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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Look, GDW Gajou no Kettou-Hen Jou-Kan

There have been talking about the Special Publication or edition of Ginga Densetsu Weed
The three manga  are called : Ginga Densetsu Weed Special: Gajou no Kettou-Hen Jou-Kan
Also know Ginga Densetsu Weed stronghold , right ? 
I have seen on Ebay seller have prices like 50 dollars each manga or like 150 dollars (for all three)
Sure some have free shippings. But I still that are hight price for manga's
Even shop, store's have a hight prices .
Hm why is that so ?
Most of the times I hear : It's rare 
That manga's are so hard to find now days 
Well , not really
If you going to compare with  Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai ( I want to live with the dogs)
Or the edition of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
Like ; The Edition of  2006 -2008  or The Edition of  2000-2001 (Telephone edition)
Oh my, I just going to be more tried of the word : Rare.
I think some overuse to say or write rare. Just to sell thing more and for a higher price

Just take a look at this  : Auctions Auction
1500 Yen, More or less 19 dollars
And this it's  the first time the manga show up on Yahoo Japan for the price
If I remember right I have seen the seller sold some of those manga  before.
But I have also seen lower prices.
Even with a Middlemen that take a fee ,shipping cost the price are not so high like those on ebay ( hight crazy prices to me)
On Japaneses second hand manga/book stores the price is from 200 - up till 1500 yen each manga
Or even as a packet deal

I think that people can be aware that they don't need to pay the more high prices. If they want to , that is a other thing I guess
Just a  thought for those who say that the manga are Rare
You can find those manga's  for  a good price
If you look and know were to look and be more aware

You can take a look at my old list with links :  Helpful-links

Take care : )

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