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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weed dvd's , part 1

Some friends of mine have ask me about the VHS & dvd collection I have
Mostly the Ginga Densetsu Weed dvd's , now 
Some dvd's I have in mine collection
So I thought why not write about the Swedish release .
The one of the many thinks I have keep a track on (as well GNG dvds)

There have so far been three release with Ginga Densetsu Weed
Or as it's named in Swedish : Weed - Silverfangs son
Just to make a point in Sweden Ginga Nagareboshi Gin are know as : Silver Fang
So when the follow-up series came the name became : Weed , Silver Fangs son.
In the Swedish cute, dub version Gin as just called as Silver

Back to track then
The first time Weed came out in the market were in the year of 2006. Hm to be correct vol 1 came out 8 /09- 2006

So at the time there were vol 1- 8 as single dvd volumes.
The text were on Swedish and Finnish with Japanese speaking  
Distributor : Audvid
Former know as;  Zon media AB, Zoron Media AB and so on

To the list of edition then ;

- The single dvd volumes 1-8
On the dvd spine you can see Weed face 
Vol 1
Name: Weed , Silver Fangs son : Legenden fortsätter
Release date: 2006-08-09

Episode number & names : 
1. Hans namn är WEED 
2. Ledarens avbild 
3. Arvtagaren
4. Beslutsamhet

Vol 2
Name: Weed - Silver Fangs son: Det nya hotet
Release date: 2006-09-06
Episode number & names : 
5. "Deadly Weapon" ger ingen nåd.
6. Viljan kryper närmare.

7. Det nya hotet

Vol 3

Name: Weed - Silver Fangs son : Bortom bojorna
Release date: 2006-10-09
Episode number & names : 
8. Bortom Bojorna
9. Eden
10. Två rättvisor 

Vol 4
Name: Weed - Silver Fangs son: Evig stolthet
Release date: 2006-10-25
Episode number & names : 
11. WEEDs uppvaknanade
12. Ett löfte mellan män
13. Evig stolthet

Vol 5

Name: Weed - Silver Fangs son : Sirius flygande huggtand
Release date: 2006-11-08
Episode number & names : 
14. Den krälande dolken
15. Sirius flygande huggtand
16. Avskedet

Vol 6

Name: Weed - Silver Fangs son : Vinterstrid
Release date: 2006-11-29
Episode number & names : 
17. Vinterstrid
18. Ropet på kamraten
19. Den envises vilja

Vol 7

Name: Weed - Silver Fangs son: Far och Son...
Release date: 2006-12-13
Episode number & names : 
20. Ous kommandotrupp
21. Infiltration i huggtanden
22. Far och Son

Vol 8 

Name:  Weed - Silver Fangs son: Striden vid Tvillingpasset
Release date:2006-12-13
Episode number & names : 
23. Striden vid tvillingpasset
24. Slutstrid i eld och snö
25. Forsen
26 ; Den äkta Silver Fang

Still the dvd are for sale in some stores
But some are no longer in some store.

- The DVD Box

The dvd Cover
Images  on the dvd spins
In the year of 2007 there came a collection box
This one were design by the artist ; Alice Engström , miss-collie  , from Nosebleed studio
She design the cover  on Weed, but also Silver Fang (GNG) dvd'sThe Single Dvd's as you can call it the Second dvd edition ; vol 1-4 

Inside the dvd box. There are 8 disc,dvds
With the Weed dvd box there is a "Booklet"/brochure with a small Story Guide on sixteen pages. About the anime, Characters, pictures and so one.
Non more extra
This one are large box and really nice done
A personal favorite of mine when it come the the Weed dvd's

So how hard is this one to get ?
To tell the true; Hard
At lest how I experience it. For the
dvd box  are no longer in stores.
You can be lucky at second hands or auctions site .
Like the Swedish auction site :

- Collection dvd case,box
The we comes to the lest (so far) the new release 
As a cover for the dvd box there are keep case over the box.
As you see
This one have  Keep-Case box look, more slimmer then the first box
There are four dvd disc's
No special thing more then the case box I guess
It's Swedish & Finnish sub, with Japanese speaking
The release date : 2012-03-07
Yes this one are the newest one ^^
And this are still in stores in Sweden


I hope to do Weed dvd's , part 2 and perhaps 3
So I can write about the The Danish and Norwegian & Finnish release

Yes I will update more with some photos , soon


  1. Where did you get that lower DVD Box?

    1. All the dvd s, the dvd boxes are Swedish release.
      So I got them on different stores , a time back.
      But the only one that you can get now in a store is the last one. The other have gone out (can't be bought).
      Well in second hand store or auctions I guess you can get them