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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weed Fever

In the year of 2009 the Ginga Densetsu Weed became a Pachinko Game

- Hm What is the Pachinko, this Pachinko Machine ?
What I can understand the Pachinko machine ( pachisuro, pachislo) is a popular gambling machine in Japan. More or less video slot machines.
Those similar to a slot machine, arcade game, but instead of coins it uses balls.
The main focus is to collect,capture as many balls as possible when you play the Pachinko game.
Later if you collect the balls you can exchange those for prizes.
Perhaps candy or other things 

Here is a video on youtube that can perhaps show you how this games goes:
"How to play pachinko【パチンコ(英語)】"


Read more about the Pachinko on wikipedia and Vintage Pachinko
As well as on this site :

You can vised this site to see more images from the game ; Weed Pachinko Game Images
The creator or the one publish the game were: Sankyo Fever
You can co in at their home page at :

Close up on the Weed Pachinko

There were a release with a  Ginga Densetsu Weed Pachinko poster.
Sadly this one are hard to find now days

Image found on a auction, a time back
On auctions you could (and still can see) see brochure, booklet, Dvd with trailer for the game (all in Japanese)
The brochure, booklet have many image from the Weed Pachinko machine
Brochure ,booklet and unopened  DVD trailer
The size of the brochure & dvd then ?

Well the dvd holder size is : 12,5 cm x 14,2 cm
Close up on the Dvd. You see Hougen vs Weed

The large brochure ,booklet is 36,9 cm x 25,6 cm
And have ten pages
The cover
I just love the image background of the Mountain
Some image from the brochure ,booklet
The small brochure,booklet is 18 cm x 12,7 cm
And this one have also ten pages
On the cover it's says : Official Guide book

The cover
Some image from the brochure ,booklet

Weed Fever is to fight and win over Hougen, Kaibutsu ,Kamakiri with other villains.
You have Weed and many other Ou warriors (from the anime) to fight and beat those opponent, villains. 
This is from Ginga Densetsu Weed the anime anime character designs. And extra for the just the game. Or so I heard 

I like the brochure, booklet for the images are beautiful and interesting. 
I really like the large brochure ,booklet just for the size and the images. The mixed colors , image and the character.
I just want to go and play the pachinko machine.
That looks like fun. But I worried about the sound .
A time back there are trailers from the dvd on youtube and  the sound were really loud, annoying loud. And flash looking scenes that can hurt the eye, at lest even you are not use to this kind of games. 
But still that most be so awesome to play Weed Fever 

Don't you think that too ?     : )

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