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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GNG Screen protection sheet

Seem like new product have be release

I managed to translate was: " New release! Please purchase all means for the iphone screen protection sheet "
Seen to be to iPhone 4 

The source ; Creation_Advan_ Twitter

I really like the image and the colors edition
And can't help to wonder when this protection sheet will be release.
The Image is from 5th Mars, but I heard talk about the focus on iPhone and e-book/e-Mangas

So if you go to their home page :
And then to this link : New GNG Screen protection Sheet

There are two Sheet as you see  called : Sea & Sunset

Quote from the site;
" Iphone screen protection sheet
• This product is a film to protect the LCD screen and dedicated or iphone4S iphone4.
• If dust or dirt accumulates on the adhesive of this product, you can re-stick well if it is possible to take water will then wash."

 The cost  Price 1470 yen/ each

Image's are from
Borrow Images

I wonder IF there will be more  of Yoshihiro Takahashi art, works
Like More of  Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, perhaps Weed , Orion as well

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