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So the blog is more a way for me to write about my passion, perhaps addiction in my life : )
There are talk, theory, ideas .So I don't clam to be an expert , I'm just Ginga insane and like to talk, write. Perhaps we together on the blog can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. And bring more lights on things"
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The Blog site can give out spoilers (I will warn aswell) And I can also write about topic that can have violence, bloody contain.
Many of
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Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Question Time

I saw that I got some mail with question about the mine Ginga, Yoshihiro Takahashi collection
So I thought way not answer some here too  ^^
If you have any question or suggestion what I can write about in the blog or if there are anything also to do with mine collection or being a fan of Yoshihiro Takahashi just send me a mail.
"If you want to contact me you send me a mail on:  mybravestarr  add the  @
and the hotmail (dot) c o m

With out space , naturally
 Or send me a note on my user-name there is prudance there
Be kind and write what it's about and then we can talk some more "

To the question's:

Were did you got the Ginga shoes ? 
How much did those cost and will you sell them ?
I guessing you talk about Ginga Nagareboshi Gins shoes ?
I got them at a auction, Swedish auction site called tradera
The price most have been 600 kronor , that will be about 84 dollars or 67 Eur.
At the time that were really expensive for me and early one before I stared to be more serious collector.
Can I be around year 2003 or earlier ? I can't remember  right now
No, I will not sell them today
Even I haven't the Idea about their value or the interest.
I mean you never know how much the price will rise or how many will bid on auction.
That is the interesting part with auctions in general.

Do you use the shoes ?

First of all it's child size shoes , so they are to small too even think the idea to use.
And I don't want to shatter, destroy the shoes, the images .
For those have value for me. As a fan and a collector
I just want to take care of the items, merchandise that I have.

Why do you collect ?
Mostly for myself , my own enjoyment really
Silver Fang , Ginga Nagareboshi Gin marked  me ; )  or made a big impression on me as a kid.
And I come to love the series and the work of Yoshihiro Takahashi.
I like to study things and in the way that made me more curious about the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin item, merchandise.  The things, item's have value for me
But I want also be a part of the protect, preserve of some merchandises.  As well as the a dear to me ,as the childhood got a big impact by Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.  
As for my own enjoyment, interest mostly.
I like to have the manga's in the bookcase and can take some manga read, study. They give me inspiration, ideas about story's, my fantasy's and other things as well. 

But I like to share, talk with other who like the same as me , or are a fan of Ginga, Yoshihiro Takahashi.
What is
the most expensive thing you bought?

Oh, lets see
I think that the most expensive
items, merchandise I got is : the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin music Lp
The : Ginga Nagareboshi Gin : BMG soundtrack  & Ginga Nagareboshi Gin : Vocal soundtrack
I were in a bid fights for those two, at Japanese yahoo auction.
I can't remember the ending price or with  the shipping cost , but that cost a lot for me.
At that time I were more or lest a workaholic and had not time to be social.
At lest for a time after those auctions.
A other expensive merchandises is the Chutora figure , from set 2 of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin figure collection. I got him at the Finnish shop
At that time I really wanted him and had collect money and work extra shifts to afford him.
Even you got some discount when you shop for a certain amount
It's sad that the set 2 will be so expensive.
True the figures are hard to come by now, but still it's way expensive for a collectors point of view.
Since Chutora are my favorite Kai brother, I'm way happy to have him
Perhaps one day i will owe a Akatora figure too .
That is a dream at lest  
This must
have cost a fortune, how can you afford
the collection?
This kind of question I have answered before, many time and even so at my Collection site 

Aboute the site & Me - -> FAQ  (Frequently Asked Question)
But, but I can answer this one too
Yes and yes  this have cost much money .
But I have collected now for many years now.

Hm can it be around the years 2003-2004 I stared to collect more seriously ?
I can't remember now
I'm  are a  so called workaholic , that mean that I work much. And even work so much that I don't have time for meeting my friend, family even my boyfriend (and we live together).
So for at lest four years I have work and work to get money so I can collect and live.
With live I mean with living expense, cost, like rent, food cost, shampoo and other things.
You know it cost to live. But now I have slow down more
So to afford, I say : Work, Work
Make money with working. really hard.
I have not been a vacation for years , if you count outside Sweden (there I live).
I think I were in Spain , when they had Spanish peseta as a currency.  But that were I were a part time of a baby-sitter .So I did work a bit too. But that were before year of 2002.. 
But I have also been lucky to made sweet deal and be awake when it come to manga's, items, merchandise at auctions.
I have done trades and bought from other collectors.
So sometime you need to look around the fan base and hopefully get idea and help were to look, search.
But as a fan or a collector  you need to think about some things 
Why do you have, want to have a large collection ?
What will you collect ? Just Some items  or more ?

Do you collect thing for you or do you feel the pressure to own things ?

Or do you do that for others, the pressure to collect ?

You need to know that this will cost , at lest to be a collector
And you need to be aware about that.
True  you can meet  other that can give you sweet deals and help you. I don't mean that every item, merchandise , manga, dvd  will cost. But to collect can cost many, shipping, fees and many other things.
The adive's I can give you is to be awake , talk to other fan, collectors.
But remember that your collection, is your collection  
It' not the much of things you have, but the thing you like and feel proud of.
That is my thought at lest 

Where do you get the stuff ?
Let see , if you look at my collection site  there is a Shoppinglist
There is some idea were to look
Also I have blog about Helpful Links
I can recommended the auction as Japanese Yahoo auction and the Finnish Huuto auction site
There you can find GNG & GDW  item, merchandise
And also sometime low price of some of item, merchandise.
A specially at Yahoo Japan auctions . 

is you favorite manga and series?
Hm when it come to Yoshihiro Takahashi all work I most say :
Kyouko No Shura (Ra Osamu Kudou), Great Horse, Otoko No Tabidachi ( Journey of Man) , Akutare Kiyojin (Giants)/Giant, Rowdyism Giant & Ichi Geki .
When it come to dog related work :
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Shiroi Senshi Yamato, Fang , Ginga no inutachi, Shonen to Inu (short storys), Ginga Densetsu Weed & Byakuren no-Fangu (White Lotus) , with some others.
I think I will write about the non dog related story's on the blog, when I get time.
And get more ideas

What do you 
collect right now ?
Right I hunting for the vol 3 of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga edition (of 2006 -2008)
See the Photo .
But I looking and collect the The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin collection figures, that I don have
The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Menko cards, Magnets & Prism Stickers.
But also i'm intresting about :
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/ Silver Fang VHS & dvd's from different country's. And Articles, magazine with GNG, GDW or about Yoshihiro Takahashi.
But I'm not any rush to get some of those thing , at lest no right now (when I writing at lest )   ;  )

Do you think that you will stop to collect one day ?
In a way I have take a break  for some time. I think there were at  a point I didn't collect or look so much after any merchandises, dvd, manga at lest for a year or if that were two years.
But that don't mean that I hunt for merchandises every other day like now that I are active.
There are limits for money and the desirer, really.
But perhaps one point in my life I will will stop. For you never know about the future
Right now I take it easy and look for better, sweet deals then fight auctions.

I wonder if you collect just for the valuable
And if you  perhaps will sell it,them? For a good price ?
Like on Ebay or something ?
If so when ?
In a way I like to collect and try to protect, preserve state, condition of the merchandise.
As I have said before some things have value for me and I don't want to destroy something that I like or anything like that.
But I don't think I will have some merchandise just for the hope that those thing will be more expensive.
You never know how popular some things are and when people getting tried or lost interest.
Its the same with the auctions , you never know if there will be very much bider's , fight over the items or non at all.
I mean Who know if the things are popular in the future.
So I think this is a difficult question to answer , well at lest  if you think about it

But however I dislike that fact there are persons that buy things with a low price, like buy things on Japanese Yahoo auction  and try to sell for a crazy hight price on Ebay or in other sites
And just ad the word ; RARE , to attract bider's
I have seen that to many times, and that is sad and so irritating to hear and see
It's a way to trick people to buy for a higher cost, when you could get the same items for a lower price. More fair price
Take I look waht I have blog before , talk about the same issue :
 Look gdw gajou no kettou hen jou kan
 And :  Oh vol 2 of Weed World
But I don't think ,as I feel now that I will sell any of my collection
Even so it's really hard to decide the items worth, value.  For me it's more personal value.

Which character do you hate ?
I don't like to say hate , more dislike some characters more then others
But truly I can say that I hate Gohei Takeda ( Gohee ) characters
You can see way at the blog : What GNG series have teach me part 1
I just have a problem with that man , old guy 
I don't like the dog Hyena either.
And I have some small problem with the Four generals (Kisaragi and the others)
but I think i will go deeper into way later, in a other blog topic
( like What GNG seres have teach me part 2 or 3 ) 
Lets see,other then
In the manga Fang, I don't like the human character know as the General
The main villain in that story.

I can't remember any more characters that I dislike right now at lest.

I hear that you selling ginga , Can I buy some  merchandises from you ?
I had mail about this I thought I need to take this up
As some have seen I have update mine collection site just for some mails that have come.
I have sold, even trade some merchandis, like mangas, cel, GNG figures and other things
Take a look at : Trade or Sale 
And read what I have now written there
Then you get perhaps that I'm not selling all of my collection.
Just some things that I have extra of or other things that I just don't want anymore.
So there is no point to to send mean, unpleasant or ridiculous mail.
Something I will not sell , so I think that is pointless to send some offers, that some people had sent to me.
Sorry if this sound harsh or mean 
But I don't like when some people think that I some kind of shop or store that they can order from
When I already had say no.
If you look at : Ginga trade or sell  there is some merchandise that I can trade or sell 
Just send a mail and we can talk more about that 
I don't have any crazy high prices , that people seems to fear 
And I also try to help other collectors out 


If you have any other questions, just send me a note, mail
I really hope to do more "Question Time", it's were alright and a bit fun too


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