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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Prism Stickers

So I were thinking to write, talk about Ginga Nagareboshi Gin merchandise

The Prism Stickers

Not so many talk about this sticker. What I have seen or heard
Perhaps they are unknown or not so popular   as other merchandise of Ginga.
But I like them much.
I think that they first sticker ,cards i got in my collection ,were just prism stickers really.
They are a bit hard to find now days.
The sticker have anime images of the characters.
Sadly there isn't any real source out that can show or tell about the Prims stickers

I'm myself have now  56 prism stickers and 52 folders.I also got special prims holder.
To be particular 31 with Color background:, 15 with Yellow background  and  10 with more Glitter prims background.The more colorful background's cards , can have sometime have a sort of frame.
So i guess that some can say that seem to be a four sticker , by the look.

Let's see on the image's
Here you see for example  Gin and Riki  with three different background and cards
Sorry for the light, I try to scan this and the glittery is hard to get without getting blaze looking light on the sticker.

The more Glittery Prims   (I have no name so I stick with that) is the more hard one to get of all three.
And the more clean, new looking of the three.
Your see the more yellow colored sticker .
And the more colorful background. 

The sticker size:  6 cm x 6cm

The back on the stickers you see the different colors.
The white are from the more glittery stickers.  

As you see there are Japanese text on all the sticker.
On the front and back

You can see the copyright on the back on the stickers and the folders
© 高橋よしひろ / 集英社・テレビ朝日・東映動画

What I can translate is :
Yoshihiro Takahashi / Shueisha ・TV Asahi ・ Toei Animation

As you know is that Yoshihiro Takahashi is the creator of the series.
Shueisha Inc is a major publisher in Japan.
They have give out many of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga and still do.

Toei Animation Co., Ltd. As people probably know  is a Japanese anime that have made many anime serie and movies. It's own by Toei Co.Ltd
And Tv Asahi  ,TV Asahi Corporation is a Japanese television network.
You know  that Tv Asahi broadcast Ginga Nagareboshi Gin in Japanese TV:e in  the year  1986 : From  the date 7/4, until 22/9.

So that make things clear that  this were after the series were send on TV.
So perhaps 1986 or 1987 ?
I can't see date yet.

Let's see the folders & prims holder

The folder is the same as for the "Special stickers" (26 stickers & folders).

The copyright as the same as for the prism stickers on the back. But there is a stamp, sign that I can't translate. Perhaps a mark, sign for the company that produce/create the stickers.
Folder size; 13,5 cm x 8,5 cm   

I have got two of the prims holder.
The front and the back
Each holder had 30 stickers with folders.
And there is a mix with the sticker, so you never know with sticker you are getting.As well as the different color backgrounds.
But one thing is that at the back , there is a glittery sticker tape/glue. Well at lest mostly of the times

Size:From the front to the back the holder is 26,5 cm x 9 cm
The Front size 11,5 cm x 9 cm
The back size 14 cm x 9 cm

I didn't find other photo and my camera are a bit weird now days.

So I add a old photo on my collection of the prims stickers.

Some rumor's says the prims stickers are max 30 stickers. But that not true at all.
Like I said before I have 56 stickers and  wonder if there are 60 or even more.
With out any source, info there is hard to know for sure.
Right know we can only guess

 But, but I have a theory ^^
If trading cards & collector's sticker are 60 card of each set so why couldn't the prims sticker be at the same number ?
That could be a even,equally number , right
With 60 I mean  

That make you wonder how many there is when it comes to the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin menko cards and the magnet's.

I like the prims sticker more then the other stickers and  collection cards.
Not only the look more beautiful, a special with the color frame that the color background sticker has.
And the character are more in the center at the prism stickers. Then the others stickers, cards and so one .
Well at lest in my mind at lest : )
And they feel more retro style with prims stickers 

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