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Monday, October 15, 2012

Question time III

I got some mail regarding my dear collection. So I thought to answer some here too.
This time it's mostly about the Ginga collection .

Let's goo 


I saw that you have Ginga T-shirts , is that the real legally t-shirts ?
Where did you get them ? Please tell more about the t-shirts

You mean those two ?

One of Gin at the moon, jumping and the second with Akakabuto.
I think they are both legal and have the Shueisha &  Toei Animation print/mark.
If you look at the images and the tag/
information cardboard piece you see following :
© Yoshihiro Takahashi / Shueisha, Toei Animation
But also on the back of the t-shirt you see :   銀 牙 流れ星 銀
In other words, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

I think the first time I saw those t-shirt were in the year of 2010 on Japanese blog's on the net .
It's were really hard to get some information of them.  But I found in the end a store that had sold them.
You could buy them at Uniqlo:
And order the size: S- XL or something like that
BUT now there are no longer in the store.
Both cost 500 yen/each
at the time there were sold at the store.
The interesting is the this tag/ information cardboard piece are in English. That  surprise me

So far what I have seen and also experienced both are hard to get. For they aren't out in the market, store anymore.
And I guessing they were sold a limed time

I have been out and hunting both of then ever since I saw them.
And this year I got a contact that found both of the t-shirts and got them for the same price that they had in the store
Sure one had been used, but had been washed.  So I was really luck to get both of them, after some year hunting. 
The fabric on the t-shirt are way so soft. Love them for that
I have seen some of them been at  Japanese auction and English ebay, but the price
have been expensive.
If you can be luck you can get them for a lower price . But I haven't seen them for a time now
That sad , for those are really nice to have. 

I hoping and will try to get two other t-shirts at Creation

, one day at lest. I like the Gin vs Akakabuto and the sweet t-shirt with Gin, Smith & Chutora
But that is what I know and can tell about mine t-shirts ^^

You have so many GNG figures ! With one are your favorite?
How many are you planning to get in the end ? Was it hard to get the figures ?

Oh yes I have a large collection with the GNG figures , that true.
But years back the interest for the figures were low or not at all for fans, collectors.
I guess that the figures became popular and now there are way hight prices on the figures.
Some sellers (outside Japan) take really
expensive prices.
The one that have cost me the highest price were : Chutora. From set 2 of the small figures.

Then the add paper/poster thing for set 1 figures cost also when I were in a bid-war, A time back
My first GNG figures were a small brown Sniper  (if I remember right).
As some know Sniper is my favorite character in GNG
The funny thin is now the newest figure I got is just a small brown Sniper. yes I got one extra for the same seller I
purchase, small silver Riki from this month .
The seller (on ebay) are way sweet, friend and there are a pleasure to do business with here.
The hard part is to find some characters, now the figures are so popular to collect.
But I still looking for the figures that I don't have , like from set 2
But also set 1 different colors and size on the characters.
Like a large Riki, Also a blue Riki
But just that character are way popular go get, so you hope to one day lucky to find one for a good price.
The figures from set 1 that are hard to get are : Oliver , Akakabuto (on the back legs) , Riki and Kurotora
Well the last ones are more popular then other figures, So that make it hard to get a better price.
Then we have the size, I find that the smaller size are more easy to get then the large ones .
The colors , well the large blue figures are those that can be hard to get.

Then we have the small white ones, that I think are some you don't see to often.
But large brown color on the figures are not easy to see or get by with either.

It's dependent on where you look, when it come to the figures
Mostly I have been luck to get some for a lower price on Japanese secondhand place, stores, sites.
Some I got on Japanese auctions and other on ebay.
Sometime there can be stores that have a good price,  but nowadays stores (outside japan) have to hight price.
Well At lest I think so. So you staring to wondering is it worth it ?
When you see Sellers be more and more hungry for take a higher price for the figures
Hm when i stared to collect my main focus were on the many of Yoshi others manga's, GNG manga's  and the figures that were my main thing to collect.
But now I need to take one thing at the time. For the prices have when up and there are more bid war on auctions now
So you need to keep your hands on your savings when it comes to money.
But to tell the true I have no idea about plans with mine figure collection. who know about the future .
What the
experience to be a hardcore collector ?
Well first of all I don't see myself as a hardcore collector.
I think of myself as a nerdy collector.
I not going to collect them all ( lol Pokemon theme). I hunt for those merchandise, items I like.
Not to try to be a big shoot or hunger for all the ginga things that is out there.
The best thing with to be a collector is that you learn new things everyday .
There have always show up items that you had non idea of existed or had ever seen.
It's a adventure to be a nerd and learn new things,
But the best thing is you meet other , fellow collector or other fans on the way .
I love to meet other that you can talk to about manga, merchandise, items and how you can come with idea's,

theory's. Just to be able to talk, have discuss with a person , others that have the same interest are amazing.

But for a collector the hunt can be up and down. Money issues can be a big problem 
Sometime you can see the pressure some people pass on others  and some think that you need to have a large collection to be someone. And that are just wrong
For me it's not
competition, contest to have the most tings.
You really need to take a talk with yourself and thin what is the things worth for you
And not looking at others.
Well true it hard not look at other collections , I mean you can drool over some photos you see.
But with time you realize what things really mean to you.

One other
negative thing is the persons, people who try to use you.
Some people who have selfish reason to use your kindness to rip of some item's or take advantage of tips you have  to find things. Those that pretend that their are your friend but try to drag you down, for they haven not better to do.
There are in fan anime/manga fan communities, fandom there bullying are used, and the drama's.
popular members can get away for the most of time with almost anythings. And can treat other like
And there can be (if not often) prejudice, harass collectors.
That is one of the reasons that I more and more dislike forum, boards.
So the is the bad part if you are a collector for a long part I have been.
One other thing is to have room with all the manga's, item's merchandise
If you have a large collection (as I have with the manga's) you need to try to find way to have the things in.
Like more
bookshelves, bookcase

Is there some merchandise there you wish
exist , dream ginga merchandise?
Hm this one can be hard to think on, but I have some idea's

- More art books , manga's
I love to see a artbook, like
Ginga Densetsu Weed Artbook, The Original illustrations collection
,but with
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
Perhaps also Yamato too.
Since I'm fan to both of the series, more then Weed.
I love to see more art work with
Yoshihiro Takahashi and his crew.
- Biography book
But I also wish there will come a book, manga ; The
biography of Yoshihiro Takahashi
That could be so interesting to read about your favorite artist,
writer, author.Especially when Yoshi  tell about the thoughts, dream, idea's and so one.
He have done many story's (Not only dog story's), being a artist and work with interesting people so that wold be so lovely to read about .
Also I'm curious about
Ginga Densetsu Weed personal life. 
Ah yes I now we (the fans) got some personally photo and facts in the manga's:
Takahashi Yoshiro No Inuto Kurashitai and Boku no Inu,Boku no Weed
But that could be more interesting to get a new up to date book or manga.

- Merchandise book, magazine for the collector 

When we talking about books and manga , why not Collector ,Merchandise book or magazine ?Not only Ginga, but like series like Yamato and other merchandise,items that have been release by Yoshihiro Takahashi work.
A easy way to get to know the history of some
merchandise that have came out on the market and more fact about them.
That could be the best thing for a collector as me who collect on GNG merchandise

- Ginga magazine
There could be cool to have some kind of Ginga magazine ( like Weed world magazines)  with fan art or custom fan creations, and so one
A way for the fans to show how much they appreciate Yoshihiro Takahashi, the ginga series .

- Posters
There have been some poster over the many years .
Some poster are in the manga books, but then many as GNG manga are hard to get.
There have been add for the GNG dvd box, GDW fever game , but that were limed edition
So poster that you could order, legally could be a really nice thing for fans 

- Figures
Like the elder Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, that came in the 80's , and the Ginga Densetsu Weed figures
That could be nice to see some sort of collection figures from the series. 

Especially when Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Ginga Densetsu Weed & Orion seem to be the popular ones of Yoshihiro Takahashi many series.
The big challenge most be to chose the many , so many characters there is in the series.
But the other non dog
relate story that Yoshi had made , that could be nice to see some main characters to become figures too.
 - Plushes
I'm not a big fan of those
Ginga Densetsu Weed plushes , like other collector, fans
But that could be a nice change to see different plushes
Perhaps more
realistic to the characters , then those plushes that were made in the past.
The plush seem to be popular ones and I'm sure new one could be a hit, perhaps.
Like the figures that will be a big challenge to chose with the characters.
But a Akakabuto plush sound real sweet to have . or a Sniper plush ; )

- Paint book
There have been  in the 80's  (one or two ? , I'm not sure ) Ginga Nagareboshi Gin paint book
A book there you could color, tint the characters figures in the book .
Even for elder fans that could be a treasure to have.

- CD album
Mostly I think for the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin soundtrack.
That could be so amazing to see and get .

I know there have been release with the opened  and ending themes on some cd other.
But the could be interesting to have GNG cd album with all the music .

To tell the true I could do a longer list with idea's with this
But I will end now. So not there will be a to long list


You can read more question I have answer to at : Question time
And also on : Question time II

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