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Many of
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Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday day I got a packet from Japan

Here  you see  a Gin cel , from the GNG anime .
Weed World  Magazine vol 2
A packet with Menko cards. Some really old and some new. I got some GNG Menko cards
but not so many I hoped
Two magazines . One is somekind of samurai magazine and the other one is Weekly Shonen Jump.
You see also the manga/book : Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai (Inuto Kurashitai)
It had so low price that I couldn't help myself to buy  ^^  
And some advertising on some movies
The last thing you see on the photo is a CD

The CD is called : "Weekly Shonen anime Kagayake king"
Many anime series op and ending themes
There is Ginga Nagareboshi Gin OP Theme &  ED theme with Takayuki Miyauchi

 Close up  on GNG Gin Figure and a phone-card with Great Horse

Weekly Shonen Jump from the year 1985, Issue 7/8
It's when Gin and the pack travel to Mutsu, to  meet up Moss ,Ben and the others
At the same time Kisaragi  (One of the generals of Mutsu) discover that Terry traitor.
And The start of the fight between Kisaragi & Terry
I love the magazine with GNG , for there are so beautiful images, draws  that you don't find  in the manga's editions

Here is some of the movies advertising . The size is B5

I also go a poster of : Dragon Age Origins
With Japaneses text
This were a sweet gift from a friend : )
I will take a photo on that one later

I hope to get more GNG figures and other things, but that packet will come later
It's to bad that not all the item's came in one packet 
Well more to look forward to I guess

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