set 2
I didn't thought about that, not before anyone said that
I like, no love if Kurotora  have more look alike design as Akatora  & Chutora .
So well they look like brothers and Kai ken more.
For to me and other Kurotora figures are slime and have a bit weird pose .
He don't look so powerful, or more the charisma that he had in the manga, anime.

Hm even Musashi & Moss are a bit funny looking
Well well as a GNGfan & figures collector you can talk for hours and hours I guess
So those were some I think are more wired looking for me.

So who are the nice looking then
Well for me it's Ben and Cross that come to mind
But also I love Riki for the way of detail, markings the pose

Gin are also a favorite.
But there are a weirdness over him or at lest the design.
I love the cute, still a bit crazy look 

The colors of the figures make me confused. I have seen , heard talk about this on Ginga community.
As other collectors said as well 
Special case on the colors and size

The small set have usually the colors: White, Silver, Bronze  and brown
Those came with capsules  (from vending machine) and have tags.
There were two tag one for set 1 and a for set 2

The large size have usually : Silver, Bronze, Brown, Dark Brown & Blue
 It's seems they came from boxes (Some kind of chocolate candy boxes)
By Morinaga
Like they are special editions, special bonus figures ?

And had the same colors as all the set 1
The more special edition (if you can say so) were more focus on set 1 .
I haven't heard of any large size of set 2.
So perhaps  they were made after  the year 1987 or before.
I hope we can get a date when the large figures came out.

I guess the logical is the the small set 1 & 2 were a figures pack
I mean both came from  vending machines and are more or less vending machines figures
With the same small stamp on their back as  the other small figures have. 

Sorry for the marking on the images, I just hate to be "rip of "when it's come from my own collections images, photos.

 The theory I have and thoughts came from the figures and the tags.
The tags, info paper came from vending machines figures.
In the tag, info paper there is small info about the set's and date, well a year date
Like in set 1 you can read " Bandai 1986 Made in Japan"
At set 2 tag you can read "Bandai 1987 Made in japan"

According to the tag were   Akakabuto B from set 1 and Bemu from set 2 surprise figures.
As you see on the tag cover , their images isn't there . The draw are inside the tags, with info
Perhaps they were limed edition as well , I have note clue
But that sound like a idea and locical to me why they were not in so many colors ?
Or for  Akakabuto B in a large size 
Just an theory

Thats is were I get my year date for the vending machines figures.
I like to play a detective and discuss
So this is fun
The make me more curious is those boxes that the more large figures came with

The point with the figures were to collect and paint
Just paint.  It's easy to see the marking and go after that when you colors the figures I guess   

Even that I finds some flaws with the figures  or I thinks some are different looking
I like, love  the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin  collection figures. In a way nostalgia thing to have figures for my favorite show and manga.
The are really detail,  have nice designing  and nice sizes.

The bad thing is they are some time hard to find new days
There are not so many sources about the collections figures.    
Even worse when the prices seem to gone up , sometimes to high to believe.
It's like a Ginga Fever of some items 

I think I will add photos later one  ^^
Sometime I talk , write to much. so I guess a break will be nice for me


  1. Ah, great blog text once again.

    I'd also wanted Akame as a figure. I wonder why did they make Kurojaki but not Akame who was even more important role in the series. Also why Bemu, he wasn't even in a big part in there?

    I think large figures came in boxes but I remember Uru said that you had to buy also some chocolate sweets with them.
    This picture you put on GB:

    Upper boxes were for large figures
    Lower were for chocolate candies
    That's how I've got it (:

    There's only small size of set 2 also.

    I'm not really sure about this but I think there's two sets in here.
    In 1. series there's small figures and large figures (Akakabuto B might be changed to middle sized Gin in this one)
    And 2. series was only in one size, small.

  2. Well even Oliver or Bemu had non large role in the series
    Not until the fight with the bears and a short time before that
    Still I like Oliver and the mysterious Bemu
    But It's feels weird that Akame isn't any figure or Hakuro
    I love to see Mosa as a figure as well
    Bad ass bear indeed

    Oh when I mean with pack with set 1 & set 2
    I mean that both of the set came from capsules from vending machines.
    Meanwhile the large figures came from the boxes
    Since we haven't a date, year sign for the large figures
    If not any one have a box there is a date ...
    I'm so curious about that

    Ah I see that isn't mine image really , it's from a auction
    toranosakura were the seller
    Ah yes we even see the images for the figures and you can see the number 12 there

    1. Ah, okey ^-^
      Hm, at least there reads on Urumi that 1. series figures both large and small came out in 1986. But 2. series figures there isn't sure information about when they came, at least that I know. On Kaksoissola site there reads:

      "How old figures are?

      First series figures came out in 1986. Second series coming out year is unknown but presumably they appeared in the same year or one year after because there's so many by-characters."

      Yes, it isn't "yours" but it was you who linked it, that's what I meant :'D

    2. My thought and theory is the the vending machines figures
      The set 1 & 2 came out according to the tag they had
      The came with capsule, tag and a figure
      In the tag, info paper there is small info about the set's and date, well a year date
      Like in set 1 you can read " Bandai 1986 Made in Japan"
      At set 2 tag you can read "Bandai 1987 Made in japan"

      Thats is were I get my year date for the vending machines figures.
      I like to play a detective and discuss
      So this is fun
      The make me more curious is those boxes that the more large figures came with

      True that make more logical that set 1 and the large figures were release at same time.
      But the large figures for me is those one that we haven't any info about. About the year they came

      I thought about what you said about Akakabuto B might be changed to middle sized Gin
      But If (this is just a thought) it were so the Akakabuto B shall not have the small stamp like the small figures have© T/S T.T B
      The large and also the medium Gin have the stamp © T/S T.T

      That make more confusing is that the Gin figures from the GNG board Game also have the small stamp in the back
      Well confusing for me at lest.
      But then again it's were Bandai that seem to create the figures