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Monday, May 21, 2012

Packet 2

 A part of update from this topic/blog : Packet
So back to the topic: 
I have problem to sleep
And this time it  the allergy (allergic rhinitis) that give me a hard time to sometime breath and sleep.
Don't worry I will get new medicine this week, or at lest next week
Anyway when I got to sleep I were awake by the door bell
I think what the hell now ?
I really want to hunt down those people who try to sell vacuum cleaner or talk about their religion
You know crazy people that awake people in the morning. Well most of the time they are out at  Sunday mornings. 
But still that is what I hate , to be wake like that when you are way tired.
BUT this were great news
It's were the post/mailman with a packet
I were so happy for this, even I look like a zombie I guess
At lest post/mailman she had fun at lest ; )
Anyway this were that I got 

  • Two Cel's , one with Daisuke and one of Gin
    Just  Look on the both cel's on the image , they look way funny.
    Gin seem so afraid of Daisuke . This made me laugh now
  • The manga : "Bear dog Gin Birth complication" (Kumainu Gin Tanjou hen)
    Edition of 2001,Vol 1
    I got them all now .... I can't believe it  , just wow
    Oh yes  , guess that I'm way happy now
    I have been looking after this one for years now. I really mean years of hunting
    The manga cost about  300 yen , on Japanese Amazon.
    The seller had three manga's of this, at lest at the time when i found mine
  • And The Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Figures
    There is Large Set
It's the characters :
Gin (Silver) , Akakabuto (Brown) , Kurotora (Silver), Ben (Brown), John (Blue), Oliver (Dark Brown) , Musashi (Bronze), Moss (Dark Brown) and Sniper (Dark brown)

I have now extra of : Musashi, Moss, Sniper & Gin
Kurotora I have someone interesting, but I wonder if I will keep him or not

I'm happy to have Akakabuto, Ben, Oliver that colors I didn't have
A specially the large brown Akakabuto, that seem to be hard to find .
If you look after Akakabuto figures
But ,Yes I got a Blue John
I was't sure if that were true or not when I won the auction
I thought I were dreaming , but that were real
So now I have five blue figures , I'm so happy for that  *Dance Around *

Look like the Kurotora have painting, red colors spots on his back tail and back
I hope I can take it of, without hurting the figure

Hm ....
I still missing a some things
But I guess they will come in the next packet ?  O_o 

All the extras figures will soon begin the journey tho their new home


  1. Oh dear lord, blue big John :o!
    God you're lucky to have him. These are all so wonderful items you got. Cells are great (eventhough they look a bit funny, I admit) but also that manga and those figures are hard to get so congratulations! ♥ I'm really happy for you n_n

    (Haha, another dark brown Moss when you try to get rid off the others :''D)

    But yes, I've make myself clear of wanting so badly that large Gin so I'd like you to hold it for me if you don't mind ^-^?

  2. Yes I'm way happy to get a Blue figure
    John seem to be popular and more to hard to get then Riki
    and Oliver.
    yes I think Oliver are also a figures who are way hard to get.

    Oh yes a other Moss
    I know that perhaps sounds mean, spoiled , but hey I got at a point three extras.
    Four If you count mine in the collection
    So this dark brown Moss isn't so rare like other says
    or That are I that are damn lucky
    Now I need to look for a home for the two Moss

    I have send you a note about Gin figures on facebook

    It's weird that Japanese Amazon had "Bear dog Gin Birth complication" and the Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai
    I mean "Bear dog Gin Birth complication" I have looking for years, I'm not kidding there
    And at the time I got mine , there were at lest two manga left
    And about Takahashi Yoshiro No Intuo Kurashitai ther were two seller that had extra of this book
    So if you looking for manga, books you need to keep an eye on Japanese Amazon.

    1. When I watched the prices in Urumi last time I think Riki is the most expensive and "rare" if you want to put it that way. John also because there wasn't much any other merchandise of him. But now that you said I think I've never seen so many Oliver-figures around. I had two actually, one from FutagoShop and got another with my figure packet but sold it.

      No, it's actually great you got them so many, I just find it funny they all come to you :D I know there are people out there who would want to get just one.
      Well, large figures are always just a bit more rarer than others, said others anything they wanted.

      Thank you for putting large one for me on hold. I can't even tell how happy I am *_*

      Maybe I had to look there but at the moment I'm fine with all I have. I'm actually talked about trading my own Bear dog Gin Birth complication to some other manga I liked more ^^

    2. I saw that to, the price were high
      Like the auction on huuto.
      I never saw the end of that auction, so I don't know the last bid were.
      True true
      Riki seem to be more popular then John. so no wonder that one get so high bid or disappear on auction or stores
      but like you said, it's seem hard to get Riki
      So there are Riki, Oliver and John that are more harder, rare to get . At lest nowdays
      I think I have seen a blue Oliver figure at one point
      But other then that I haven't seen so much of that character. I have small white, two large one bronze and the other one dark brown .
      It's Oliver and Akakabuto (on his back legs) that I'm a bit unsure about.
      When it come to colors

      I still wonder how much the blue figures cost at urumi, when they had them.
      That could be interesting how much they have raised up in price. Anyway

      Ah true
      Moss will ways find me, away or a other I guess
      When I get this paypal problem sorted out
      I will if I still have extra figures (and not trade or sell them) I will add them on ebay.

      Oh I saw a thing now.
      Kurotora figure have red pain at his vakc and back tail
      But also have a small problem standing
      He can stand on three legs instead of four
      one of his back leg are to small.
      First my silver Gin and now Kurotora.. just think this looks funny

      I sound like a plan
      Those manga's are hard to get, outside Japan
      So I hope you will get a good trade or selling ^^

    3. Riki-figure's auction ended up with 81 euros. But sadly I think the one bidder who raised price from 33 euros to 80 was just bidding for fun. I watched that there wasn't any comments or feedback for this person and some sellers did put items back to auction when this fake bidder had bid them and won.
      Sadly this was same person that bid after me on Gin figure so I send to the seller if I could buy that with my bid since it seems bidder after me was fake. But haven't got answer yet.

      I'm not that sure about Oliver's colors but I think there's only two color for Akakabuto B that's standing on it's backlegs: brown and bronze.

      Blue figures in Urumi last time? Let's see..
      Cross ~36 euros
      Gin ~56 euros
      John ~65 euros
      Kurotora ~48 euros
      Ben ~43 euros

      You always get drunk figures :D

      Yes, I've been talking about trading that manga and maybe something else to this:

      But it's still unsure so I just have to see what happens ^^

  3. Oh that sound like a weird think to do
    If that person bid and bid on auctions he/she will (at lest I hope) be block,suspended‏ at lest.
    But was this the same Large Gin you were after ?
    You will get him now anyway : )

    Ah me too about the Akakabuto B figures
    I really would love to see a homepage, more source about the figures

    Oh I didn't expect that Kurotora got higher then Gin
    But as for John I guess that is popularity
    Naww Cross , she had the lower price of the blue
    price but still low I guess

    Ah yes that seem to come to me , all drunk
    And Moss Figures at lest the dark brown one seem to like me
    At lest so far

    Ah I see..
    I can't remember the edition of that manga
    But I hope for the best for you on this deal : )

    1. I hope also that person would get suspended.
      Ah, it wasn't large Gin I was bidding there, it was small bronze ^^

      But if seller don't sell him to me (since it seems like winner of the auction was fake) I'm not actually sad about it.
      I'm so happy to get large Gin-figure ♥ n_n It means a lot to me.

      I'd remember it's fourth edition, only edition where all mangas are size of a phonebook and there's some extra in there.

    2. Ah I see ^^
      I hope you get the small Gin ^^
      It's nice to have him in the pack .. with his more or less twins. Even that the are different sizes , well well

      Ah right ^^