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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh ,vol 2 of Weed World

I got some question about this one.
Some have ask if I really payed 36.10 $
Seems like some don't believe me 
I guess sometime people can't believes if that sound to good to be true 

BUT : Yes it's true  

It's weird, it's a bit crazy that the magazine have when up so much in prizes.
Well in some places I guess or if that is that popularity of the magazine comes and goes
Like waves  .. in a way  ?
True I'm a lucky one
None other were biding but me  
But at same time there were vol 3 and vol 4  for the same price .
At that time  ...
So about 36.10 $ did Weed World  vol 2 cost me ^^ 

Remember that sometime you can find Ginga manga, magazine for a low price
Sometime you just need to be awake and look around 
Welll i have not so much els to say , right now
I planning to write about Weed world , Weed the artbook , DVDs and other things
So who know what the next blog will be about . But those that I list will come sooner or later 
Thats all for now

Over and out  ; ) 
And take care


  1. Omg! I'm so jealous now :O! When you got it, please take pictures inside of the manga. :) You really are lucky one! ^_^

  2. The weird part is there were other vol's of Weed World at the same time as I bid on mine.
    Sadly I haven't so much money to bid on them all
    But I will keep a eye opened if I can see more low prices with those magazine
    I really hope there will be more
    For the prices on ebay and other some shop's are way hight

    Ah I will blog about those ^^

    1. How much it was with shipping or was that 36.10 $ total?
      Great catch! ^-^

    2. Hm, if I watched right on the auction that WW was costing 1,500 yens which is ~19 dollars so I guess that was total? That's actually a bit weird o.o

      When I bought my Gin-figure: There reads it should've cost 1,680 yens that is ~21 dollars but whole figure costed me $57.33 o_O

  3. If you use shopingmall that seem to be more expensive with Fees, shipping ,Processing cost.
    That why I wonder and thinking to use a other Middlemen
    There are also what I experience with payment.
    Sometime I have paid and they don't update or see that so they send a bill when that is already paid.
    This have happed a bit much now for me
    And you never know how much the packet shipping from Japan to your country will cost. Some time a hight price that you didn't expected.

    Still I think i got a sweet deal with Weed World vol 2
    even there are some people who still really don't believe me
    as it's seems
    Well, well At lest I are happy with the deal : )

    1. Yes, I used that. Well, they seemed to be really nice when it comes to service (I also asked for some questions from my middleman since I was using it first time) and send my item quickly, but I paid kinda lot of my figure.
      I mean still, Gin-figure is small and anything but heavy so shipping shouldn't cost too much.

      But I'm still happy I got him. Now I'm waiting if there might be some other Gin from your packet when it comes :'D Or something I'm missing.

      You get your manga totally for great price ^-^ Is there all the extra inside?

    2. Ah I see
      I have some problems so I don't know
      I still think the fee & shipping are high.

      Ah yes I think that will take some week or some
      I seen that the packet are on the way now.
      But I have take a more slow shipping , that way it have take some time now

      I will update when the pack comes ^^

      I think that Satanica were curious to about the Weed World
      So I will try to take some photo and write about the magazines
      Now I go them all , so that will a be a small project : )

    3. Okay ^^ I will follow your updates in here or you can send me message somewhere (facebook, da) when you know.

      I'll be also intrested of seeing Weed Worlds 8D

  4. Sound great ^^
    I have now write a bit about Weed World vol 1
    It's took longer then I thought , but I will perhaps add more later one
    1/5 so I have some things, projects now : )