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Saturday, October 6, 2012

GNG Figures update

So this is a short up date on the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin figures, that I collecting.
I realize that I haven't done a update for a time on those.
More then I write update on my collection site, which figures I have and so one.

So this is one of the more early photo of the GNG figures collection
The photo are taken in February in the year of 2011;

I stared to collect the figures a time back. But that were a different time.

 So here is the update for the year of 2012 ;
The photo are taken today, 6/10 -2012
I started to collect the figures a time back
And at the time those were not so popular like now, there for I were lucky to get a pack (more or less) But now they are expensive.
Sure it's dependent on where you look.
I really like the figures and it's interesting indeed with those older collection figures.
A specially when it come to Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

So the update of the collection then ?
Well the new things I have is :

- A Large brown Kurotora  and a Small green Gin 
Note that this Gin small green figure comes from the GNG board Game

Those two I got from

Date:  4/04 -2012

On the photo you can see ;
Photo are taken today, 6/10-2012
-  A add advertising for the set 1 of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin figures.
You can take a look at the early blog:
I got this on the Japanese auction site : Yahoo
Date: 4/6 -2012

-Large brown Musashi
He were a birthday gift from a dear friend and a collector
; Satsuma
Date: 30 /08 - 2012

- A Box by Morinaga

Chocolate,candy box with images with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin images

Thank to Anttu
She help me to get this box from the Finnish auction site:
Date 6/09- 2012

The newest is ;
- Small silver Riki

I got this from a seller on ebay

Date:  25 /09- 2012 

The collection list then  ^^

From Set 1 :
Akakabuto A
Small size: White, Silver
Large size:  Dark Brown, Bronze ,Brown
Akakabuto  B
Small size: Brown, Bronze

Small size : Silver,Brown, Bronze, White
Large size: Blue, Silver, Brown
Small size : Bronze, Brown
Large size : Silver, Blue, Brown
Small size: White ,Brown, Silver
Medium size: Dark Brown ,Bronze
Large size:  Blue, Silver
Small size: Bronze
Large size:  Brown, Blue
Small size: Silver,White
Large size:  Brown, Blue, Silver
Small size: Silver, White
Large size: Dark Brown, Bronze
Small size: Bronze, Brown
Large size:Dark Brown, Bronze, Brown
Small size: White
Large size: Bronze , Dark brown
Small size: White, Silver
Small size: Brown, Bronze
Large size: Bronze ,Dark Brown

From Set 2
Small: Brown

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Figures Item's:
- Poster, paper advertising , add
It's advertising for the set 1 GNG  figures
- Tags
Ten tag for the set 1 and one tag for set 2
- Vending machine Capsules
Seven plastic Capsules
- A Box by Morinaga
Chocolate,candy box with images with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

- Small Green Gin
I got a extra Gin figure that come from the GNG board Game.
On the back on figures there is a stamp : © T/S T.T B.



I will update  with perhaps more photos
Sadly I have problem with photobucket and deviantart at the moment

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