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Friday, May 24, 2013

Badges & Keychain

Anttu ask me about a Yamato keychain  that she got from at auction .
Since I have some other Ginga key-chain
See, read more at here blog: Japanin paketti 
The language is in Finnish

Let's see , in April 4, 2012 I uplode some photos on ginga items :
Keychains and Badges from series Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed
But even from Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion (badges, so far I have seen)
You can read more at : My Deviantart_ Some Ginga Merchandise

As I said at deviantart I think the three keychain, badges are charity items for what happed in 11 March , 2011. 
When tsunami hit Japan
Then there are also other badges that I have seen that are different then those on the image
For those who were made just for charity items have text on the image

But for the lets say ordinary badge's have just the text : (C) Yoshihiro Takahashi 
The others have other text on the images
I guess those with text can be from "Yokote Masuda Manga Museum" (the Akita prefecture).

If you look at the different badge's here :
Image (C)

 Then mine badge & and key-chain.
You can see one mine have Japanese text and like the others (C) Yoshihiro Takahashi

Sorry for the bad scan
There are also some are sold at the site : Creation Advance : badge

So on the key-chain then 
On the backside on the keychain it look like this :
And you see the text : PAT.PENS , PEND. PAT
Dependent on how you look

To mine collection I have got two more from ; Urumi    ( A Finnish site )
I'm so happy to have a item with the mad bear Akakabuto
He is for me the biggest, insane, but deadly villain have have seen.
And I guess got to know with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin series  

I really love to see more merchandise, items with Akakabuto and the other bears ^^
As same a other character from a other series that I like; Yamato

So a close up on the Ginga badges & keychain then  ^^
You can also see the fan made badge from my early blog : Silver Fang Dvds
With he Swedish release dvd's in the year 2007, the cover got a new look with the artist  Alice Engström , miss-collie , from Nosebleed studio
Who made the first Weed box design aswell .

I guess that fact were a bonus from me  ;  ) 

I hope to get on hold on Yamato badges and perhaps keychain  ^^
Like lucky  Anttu did
Who knows ^^    


  1. Yey, thank you for doing this post! :D

    I don't know many people having those charity keychains/badges, so I'm thankfull for you writing about them and sharing some pictures ^^

    So you said they all are same size? My keychain is exactly same size as pins but are those charity charms larger or is it just this picture giving different perspective?

    Anyways, thank you so much for sharing this with us! :)

    Also, one Finnish collector bought small packet from Yahoo!Japan including keychain-version of that Akakabuto badge:

    So it seems there's more out there but I'm so happy that I got luck and had Yamato-keychain that was thought as fake but seems to be real stuff now! :D

    1. No thank you for awake me (more or less) to write a bit more on the blog. And for that help I can be ^^

      The badges and keychain are the same size.
      The different size on the image is for that face I can't really work the new scanner.

      I didn't know about the different badges & keychain until you ask me. And I had to look it up.
      I guess it's bit harder to get on hold on the charity keychains/badges.
      As I guess and seen it gave out at a limed time.

      Oh my That cute Akakabuto keychain *drool attack*
      Sorry I couldn't help it

      But wow that great to hear, see items that you didn't know about or seen

      That is the bad and worse thing about ginga
      There are sunrises , but some time hard to try go hunt for some items
      If not impossible ....

      Oh yes ^^
      I'm happy for you

      And it true sometime when it come to anime, manga items
      You can never be sure if it the real deal or fake items