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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

❤ Ginga plushies

 Well I adore more the custom-made ginga plushies then the official ones.
In fact I had a time back ; GB,Jerome ,Ken & Kagetora in my collection.
But sadly I had to sell then to order to pay rent of the apartment, bills and other tings.
But at same time that were the time the the
Ginga Densetsu Weed plushies weren't so popular and I wasn't so found of the phushies.Well one there is a other matter, the a bit crazy hunt for theDensetsu Weed is a bit surprise for me . But you can't see what the futures could hold or the change of the popularity when it come to merchandises.

So in September I got a Chutora plush on ebay.
Of course it fan-made,custom-made but it would be lovely if there were official plush with Chutora or even the rest of the Kai brothers. You can dream, can't you ? ; )
I guess that Chutora have been a favorite for a long time.
I have really hunt for the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin collection figure, from set two. That took a time and were expensive too. But that could be worse I guess.
I hope to collect the rest of the figures, one day. That's a goal at lest

So over to the plush, is 7 inches tall and for me really nice fan-made plush.
"The plush is hand-sewn with painted markings and glued eyes."
The plush came from United States, so the shipping took a time. But when I got him; I were so happy. Love this one ^^
I hope myself to create custom plush one day aswell. So the pack an grow. 
So now Chutora is at the bookcase with he rest of the ginga collection now.
Parhaps guarding, watching the collection.

But this isn't the first fan-made,custom-made plush I got.
A time back I got a small cute and so adorable Mel / Mer , made by Anttu

The dream goal is to maybe create or buy a custom made Sniper, Cross , Fuji, Akakabuto, Pink Dragon, Yamato or Daisuke.
Who know when the plush pack will grow   ;  )
Well there will be a time I can call it a pack, now it's just two. ^^

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