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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Takahashi at Manga art Museum II

Update on my previous blog : Takahashi-on-Manga-art-museum

 *Drool attack *
This sound crazy wonderful

Yoshihiro Takahashi will be at the Yokote Masuda Manga Museum at the 40 th anniversary 

Just look at the so beautiful image 

On the Image we see :
Gohei Takeda, three generations of dogs : Riki, Gin and Weed.
Then we have Yamato,Akutare Kiyojin (Giants), Orion and the guy from golf manga/Taishi – Haruka Naru Mich.

I try to translate on google: 
" Special page Special Exhibition>

Will be held the exhibition "40th Anniversary Original Yoshihiro Takahashi paints" a special exhibition in the spring.
Original exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Dr. Yoshihiro Takahashi paints born cartoonist Higashinaruse village in Akita Prefecture.
To work in the current series from debut, will introduce the "locus of love and justice" of Mr. Takahashi Original with more than 300 points.

In addition, also available at all Original works on display celebrate manga artist Motomiya , Mr. Takahashi, Mr. K. Kotani, Akira Miyashita, Mr. Tetsuo Hara. " 

More info on :

 Many Thanks to :  Weedpedia , Weedpedia on twitter


Updater 23/4 -2012

 I try to translate on google: 
"  Will hold an autograph session by Dr. Yoshihiro Takahashi three or four days during the Golden Week holidays in May.

Autographs are limited and will be one per person.  "

 More info Manga-museum

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