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So the blog is more a way for me to write about my passion, perhaps addiction in my life : )
There are talk, theory, ideas .So I don't clam to be an expert , I'm just Ginga insane and like to talk, write. Perhaps we together on the blog can find clues, theory, idea's about the merchandise, item's. And bring more lights on things"
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The Blog site can give out spoilers (I will warn aswell) And I can also write about topic that can have violence, bloody contain.
Many of
Yoshihiro Takahashi can hold such theme & contain. But I probably will warn at the start on the blog, is that is necessary.
Other then that there are just my thought and ideas as a ginga insane collector ; )

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Take a look at : Creation-advance : cartoonist Yoshihiro Takahashi
Here we have a" Memorial plate image" with art of the celebrate of 40 th anniversary of Yoshihiro Takahashi 

There are only 100 " Memorial plate" and there for are limited edition.

The price: 21,000 yen , each pieces

Source From ;  takahashi_pro (Twitter)

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