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But also Yoshihiro Takahashi and his work as ; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Yamato, Fang , Giant, Densetsu Weed, Orion, and others.
So the blog is more a way for me to write about my passion, perhaps addiction in my life : )
There are talk, theory, ideas .So I don't clam to be an expert , I'm just Ginga insane and like to talk, write. Perhaps we together on the blog can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. And bring more lights on things"
! Beware !
The Blog site can give out spoilers (I will warn aswell) And I can also write about topic that can have violence, bloody contain.
Many of
Yoshihiro Takahashi can hold such theme & contain. But I probably will warn at the start on the blog, is that is necessary.
Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Friday, September 21, 2012


Are you like me , curious about the auction that have close, ended at The auctions on
If you are you can take a look at this :
There you can find ended auctions on Yahoo Japan. and if you click on the link in the different' auction  you will come to the ended auction.
There you can see the ending bid, how many who were in the bid war and the sellers info .
BUT you can also see now the active auction there you can still bid on on Yahoo Japan.

You can also take a look at different stores, shops, auctions :

The in interesting with aucfan is that you can use it to search at other shop, store, auction as well like:  and as well.

So what I can understand the web site can help with shopping search site , you can look after some store with some merchandise that you are looking for or get some statistics info, look at ended auction's. 
This were a tip if you like me are so curious and what to be updated how it when on some auction's .

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