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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weed Dohatsuten T-shirts

So the newest item that have come to me is the two T-shirts

I got one gray /black colored on Yahoo auction time back (still in store in Japan) with the size medium. This one with long sleeves.
Now I got the black and the white version , both size medium (with short sleeves)
Even this shipping took some month to get ^^
It's so nice to see new ginga merchandise .
Even that some are a bit trick to find
Image from
" Ginga 30 anniversary  &  Dohatsuten founded 30 anniversary special"

So there is two different edition.
Some with long long sleeves and some with short sleeves.
With the colors of ; black, black/gray, white and white/black
With size of ; S- XL and so one
Images from; Dohatsuten on Facebook
The crew Dohatsuten favorite characters ( I guess)is on the front 
And the T-shirt have printed autograph of Yoshihiro Takahashi on the front.
On the back Ginga Densetsu Weed the anime opening theme song Lyrics (anime was broadcast in 2005 )

Now I just need to get the white/black one with long sleeves to have complete set
I'm feeling a bit of the collection hunter inside me, has plans  ; )
But we will see , what happens 

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