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Thursday, September 20, 2012

This with bootleg Merchandise

There have been talk about Bootleg Anime Merchandise, as Ginga bootleg.
The bootleg, fake (illegally) merchandise haven't been so large as other anime/manga series.
But still there are some people who try to take advantages of fans, collectors .
A specially at different auctions.
What I have seen and heard at Japanese Yahoo auction there have been fake autograph of Yoshihiro Takahashi. And the biding war went high.
So it's hard to see which are fake or what the real deal 
When it come to the autograph it's more safe to get the autograph by your self .
r here can be there can be those people who love to get a
chance to so to speak "milk people on money".

The the thing on the fake,bootleg merchandise that show up is , mostly or alway the person or person try to make money of fans. Sure thing that other sellers try to sell with some kind of profit.
But the bad part for me at lest the bootleg, fake as for dvd, plushes, mug, shell's for iphones, or even books, is  that fact that you contribute to illegally support those sellers/shops when you buy bootleg, fake dvd,cd, merchandise and so on.
This is pure rudeness to the publishers,Yoshihiro Takahashi and the others behind the series, work.
So one if you buy illegally, bootleg, it's more or less hit in the face for the creates.

There are (at lest I think so)  different between bootleg , fan made,customer made
For those that go out and make, create fanwork, ,customer made don't try to go out and bluff like their thing are the real deal. As other have and try to do
Then there are questions about the fan made,customer made and how legally they are in real life.

You know selling some artist creation for money. I think this one are hard to have opinion, view one.
But in a way in mine mind the people who create fake merchandise of any anime, manga movie, series try to milk people on money.
Hm true I get that this can be a cheaper way to collect or get some merchandiser dvds.
But even so, some illegally merchandise can be expensive as the real deal can be.

Sometime I wonder why some just collect and collect with out doubt, question their self.
But the thing that can worry me is more the people who go out and say :
- RARE !!!!
When the true is, the manga or the merchandise aren't rare.
It depend on were you look , were you seek.
Most of the time it's that way to try to lurk people to think it's rare just to earn more money.

Then we have the fake,illegally , also called  bootleg merchandise there have show up more now.
true is that you can't stop people to buy,  can at lest tell about this

And hope that some people think before they buying merchandiser that they aren't sure on.
If it fake or not   

For at lest I find the more real deal better, the quality are most of the time way better then the illegally, bootleg things. 

I wish I know more about the fake bootleg merchandise when I were younger and when I start the collection. it's true what people say wisdom come with age, but that could be a lot better if you could be better inform about the fake, bootleg merchandise that can show up.

There are probably many anime, manga fans, collectors out there 
So way not take a look at a nice create video about this matter.
I find it useful as a collector and a fan to many anime series

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