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But also Yoshihiro Takahashi and his work as ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Yamato, Fang , Giant, Densetsu Weed, Orion, and others.
So the blog is more a way for me to write about my passion, perhaps addiction in my life : )
There are talk, theory, ideas .So I don't clam to be an expert , I'm just Ginga insane and like to talk, write. Perhaps we together on the blog can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. And bring more lights on things"
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The Blog site can give out spoilers (I will warn aswell) And I can also write about topic that can have violence, bloody contain.
Many of
Yoshihiro Takahashi can hold such theme & contain. But I probably will warn at the start on the blog, is that is necessary.
Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Note

I will first apologize  for I haven't done any update when it come to blog's .
Since December 2012 I had low or not the energy as I use to.
With many reasons ... 

BUT I got some mail's over the many week that past by. Mail, notes about stuff that I dislike to get .
So I guess I most make thinks clear
Sorry if this sound rough or hard.  

 - I will not : Support , do adds for site, stores, person's who sell illegally items or are illegal.
For I will only recommend , tip others
Not force other to go to site, stores,shops or tip them were there you can buy anything illegal.
Sort as illegal dvd, plushes and so one
I only give tip on site , shop that I myself have bought from and can recommend.

- Either I will not hang out person or persons
If there is seller on ebay , sites and so one
If that are for bad customer service or bad deals, you hate the person and other thing.

I just don't do that
For it's not  to ;  hang out persons, for there can be two side and also there can be misunderstanding of thing.
There can be hard to get the real deal with fight, drama and so one.

Other thing I most take up is :
- Thank for  some personal attack when it come to comments, I have changes so I (the owner on the blog) most authorize, accept, approve the comment.
Before it published on the blog

Or if I will published the comment/s
Personal attacks aren't welcome here .
If this will gone one I will contact the support and there will

- The photo's on mine own personal collection aren't allowed to be use on other site.
Except mine own
That one of the cause that I marks the photo's, images.
And also have small image size aswell 

I'm aren't a bitch if I ask you to remove the image that belong to me. Don't say otherwise
And no, things that you find on goggle aren't free to use. 
Either the things you see on the net

If you want to use or see the image/photo  please contact me .
That aren't so hard to do .

- I'm a collector  and not own a shop, store.
Sorry but you can't order items or buy mine collection.
It's not funny with mail  when people try bid . Even if that are jokes of somekind  
If you think it's funny, well keep it to yourself  , don't send me mails. 

Especially when you try to bargain ... and I still not sell 

And yes I have somethings extra things, items for sale .
But not all the time.

-Trade & Sale   
When I have some extra thing to sell or trade I want you to contact me.
And then we can talk.

If you send mail wanting to buy and then lost interest , please note me.
For I will not long hold on to items more then some weeks, not month.
After that I will end the talk deal. I can't not hold on the things forever.
There can be other the are more interested to do the deal . 

-  There is a different between correction and bully, harass.
Think before you comments.
I have said it before
: I'm struggling with dyslexia.   

So sometime the spelling or word aren't correct.
It's okay to correct spelling to a point, the line between
correction and bully, harassment.
So If you dislike mistake with spellings,Well then you can go away from the blog.

Simple as that 

-  There are much bulling when it come to fan community.
And I don't support that at all.
Therefore I can't recommend any at the blog. Or will not do any recommend tip.on the blog's.
That why I dislike site, boards, forums  and so one.
And are o
ne of the reason
I'm not active or are there at all. 

I know that there are links where you can find me, but thats are just mine own pace that I can be and be contact on : Noting to be
obligated, forced to join or check out. 

- I don't get the point when people sending me things, links, tip on other things then the blog about
The blog are about ; Ginga ,Yoshihiro Takahashi  many work  and so one.
Not anything els.
So just be nice and don't send mail about the best food, how there is some country that eat dogs, how some humans kills/ torture animals or other humans.
Will will not answer on this. sorry. 

 There are probably more.
But I feet that I need to update and write a note about this .
Sometime people seem to forget that blog are a part of a persons thought, ideas
And not a place there others are force to make people  to agree, to anything. 

People need to stop do others to their punching bag .

That were that I had to say just now   ^^
Take care