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Saturday, June 2, 2012

What I have learn by GNG series, Part 1

So I going to write ;What I have learn by Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series

So this is my thought , ideas, I just say that  so not anyone get upset or anything
And don't take so much serious , I can sometime be passioned about thinks I write about , thinking one and I can sometime over write things ... but but

Hm let see

What GNG series have teach me,  Part 1 
Dogs,  understand more then they letting us humans know
Lets face it, how could we human come up with  something like the dogs
I mean the humans seem to give up and the dog said :   

"If we collect strong , warriors dogs , we can take down the crazy bears
And defeat  the demon bear Akakabuto" 

So sorry hunters, but I still adore you guys :)
We have all got the thought the same thing when we saw GNG; How in hell can the hunter in the village call them self hunters?
I mean they are some point remind me on the Empire's stormtrooper in Star Wars
If you have seen you know in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope
There is Luke Skywalker , Han Solo who save Princess Leia
And there is a scene then the villains , the stormtroopers try to shot at Luke & Leia.
The laser shots  goes everywhere , but NOT on the target ..
Come one
I really had problem with that scene
When you look at Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, episode 3 :
" Now We Know Silver's Friendship Is For Life! "
I just say wow 
I know that I can go deep into this, but 
But, but, but , but 
If I were a human  and live in the deep North side on the country. 
And there were large bear problems I don't know but like a crazy man eating bear  , I probable try at lest to take lessons with guns. 
Or move ... but that just me I guess 
If there is a crazy bear going to eat me and I had a gun, rifle I would be careful 
and try to focus so I could kill or hurt the bear so I could escape at lest. 
When the bear, offspring of Akakabuto got tried of the hunters and walk away
He were standing there waiting for the bullet, for the shot, the hit 
But that never came ...
Even the bear can't take the hunters seriously
But still Luke & Han, even Leia were skilled to take down some of the , shot some of the  stormtrooper. The hunter in GNG had non luck with that 
Well yes , there were a drunk old man , who beat up dog  & dog puppies and called that training   O_o   
Are I the only on who had problem with that  ?
I dislike Gohei Takeda ( Gohee ) .
This one is the character that I hate the most in Ginga  series . Yes I can say hate.
He his violent, had a crazy temper and obsession with bears 
I feel sorry for Akakabuto. 
First he is hunted and tortured (what it's seems ) for this alcoholic violent temper man 
Then this man train dog, or brainwash dog to became beardogs.. 
And then when the poor bear think he have won the war, battle 
There are groups , army' with dog, trying take him down , also killing his friends and family
Hm also have we never seen Akakabuto sleep.
I don't recall I have seen the big bear rest or sleep. 
That right  Gohei Takeda hurt the bear.
If this one were crazy before, well Gohei made it worse
Akakabuto were damage in his head, by a bullet
And this made Akakabuto big issue with sleeping, like normal bears. 
So this mad bear when around with out sleep and when insane. More or less  
Right ?
So Let's take a moment to give a thank the  hunter, who more or less created the demonic bear as we saw in the series  . 
And also for assault of dog,a s young puppy
Congratulations Gohei, you haven not only scars your dogs for life , but also the the viewers .
Anyone who saw the GNG series. 
yay good work there

Is the obsessed, insane , craziness (thank to Gohei) or passion for the mission?  That drive Riki, Gin , the others for their goal ?
Who knows ? 
And if anyone out there don't think that were a big deal , good for you then   >_>
I really hope you don't share same idea like Gohei when it come to training dog.
That is a nightmare to even think on now
A lesson in life guys 
Never ever let a alcoholic have a gun or a violent temper person.  
That person can not only kill , but also torture creatures around them , in nature in the community
Let people and creatures live in fear 
See how it when for the village , the people who became killed or bear food  
 Thank for this man
 Oh my look at Daisuke's face , wow that say it all
Yes, reply after me :
" Let's take a moment to give a thank the insane hunter, who more or less created the demonic bear as we saw in the series  . 
And also for assault of dogs, and young puppies
Congratulations Gohei, you haven not only give scars to your dogs for life , but also the the viewers .
Anyone who saw the GNG series. 
yay good work there"

I will not take up how Gohei behave in the hospital ... more then
 Poor woman or creature who get a taste of Gohei morning mood  ; )

 Then we have Hidetoshi
Oh ... at lest he were good  to shot and actuality hit his target  
And a doctor and a skilled hunter in one.
That a good thing.. at lest for those who lives in the village 
I guess 
Even Daisuke train himself to use a hunt bow...  
But well 
Don't this  hurt, or torture the bear more ?
If you miss and don't kill right away I mean ? 
I don't know 
I just can image how the pray, the bear can feel .
Just look at mother bear 
Mad,  I think I wold be that to  if a kid shot a arrow in my face
Insane mad, angry , and the have cubs near by 

Children shall not run around with weapons
Wow look on the face on Gin, in the last photo,
the face say it all
The bear is way angry, I wonder why  ; )

But things get better  ..  well for the hunters  I mean 
After 7- 14 years the have became better to hit their targets .
A specially in Ginga Densetsu Weed series
when we can see hunters hunting after wild dogs and kill
many of the dogs. 
Sorry I couldn't help myself, I  at lest hope that good, even great hunters out there 
In the world .

So in the end we can  learn somethings at lest ;
If the humans and their skilled hunters can't take out a insane bear
The dog will
At lest when they are train and brainwash by Gohei Takeda
So in a way people say that good to hurt their dog ? I mean Gin became the strong beardog right ?
I have hear that many time that thanks for Gohei training Gin that the way Gin became powerful .... No Gin is a survivor
So what some are saying, torture, any abuse are a good things. 
Look how it when for Shiro , Riki, and Gin  
*fall over *
Well please take a look how it when for them
Scared for life psychological and physical and at lest two are dead.
Gin live with his nightmares,  so in a way he is a true survivor 
 So the way of the hunter we learn
- The obsession make you focus and help you, if you in situation or relation that torture, any abuse are usual thing.
Please do not follow after a man with alcoholic problem, one who is violent, furious temper
and have a insane obsession with killing bears. I mean killing things 
This isn't  any dog good methods to train dogs
- It's not the size that mater, NOO 
It's the will; how willing, decided you are
Yes, I'm a short size person, not so long and small I guess  
So that great to learn as a child

- You can be a strong person and save someone 
Don't let the fear hold you, let yourself go out there and help others
There seem to be alway some who need to be saved 
O_o  Not sure that I will run around helping people , that perhaps don't want to be save or something.
Well well ,running around saving people isn't my thing
- You can call yourself for hunter , even that you can't shot , or even hit the target.
And you can talk loud when you are in the forest on bear hunting 
Take lesson for the Empire's stormtrooper in Star Wars are usually thing for hunters 
But there are some exception
You can train outside your country , outside the village  even
And can train to be better to shot, hit the target .
- There are even a great thing like letting thousand of dogs fight your battle
 Let the dogs hunt and find the bear , then let them hunt the main bear you have been after so many years
So that one are so bloody, hurt, blind that you can end the bears life .
At last
Well hey wait.. that sound like you meaning in life will take a end.
So let your hunt dog take a crazy spin and cut out the bears head instead
In that way you can be cool and say
I trained that dog !
When you haven't a clue how the dog did that    
- Kid's , human children can run around the forest. 
Even when there is dangerous bears around the area. 
Some even eat or kill humans for fun .. 
So there is still no worrying about letting the kid out  
They sound like easy going parent or ?

 - When we talking about the parent
they will not see small changes ,at lest not in the anime they didn't
Like the dog have three scars at the head. That happens with dog training , I guess   O_o
 -  Learn new thing, test your limits
Not to be afraid of new things, new ways
Is something you learn even in the first episodes
Just take a look when Hidetoshi show Daisuke the hunting bow 
Then again isn't not the smart thing to show a weapon to a kid who want to run out with a puppy to hunt bears.   I just saying  
 But at same time there is a other side , Daisuke focus and train , so he could use the bow. That were a good thing I guess .
Look at the two Gin's , I had to show that image.
-  Dog are smarter, Like I said in the start .
If the humans fails , the dog take over and collect army's  to take down  foe, enemy.
In that way the dogs can impress the human and live happy forever after 
Well at lest 7- 14 years when the new era start.
Know as Ginga Densetsu Weed series
Then The humans start to hunt the dog instead..
Well you need to see that this way.. they were now out of bears 
And there were so many dogs, wild dogs... 
And the dogs behaves like wild things so sooner or later the humans start to hunt the dogs. 
Logical solution  >_> 
-  If hunters whine, complain, grumble they don't need to go out
to hunt the sick, insane animals and put them down.
Oh my that a great way to sit around and whine, complain, grumble so much you want. 
Well until some forcing you out
And some big shot like Hidetoshi show up. 
Then you need to show of that he's no better then you . 
Just for he been study and training all of those year that 
You sat on your butt and well did things two. 
Like well like, looking after the old guy, the old violent, alcohol man. Who everyone are scared of. More or less
I still wonder who were the most scary person in the village   ?
Gohei Takeda ( Gohee ) or The bear outside the village , Mr Akakabuto .  I will let you guys think about that
Moving on :
- Smile often 
That can get out of problems, trouble or situation that you feel silly of 
Or are too awkward
Like near death experience, (even you were past out) and the others were worried about you 
Smile and  laughter is the way to shoe that you are alright , non worries about you 
Just think on Hakurō, he seem to use that idea, but as same time try to  develop the laughter so people get scarred I guess ?
Or it's Hakurō harm sound when he laugh. I haven't a clue 
 - You can do anything
Even learn dog to do trick. And some have the power to develop themselves.
Like Gin  and the "Rape attack" 
What do I talk about  are you ask , well take a look 
With this technique and attack you can froze your opponent. 
At lest for a short moment 
Come on look at the bear , he don't know how to react at first.
A dog, never less a puppy seem to be humping on your face, your eye ?
And the humans just stand there, probably have no idea to react either
or If they standing , laying around laughing.
Either way they don't help Gin, just looking when he try to own the bear in a way non have thought on . 
Why didn't the dogs do the to this one more often ? 
Forget the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, use this attack inserted. 
Come on this is way funnier  
Perhaps there are no way that you can't fall  and rolling around laughing , or gasping thinking what the hell ?!!
Gin use the technique on also on the bear Madara too.
As you see
One more time Gin save John's sorry ass .. .
Serious John have problem with this temper, mood thing too.
I wonder how he feel to be saved by a puppy so many times

But as you see Gin have develop the attack technique, this time he took the bear's nose  and not the eye this time
I really need to take a moment to try to stop laughing
Not only on this crazy attack , but also the way Gin look in the last image , when he attacking Madara. 
Well what ever Gin do , it work I guess. I mean he save John and get the attention from the wild dogs

Let's move on  
-   Dog are so fantastic
Their loyalty are still amaze me 
That are one thing the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series have teach me the most
Loyalty,  trust are imported in a friendship 
 Just in the episode 3 (yes I just seen ep .1-3 now of the anime GNG series) there are a so beautiful, so touching that can make you cry .
It's when Gin save Daisuke, with danger of his own life 
Just a act , with no doubt, that just wow  amazing  to see and feel  from the anime. 
So that are something that some people need to learn.
Being mean, hurting people or behave as a ass  will not make friends 
and will not create any trust at all.
- Never forget
But move one , live for today and look forward with your life
This is one other thing dog in real life teach us 
And something we have to learn 
Still there obsession of revenge part in the GNG series.
But I think that Yoshihiro Takahashi were really great there
With the story Takahashi tells and show us a world , not so far in way in time.
A small place in the north of alp there they have problem with the bear predators. who thing can change life and how the obsession of revenge start  for the very you Akita Inu puppy Gin.
This could be easy a old  Cliché.  A child losing his father and want revenge 
But I think that Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series are bigger then that.
We follow Gin for his journey in life 
 How he became a survivor, one young man who believes in himself  and want to do a different in the world.
Sure at first Gin hunger for revenge , Akakabuto have made a big impression in his life.
There is still so much to learn 
As we know Gin travel around Japan with the other wild dog, to collect the strong dog warriors, fighter to bring  Akakabuto down  , with the bear fortress
You know that  fact that Akakabuto seems not to sleep and he seem also to collect other bears to keep  his territory. As a fortress
What we know is the humans seem at let given up 
So it's to Gin, Ou warriors to find the help they need , for the final battle 
Dog vs bears 
 I still think that Gin form, get the shape  on the journey he and the other takes around japan .
So Gin becomes the leader, the legend that he is today.
Well as some see it , as me .
He meet other characters and grow, develop as a stronger wish person. 
Even Gin learn about trust at a early age and loyalty.
Not to forget the way he never want to give up 
Like his father Riki and like his grandfather Shiro and so one 
This isn't  any gender thing , like many try to point out. At lest not to me
Like the story are bad for there are few females or males 
For the more importer thing is the character, not any gender 
And this is a part of the way that series had so big impression
 Even the main villain , the insane bear Akakabuto made a large impact.
Akakabuto was't just a killing machine, he had also a plan.
A way to take over areas and use other bear to protect his forests
Come one that so cool 
Master mind  in a way 
Also he scared me as a child , with out talking
Just the way he look at people, dog and the music made him a villain that own the respect.
Dangerous , insane abut also way creepy with strategy and his goal
The story about Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series  talk  and take up importer ting
Like belief in your self , never give up , there is a future  for you out there in the big world
You never ever know how life will change 
How you are a survivor and with friend can create, make big deeds
Do a different in the world    
This is one of the many things Yoshihiro Takahashi take up with his storys
I have said it before
"Yoshihiro Takahashi is really great to draw expression, feelings. 
You get the feeling to understand what happening, what going one.
Even you perhaps don't read/speak Japanese"

So the end of part 1 
I real love Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
And for that it's alright to make fun of some funny part of the series , that I hold on dear to my heart 
Hope you too had a good time

If not
Well at lest you got Gohei to turn to 
>_>   or something like that

 By the way ;
Can you smile like Gohei ? 

Or making the weird face as John ? 

Something to do if you are restless I guess  ; )


  1. Great pictures and amaizing text (: Can't wait to see more!

    1. Oh thank you
      This got a bit large, bigger that I thought
      But I love to write so sometime I guess I can write more then I first though ^^