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Friday, April 13, 2012

Yamato the Great

I can't help to start with a forgotten (more or less) or less know series of Yoshihiro Takahashi's works
This is some of the info I found, collect over the years.
The photo's you see are mine own scanning or taken photo's

Shiroi Senshi Yamato, Yamato the White Fighter

Yamato seems to be named after a ship, warship no less

Original Run: From 1976 to 1989
At first the series's were published at the manga series magazine called
Monthly Shonen Jump, 月刊少年ジャンプ  (Gekkan Shōnen Janpu)
And later in the year of 1978 the series start publish as manga comic.
So let's go to the Editions & Volumes of the Manga's
First Edition came out following years: 1978-1989
And there were 26 volumes
The Second edition came out in the years of 1990-1991
And their were soon 14 volumes
The third edition are also called  pocket edition  and were release at the year 2001
The volume were 10 volumes
So in the year 2004 it came a fourth edition. This one had also 10 volumes

I can recommend you to take a look at GingaPedia if you is interested in the manga covers: Image's on wiki_Finnish: Yamato Manga

Story about the series ;
"Yamato is about a white Akita Inu, with a star formed in his forehead.
Yamato's father Fubuki was the leader of wild dogs in the Northern Alps
Accused having seizures written männikor and hunted by the people in this harsh winter has been Fubuki to make decisions. To survive and to feed his flock, this leader decided to attack the närligande changes.
These are the prey is human domestic animals, livestock such as wild dogs chasing and killing.
They call wolves and hunted by humans.
But one day, it's the end of the leader Fubuki, then this dog is shot by his former owner.Yamato that than is a puppy and get to experience the hard life.And  see his father get killed, right in front of him.
but this learn, teaches Yamato about life ; Life is
fragile, and you have to fight to survive. But when life seems to stop for the puppy, he nearly going to be shot like his father and the pack  

But he saved the human boy named Ryo.This boy becomes his owner and a very close friend of Yamato.
Early puppy showed talents to fight. So Ryo start to training
Yamato to become a fighterOne that can stand in the arena when it comes to Dog Fighting

The series takes Yamato on many adventures.
Where he meeting friends, but also opponents and enemies
meet, fight dogs, tigers and
various animals in their struggle to become the Champion.
Or as it's called
Yokozuna (hight rank). 

This is the older beautiful style of Yoshihiro Takahashi. And he take us on a adventures with interesting characters. "

Yamato Fight a adult dog, at a very young age
Yamato runs and protect his owner Ryo from a bear.

 So when it come to the merchandise, then ?

- With the the third edition, from year 2001 ; Some of the manga's came with bookmark's
So far I have only seen Seven books marks

 Here is mine bookmarks.
The one with orange background seems to be hardest to find.
At lest so far I have seen and heard

I have a theory about the bookmarks.
Note that the images at the bookmarks are from the second edition (1990- 1991),  Jump Comic deluxe mangas. They were 14 volumes of the manga at that edition .
So perhaps it's 14 bookmarks out there.  It's just an idea
Just take a look  at  Image's on wiki_Finnish: Yamato Manga  and look at the 7 bookmarks.

A other theory is;  Special, chosen images, drawings
I at lest only seen those 7 bookmarks. So perhaps there were some of the images, drawing that were chosen to be bookmarks.
But why only seven ?
And why were that the the pocket edition (third edition, from year 2001) that had/have those book marks ?

It's bad there isn't so many sources, for us who don't speak, read Japanese or even find just a sources that can give us more info.
For I like the bookmarks with Yamato very much . They are special looking .
Hm perhaps I will do a deeper topic about them later on and hope that I find more sources.

-Telephone card
It's seems like Takahashi & Monthly Shonen Jump release some phone cards with Yamato
I think I have seen 3-4 on  Japanese auction.
One do I own, it's a 20 th Anniversary (Monthly Jump). On the card is the image of Ryo & Yamato

So is there more out there ?

I believe so .At lest I hope so, I love the series of Yamato
Take a look at this add that I have scan

This seems to be from a Anniversary (according to Monthly Jump)
Please don't use the image without approve from me
Sadly the true is:
That Yamato
Merchandise are much harder to get or even see
I think that popularity of other series of Yoshihiro Takahashi  can have done that Yamato became a bit of forgotten.Came in the shadows a bit .
It's just a theory, thought

I love to see more merchandise, item's .

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