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Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank you

Thanks Anttu for do some trading and helping me out
I'm so grateful to have the the Hopeanuoli vhs

Take a look at Anuttu's blogs
Gingamadness  ,  Hopeatiikeri 

To bad that my camera isn't the best , otherwise I could have more photo's

The interesting is that this edition are resemble to the Swedish release of the vhs
The best thing is you can see the release date on the Hopeanuoli vhs's and other info
And the vhs tape's were really in a great shape

I still adore the Vhs taps with Silver Fang, Hopeanuoli , Ginga Nagareboshi Gin


  1. Oh! Thank god they arrived safely to you!
    And you're welcome n__n

  2. yes they did ^^
    Sp thank you so much for everything
    I just love them : )

  3. How nice! What do you think about the Finnish dub in Silver Fang? :D I think that the Swedish version sounds very strange to me but maybe you think the same about the Finnish version :D I have these ones too but the videos 3 and 4 are older versions.

    1. I haven't watch the vhs yet
      I guess I'm slow . But the ting I seen on youtube it's sound a bit weird
      But then again Like you said , I have also grown up with the Swedish dub. So it's feel strange to hear the series in other languages

      But I like and hope to learn Finnish one day
      So listen and see to the Hopeanuoli is one way to understand the language : )